2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 10

For today’s prompt, write a never again poem. Maybe you’ll never again fall in love or never again tell a lie. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll never again not write a sestina.(Like that? It’s a double negative.) Today, find my poem in the comments below.

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0 thoughts on “2011 April PAD Challenge: Day 10

  1. Michelle Guerra

    Never Again
    Never again.
    Never again will I put my trust in you.
    Never again.
    Never again will I allow my mind to even picture your face.
    Never again.
    Never again will I let someone change me.
    Never again.
    Never again will I try to change someone else.
    Never again.
    Never again will I wear my heart on my sleeve.
    Never ever again.

  2. Rose Anna Hines


    SAY “YES” TO “NO”
    It is an easy sound, a simple syllable.
    A word infants and babies understand,
    but over time, it can become clouded and
    turn into “maybe”, “perhaps”, “let me think about it”
    “NO” often comes covered in layers of wrapping paper,
    but by the time it is unwrapped it has lost its power.
    “NO” has become watered down, weak, puny, embarrassed.
    It’s head hangs down wondering why no one loves and respects him.

    SAY “NO” TO “YES”
    “YES” , 3 letters, 1 syllable;
    it takes microscopic energy to say “YES”
    but, powerful energy to fulfill the commitment.
    All forms of “yes” are a vow to action, a handshake, a greeting-
    “hello” Mr.Work, I’m ready to perform”.
    This contract is often taken lightly with no thought to
    the effect on you and those around you.
    The distinctive clear sound of “yes”
    vibrating through the vocal chords and
    resonating inside, echoing from organ to organ
    when one truly wants to do something
    is different from the anchor dragging on concrete sound of
    “Yes” that comes from a deeper well of
    guilt, pressure, or obligation.

    “YES” OR “NO”
    It is time for “NO to stop crawling on it’s stomach,
    camaflaged as a weak wobbly worm.
    NO more hanging it’s head, curling up or hiding it’s voice.
    It’s time for “NO” to stand up straight and tall,
    for the grizzly mammoth to raise it’s head
    open its arms wide and roar, “Here! NOW! Know where I stand”

    It is time for “YES” to stop being an
    emaciated scrawny feeble bee flitting from flower to flower
    trying to pollinate each and make everyone happy.
    “YES” needs to fly like a hawk viewing the whole landscape
    before it chooses and then swoop down to lift that choice
    in strong talons and carry it home.

    When “YES” and “NO” become
    strong and independent,
    they will no longer be conjoined twins dragging each other,
    ambivalently meandering from forests of questions,
    villages of doubt, toll roads of confusion .

    There is NO, "yesno" or "noyes" in English
    only in indecision or decision within. Be clear, be decisive.
    Simplify your life.
    Never again say "YES" when you mean "NO"

  3. K Kerns

    10 April Never Again

    Never again will I believe you!
    Never again will you get my trust.
    Never again will I let you in!
    Never gain will you have my heart.

    But some days I am a lying amnesiac
    So please remember to rescue me,
    Once again, from myself ~

  4. Susan M. Bell

    Never again will he run to greet me
    Climbing onto my shoulder
    Nuzzling my neck

    Never again will he gaze up at me
    Paying close attention
    To the sound of my voice

    Never again will I hear his purr
    Feel his soft furriness
    Hold him in my arms

    Never again will I hear his voice
    But I shall always miss him

  5. G. Smith

    (c) 2011 – G. Smith (BMI)

    I fell in love not so long ago,
    And she broke my heart, you know how things go.
    I gave up looking for lovin’, and then,
    You taught me to never say, "Never," again.

    Now I’ll never say, "Never," again,
    The last time was the last time,
    This time’s where it ends,
    You proved to me love is where living begins,
    And I’ll never say, "Never," again.

    Love at first sight? Who’d’ve thought it was true,
    After all of the heartache and pain I’d been through?
    Fairy tales just don’t happen, there’s no need to pretend;
    But you taught me to never say, "Never," again.

    Now I’ll never say, "Never," again,
    The last time was the last time,
    This time’s where it ends,
    You proved to me love is where living begins,
    And I’ll never say, "Never," again.

    Yes you taught me to never say, "Never," again.

  6. Dheepikaa

    A film across a pair of eyes rewinds
    to show how classic life unwinds its pains-
    I rushed to board the train, but far behind
    my legs were locked in bags of old remains.

    Every time I step
    to reach a memory with trains,
    I’ve faltered.

    Hastened, I climb the steps. I trip and fall.
    I then decide, a heart too young for grave
    mistake, few chances fast as rail, decay
    a film across a pair of eyes rewinds.

    (Dorsimbra form)

  7. Diane

    Never Again

    Going home, for Mom,
    is like letting up a helium balloon.
    If it climbs too high, it pops!
    No more balloon…

    Every year, after a rest
    at lower elevation, Mom migrates home.
    Wrapped in the comforter of her possessions,
    she walks through the portals of life’s memories.

    She planned one last journey home
    to savor distant years
    and fill her pockets with
    all she could carry away.

    But the risk is too great
    and her strength too small
    to return one last time.

    She can never again
    go home.

    I’ve been saying goodbye to a friend. Watching her sleep. Watching for moments of awareness, chances to say I love you by being near. Hopefully I’ll post the days I’ve missed and be able to read a little. If not, I won’t regret my choice.

  8. ChapLynn

    Never Say Never

    This is not Justin Bieber
    I heard another say
    I will never leave her
    I will never go away
    But I can see in her tear
    He is no longer here
    Never say never
    Never is a promise you cannot keep
    else your words will never sleep

  9. Meg

    I Know Better

    I’m not one to pick a fight
    but when someone steps up
    toe to toe for a challenge
    and pushes me
    I dig in my heels like an anchor
    and push back. Even though
    I know two equal forces
    pushing in opposite directions
    cancel each other out and
    the object remains stationary.

  10. Scott Mesrobian

    Never Again

    Never again will I vow
    To never again do anything
    That I will never do.

    I won’t rake the yard
    When there are words to write
    Or do the laundry
    Instead of watching the game with my father.

    Never again will I remain silent
    In the face of the one
    Who has captured my heart.

    I won’t imagine her hand in mine
    And talk to her only in my thoughts
    While I watch her from
    The other side of the room.

    Never again will fail to look
    Out over the road ahead
    And only dream of the path not taken.

    I won’t follow the marching ants
    In a somnambulant parade
    To the place of my toil,
    When there is an unknown adventure awaiting me.

  11. Jay Sizemore


    been bitten by a jellyfish,
    tentacles and barbs injecting venom
    into the fascia where the pain hides,
    to the point a stranger’s urination
    would seem like a comfort on the skin.
    Been in a car crash any worse
    than a fender-bender, backing into
    that parked car the day my dad
    had his first heart attack
    or getting rear-ended
    for paying attention to stop lights,
    my neck whipped like a spring,
    but not broken.
    Seen a desert or a rattlesnake
    in the wild, always through panes
    of glass or the high gloss sheen
    of magazine pages left open
    in a doctor’s office.
    Had such a moment of clarity
    that I felt like God must be real,
    clutching his ghost-like fist
    around my heart until the joy
    burst free, and even murder
    had its proper place in the world.


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