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WD Poetic Form Challenge: The Bop Winner

Categories: Poetry News, Poets, WD Poetic Form Challenge.

Once again, I was floored by the quality of poems submitted. Once again, I had a tough time whittling the entries down into a short list. Once again, I struggled to narrow the short list down to a Top 10. And yes, once again, it was difficult choosing a winner. But, once again, I did.

After reading through all the submissions (some of them as many as a dozen times), I finally selected: “Wool coat with briers,” by Daniel Ari. Daniel’s poem will be
featured in the October issue of Writer’s Digest.

is his winning bop:

Wool coat with briers, by Daniel Ari

Pick up a shovel. Put it down for a cigarette.
Fuel the car at dawn, and it sits until sunset.
You see me trying in the hailstorm of million-
dollar ideas to build the zigzag south wall
of my mausoleum. But the blackberries are ripe.
It’s tongue versus thorn as shadows grow wide.

I got some hitches in my giddyup.

You say you’ve noticed. When I barked
in your ear, just playing. When I dropped
eggs from the top of the grocery list.
When I left off gathering fire kindling
to spend the day looking into the river, then
tried to explain as you huddled under the covers
why I had to look into the river, tried to talk you
from your isolated cuddle, and got us both bluer.

I got some hitches in my giddyup.

All my back and forth. All these waves.
If I could just make the third U-turn on my way
without laying on the horn, pounding the wheel,
and just say, “Even rivers and vines and hills
flip youies.” This is the fabric I’ve got to wear.
Cozy old coat with the occasional brier.

I got some hitches in my giddyup.


Please congratulate, Daniel! But also
congratulate these other poets who made the Top 10 list:

  1. “Wool coat with briers,” by Daniel Ari
  2. “Edge of Wildwood,” by Taylor Graham
  3. “Stepped in It,” by M.A. Dobson
  4. “According to women, when to use knives,” by Cameron Steele
  5. “Elderly Woman Needing Rescue,” by Marian O’Brien Paul
  6. “Revelations in a Pencil,” by MiskMask
  7. “Writer’s Block,” by Jacqueline Hallenbeck
  8. “For Better or for Worse,” by Nancy Posey
  9. “Flood plain,” by Andrew Kreider
  10. “The Glow of Artificial Brilliance,” by Faryn Black

I’d also like to thank everyone who
participated. As I mentioned above, I find it difficult to pick a winner and to
even get the list down to a Top 10, because there are so many great poems
offered at every challenge.

I can’t wait to see you at the next

Also, if you’d like to check out the other poems that didn’t win, then you can do so easily by clicking
and reading through the Comments.


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About Robert Lee Brewer

Senior Content Editor, Writer's Digest Community.

23 Responses to WD Poetic Form Challenge: The Bop Winner

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  2. Rachel Green says:

    Congratulations, Daniel, and the other Highly Commended. Well done.

  3. MiskMask says:

    Oh my gosh! <strong> Wow!</strong>

    Oh dear, where are my manners …. Daniel, well done and well deserved!

    I’m off until 12 June for a holiday with my two grandchildren and the rest of the family in Denmark. See you all when I return.


  4. Congratulations, Dan!

    You can hear Dan read his winning bop at

    Congratulations for all who made it in the top ten. Such talent!

    Buddah Moskowitz

  5. Brian Slusher says:

    You deserved the win. Daniel. I love the images and the way they jump but don’t lose me in the leap. I especially enjoyed "When I left off gathering fire kindling / to spend the day looking into the river" and that "Cozy old coat with the occasional brier." Great stuff!

  6. Lynn Burton says:

    Congratulations to Daniel, and the Top 10!

  7. Willy says:

    Congrats, Daniel! Congrats to y’all, Top Ten!
    Great reading, all. So many familiar names. It’s fun to play on PA Street!!

  8. Taylor Graham says:

    Congratulations, Daniel, great Bop! Congrats to the top 10, and to everyone who tackles a new form!

  9. Congratulations, Daniel!
    Congratulations, everyone!
    So cool!

  10. Congratulations, Daniel. Wonderful work!

  11. RJ Clarken says:

    Congrats to Daniel and the Top 10! Awesome work, you guys – and so cool to see so many ‘friends’ on the list!

    Great job, Robert!

  12. de jackson says:

    Congratulations, Daniel, and all finalists! So fun to see so many familiar names on the list! Great work, all!

  13. Congratulations to all of you–especially the consistently wonderful Daniel.


  14. Congratulations to all of you–especially the consistently wonderful Daniel.


  15. Daniel Ari says:

    Congratulations to everyone who Bopped! And a shout out to my stepmotherinlaw, Melissa Kline-Welch, from whom I copped and adopted the phrase "I got some hitches in my get along."

  16. Excellent work, all. You make me stop and critically read my own work. Daniel, you are a poet to emulate!

  17. Bruce Niedt says:

    Awesome poem, Daniel – congrats!

  18. M.A. Dobson says:

    Congratulations, Daniel! Love your poem; no hitches in that giddyup! And thanks for the challenge Robert, thrilled to see my name on the list. Enjoyed reading the range of submissions. Wonderful form. Bop on!

  19. mike Maher. says:

    Congrats to Daniel and everyone who made the Top 10. Lots of familiar names on that Top 10 list! :)

  20. Marie Elena says:

    Congratulations, Daniel, and remaining top 10!! GOOD STUFF, YOU GUYS!!

  21. Michelle Hed says:

    Congrats to the winner and the finalists!!

  22. ina says:

    Wow…congrats to the author. The poem totally blew me away…

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