WD Poetic Form Challenge: Sevenling

Want something fun to do over the holidays? Try a new poetic form.

For this Writer’s Digest Poetic Form Challenge, I’m asking poets to
write a sevenling. The sevenling is a relatively newer form created by Roddy Lumsden. Click here to read my earlier post on how to write a sevenling.

As in previous challenges, the winner will be featured in a future issue of Writer’s Digest (the May/June 2011 issue to be precise).

The sevenling has some interesting rules (some a little more abstract than others), but the basics involve writing a seven line poem comprised of two tercets and a final one-line stanza that kind of holds everything together. (Again, click on my earlier post if you need an example.)

Click here to read the general rules for the WD Poetic Form Challenge.

The deadline for the sevenling challenge is January 15, 2011. So you’ve only got about one month to tackle this 7-line poetic form.


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159 thoughts on “WD Poetic Form Challenge: Sevenling

  1. Jacqueline Hallenbeck


    sevenling (papa is no rolling stone)

    papa is no rolling stone
    no dead beat dad
    no lazy bum

    keep your insults to yourself
    your nasty remarks
    and slander, you hear?

    won’t tolerate no pop smear

    (c) jh 1/15/11 11:54 pm. Jersey Time

  2. J. Anne Texier

    Sevenling (Tending bar)

    Tending bar, the would-be Evangelist
    preached as he prepared and poured the
    drinks. Hard luck stories, brazen boozers

    seeking redemption out the door. He offered
    them Southern Comfort to stir their souls
    and boost their mind, body, with spirits.

    High hopes and happy trails for all!

    J.A.T. 1/15/11

  3. J. Anne Texier

    Sevenling (The rain came)

    The rain came pouring down.
    Guttered rivers, sheeted windows,
    and many pothole pools abound.

    An ant’s point of view so small,
    a drop is a flood, a puddle the ocean,
    and a dribble becomes waterfall…

    Aren’t you glad you’re not an ant?

    J. Anne Texier

  4. J. Anne Texier

    Sevenling (He had nothing)

    He had nothing to gain, and everything to lose.
    Unless he "Spoke the Truth, the WHOLE Truth,
    and Nothing But the Truth, so help him God."

    But being a deaf mute, that was a challenge.
    So he brought his braille bible, scribbled a
    scripture, and handed his testimony to the

    Supreme Court Justice, who was blind.

    J. Anne Texier

  5. J. Anne Texier

    Sevenling (What would you)

    What would you get if you were to cross
    a pusillanimous snail with a Venus Fly Trap,
    faster animal, slower plant, or neither one?

    You wouldn’t know by looking, until the
    snail opens his mouth, devours a fly, and
    snaps it shut. Along comes a female snail…

    Is she his mate, or his meal?

    J. Anne Texier

  6. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    Sevenling (the man with the goatee)

    the man with the goatee
    gently as can bee
    for the seventh time pulls on her ponytail

    he’s hardly a wolf on the prowl
    the consensus is puppy love
    or he’s clearly just horsing around

    there’s an elephant in the room no one is talking about

    (c) jh 1/15/11

  7. Willy

    Sevenling (A feathered thread flew)

    A feathered thread flew overhead;
    the mile-wide vee, wondrous to see,
    headed into late fall’s golden evening sky.

    The flock’s leaders would change to let youth try the reins,
    and captains could aid the weakest in the parade,
    as the ribbon honked and waved a south-westerly good-bye;

    wound toward food, water and sleep where the hunters now lie.


  8. S.E.Ingraham

    Saturday January 15 2011


    Her beauty was not natural:
    A wig, fake nails and dentures,
    A spray-on tan near perfect

    She loathes artifice in others
    Knock-off designer duds, fool’s gold
    Donald Trump’s … hair?

    …she adopted children from Belize because she could.


    Consider migrating monarch butterflies
    Mute swans mating for life
    Silverback gorillas killed for their hand

    A wing fluttering in Brazil
    Is said to affect the flow of the Niagara
    And still, toast burns all over the south

    Did you see the way that taxi took the corner?


    She kept her thoughts under lock and key
    Spoke in tongues into open mics
    Left essence of opinion in every room

    They thought her life was an open book
    Would have been shocked at her drowned child
    Appearing on milk-cartons daily across the land

    What is the average stay on death row for women prisoners?


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