WD Poetic Form Challenge: Rondeau Winner

I was very impressed by all the great attempts at the rondeau. Click here to read all the entries in the Comments.

However, there can be only one winner, and this time it was Brian Slusher. Congratulations, Brian!

Here’s his winning rondeau:

Goodbye, by Brian Slusher

What does Love say to “Go away”?
Does it take a bow, then am-scray?
Or does it plant its pudgy heels
And explain-complain how it feels
To be adored and then betrayed?

Or does it mount a long delay
Recounting rosy, unclothed days
Preferring fantasy to real?
What does Love say?

But once it runs out of cliches
And old Valentines to x-ray,
Does it in tears decide to kneel
To stammer out its last appeal
And be handed a dead bouquet?
What does Love say?


Here’s the complete Top 10 list:

  1. “Goodbye,” by Brian Slusher
  2. “The Affair,” by Heather Forkos
  3. “Why Turn Back (the Clocks)?,” by Cara Holman
  4. “Play,” by Daniel Ari
  5. “Letting Go,” by Bruce Niedt
  6. “Searching the Bypass,” by Taylor Graham
  7. “At the Fortune Teller’s Tent,” by RJ Clarken
  8. “Oh Clair,” by Mel Goldberg
  9. “Oh Rondeau Woe,” by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
  10. “Poetry, she wrote,” by Jacqueline Hallenbeck

Congratulations to everyone who made the Top 10 list! And thank you to everyone who participated! Not every great rondeau made the list, so keep trying. You could make it to the top in the next challenge (later this month).


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15 thoughts on “WD Poetic Form Challenge: Rondeau Winner

  1. Dennis Wright

    Congrats to Brian!

    A challenging form for the contest. Excellent choice Robert.

    Not sure … Is this post above me a new and exotic form of poetry or just more spam?

  2. Colette D

    Congrats to Brian! Great poem–great lines–"unclothed days . . . dead bouquet"… awesome!

    Congrats too to all placers. I don’t know how Robert can choose from so many greats. My fave was Daniel Ari’s "Of Manners." I was just happy to make the top 61. Out of 60. ;D~ Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  3. Brian Slusher

    To quote an excellent poet named Daniel:

    "an impulse to paint or build or
    enact scenes on a distant shore.
    Friend, we’re lucky to be those who
    open that box."

    Friends, I feel lucky to even make the list and glad you all take the time to "open that box" and share your talents. And thanks Robert for the nod and the challenges!

  4. Cara Holman

    Thrilled to have made the list! Congrats to Brian and the rest of the Top 10 finishers. And thank you Robert for all you do for the poetry community, between the weekly prompts, the PAD challenges, and now the poetic form challenges!

  5. RJ Clarken

    Bruce – I couldn’t have said it any better! Totally awesome!

    I just want to add one other thing…congrats to all the winners – and to congrats to everyone who took part in the challenge, too.

    Oh yeah…and one last thing…THANK YOU (big time!) Robert! ☼


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