Robert Hass and Philip Schultz claim the 2008 Pulitzer in Poetry

Hass’ collection Time and Materials earned him the 2007 National Book Award and now he’s the recipient of the 2008 Pulitzer in Poetry. I remember reading this collection around 10 months ago–because it was the only collection of poems “buzzed” at the BookExpo America’s book buzz session along with some very strong fiction and nonfiction titles–and thinking this is really a great collection. Apparently, everyone else has been thinking the same thing.

I haven’t read Schultz’s Failure (boy, that sounds kind of like the wrong title for a Pulitzer-winning collection, huh?), but I’m now very interested in finding a copy.

Also, Ellen Bryant Voigt’s Messenger: New and Selected Poems, 1976-2006 received a Finalist nod. Btw, that collection has spent a lot of time on shortlists all year as well.

To find the full Pulitzer List, check out this link.


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One thought on “Robert Hass and Philip Schultz claim the 2008 Pulitzer in Poetry

  1. Carrie Cofer

    I wish I had found your contest 20 days ago!!! I would love to be competing, it sounds like there would be a lot to learn about myself, and my writing, as well. Do you do this only once a year? Any chance I could try to catch up? Thank you for your time,

    Carrie Cofer


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