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The new 2008 Poet’s Market includes an Insider Report by Donya Dickerson called “Online Poetry Forums: A new community for poets.” Donya contacted two successful sites–The Poet Sanctuary and Wild Poetry Forum–and spoke with participants about their experiences in the poetry forum community.


Addressing the benefits of belonging to an online poetry group, M of Wild Poetry Forum says:

“I suppose the primary attraction of poetry forums, no matter the poet’s individual goal, is the ability to receive immediate exposure, feedback and critique of writing from other experienced authors. Some of our members write as an emotional outlet or hobby and simply wish to share their writing and their thoughts with other like-minded souls. Other members are published professionals, or hope to be published one day, and are more concerned with the technical aspects of improving their writing skills.”

For more on the value of online poetry communities, the kind of criticism poets receive, and how to find a forum that’s right for you, see “Online Poetry Forums” in the 2008 Poet’s Market.




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