Poetry Everywhere and Dogs With Blogs?!?

The Poetry Foundation is once again doing some really great stuff. Check out “Poetry Everywhere,” from FoxBusiness.com, which is an interesting place to find a poetry story in the first place.

For those who aren’t big on clicking to other destinations, it basically talks about this new series of poetry films that will be broadcast online and on public transit systems in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Orlando, and San Diego.

Since Cincy and Dayton aren’t on the list, I would be bummed, but there is the online access at a new PBS Web site and the Poetry Foundation’s Web site. So no one should get left out (that can read this blog anyway).


Speaking of not feeling left out–how about this free writing conference in Illinois at the beginning of April? Don’t see that every day.


Apparently, even dogs have blogs now (maybe they felt left out, though no longer). See “Even your dog has a blog,” by Sarah Jio from CNN.com. Hopefully, this doesn’t give my bosses any ideas. 🙂


Check out other Poetry News here.


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