Industrial Designers, Russian Poetry, and Britney Spears?!?

It must be Friday.

First off is “Emptying Space to Let Something In: What can poetry teach designers?,” by Xanthe Matychak for CORE77, Industrial Design Supersite. The title pretty much says it all. I enjoyed reading this piece, and it makes me ponder the following question: If designers can learn from poets, and specifically Margaret Atwood, shouldn’t poets be able to learn from designers?

The answer is, “Of course.”


“The ‘raging bull’ of Russian poetry,” by Dalia Karpel for is a very interesting profile of an early 20th century Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. To this day, there is speculation as to whether the poet’s death in his 30’s was a suicide or political assassination. This is a longer article, though well worth the read.


And since I only cover the most serious of breaking poetry news, I just had to share “Britney Spears attacks mother in a poem,” by Jeannette Walls for MSNBC. According to the piece, Britney wrote a bitter poem to her mother, Lynne Spears, titled “Dear Mama.”

It’s not yet known if this poem will lead to a full-fledged collection of bitter poetry (maybe even with an accompanying CD set to music).

(p.s. That was a joke.)

(p.p.s. I think.)

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