How to list in POET'S MARKET

If you or anyone you know has a journal (print or online), press, contest, festival, conference/workshop, or organization you’d like to appear in the 2009 edition of Poet’s Market (which comes out in August 2008), it’s simply a matter of submitting the appropriate questionnaire for consideration. (This is for NEW listings or listings that haven’t appeared in recent editions of the book.)


There are two procedures you can follow:


Method 1) Save the questionnaire to your hard drive. Fill out the questionnaire on the computer (don’t worry about formatting–this is a simple Word document and the format alters easily; clarity and accuracy count most). Then either e-mail as a Word attachment, or print out and send the hard copy c/o Poet’s Market at the address at the top of the questionnaire. (You are also welcome to fax your response to the number at the top of the questionnaire.)


Method 2) Print the questionnaire from the website link and fill out your best way (by hand in dark ink or on typewriter, although the latter could be a challenge). Mail or fax according to info at the top of the questionnaire (or e-mail a scan, if you wish). PLEASE: If you fill out by hand, make your writing as clear as possible; this is doubly important if you fax your response.


Once we have your completed questionnaire, a listing will be written up according to our standard template. You’ll receive an e-mailed verification copy to review/correct sometime mid-winter. 2009 Poet’s Market will be closed to new listings by February 15, 2008.


Please pass the link to this post on to any editor, publisher, contest coordinator, etc., who might be interested in listing in the 2009 edition of Poet’s Market (again, this is for NEW listings or listings that haven’t appeared in recent editions of the book). Thanks for your support!


2009 Poet’s Market listing questionnaires:

Magazines/Journals questionnaire


Contests & Awards questionnaire


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2 thoughts on “How to list in POET'S MARKET

  1. Allison Joseph

    Hi Nancy:
    Thanks for listing Crab Orchard Review in Poet’s Market 2008. Unfortunately, there’s a mistake in our entry. We pay $20 per page for poetry, $50 mininum. (It says $100 minimum in our entry). We wish we could pay poets $100 per poem, but we’d soon be out of business!
    Allison Joseph
    Editor & Poetry Editor


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