Grammar, Perfection, Bus Stops, and Walt Whitman

Here’s some interesting stuff happening in poetry online recently:

“Egad! Poetry and the grammarian,” by Michael Hickey, for the Naples Sun Times is an educational piece on grammar and its importance in poetry. Remember: It’s always a good idea to know the rules before you decide to break them.


“What’s a ‘perfect line’ in poetry?,” by Nick Seddon, from Guardian Unlimited admits this is a “Preposterous question, of course, but appealing all the same.” There are many interesting ideas introduced here, but one that stuck out for me is how most people recommend lines from dead poets over living poets.


“Poetry to brighten bus stops,” by an anonymous reporter for the Watford Observer (England), shows another example of where poetry and bus transportation intersect. Something unique in this case is how actual Watford residents’ works are to be featured at Watford bus shelters. What a novel way to spread the joy of poetry! Contemporary and local poetry even!


“Walt Whitman and American Independence,” by Edward Byrne, from One Poet’s Notes recommends a little Walt Whitman to celebrate yesterday’s firecracker holiday. Since Whitman is also a favorite of mine, I second the nomination.


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