Free poetry CD download!

The Academy of American Poets is getting into its bag of poetic tricks again (always in a good way). After offering up a poem-a-day by well known poets through April, they’re now allowing poets to download an 11-track CD, recorded last month during their National Poetry Month reading series–completely free.

To download it, visit:

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2 thoughts on “Free poetry CD download!

  1. Susan Bell

    Heather. is a scam basically. They will accept ANYTHING. Yes, it will get published in their book, but it is a giant volume with poems put in willy nilly, and you have to pay to get a copy. There was something like this many eons ago, before internet, run by the same people. I sent in a poem when I was in high school. A member of my writing group has had dealings with the current incarnation. AVOID THEM!!!

    You can get more info at and you can go to Winning Writers ( and check out one that was entered in’s contest and was accepted. It’s total nonsense, not a single real word in it, and yet they took it. (Winning Writers has taken that and created a contest around it.

  2. Heather

    Robert, I have never thanked you for the prompts . . . so, THANK YOU. I love them and can’t wait for tomorrow!!! I have a question. Do you know anything about Does anyone know anything about it. If so, comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks and blessings-


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