Football, Presidents & Prizes

“Lineman uses poetry to reflect on football,” by Aaron Gray from Capitol Online, tackles how a “5-foot-11, 272-pounder” uses poetry as a way to chronicle his football games playing for Navy as an offensive lineman. While Gray is shy about sharing his poetry, it does show one of the many great uses of poetry–that is, recording events and preserving memories. Recording the nitty gritty details of everyday life can often lead to more interesting poetry than just playing with words in a vacuum.


“Poetry and the Presidency,” by Andrew Sullivan from The Atlantic Online, offers some interesting little facts about U.S. Presidents and their relationship to poetry.


“Don Domanski wins Governor General’s award for poetry,” by Nancy King from The Cape Breton Post, reports that Domanski’s collection, All Our Wonder Unavenged, won the $25,000 prize.


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