A Poet Laureate and a Well-Known Poet

Today, I’ve got two interesting pieces on poets.

In “Poet laureate shares her love of poetry,” by Jennifer Bhargava for The Kansas City Star, the new Kansas poet laureate, Denise Low, is profiled. Low plans to focus on getting Kansas teens reading “contemporary” poetry, which I’ve mentioned before (and will mention again) is an important way to build an appreciation of poetry in this country.

Denise Low has two Web sites of interest:


In “Poetry Amidst the Kultursmog: An Interview With David Yezzi,” by Bernard Chapin for mensnewsdaily.com, Yezzi, the well-known poet and Executive Editor of The New Criterion, gives some very candid answers to some very pointed questions about poetry and poets.

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One thought on “A Poet Laureate and a Well-Known Poet

  1. Denise Low

    Thanks for the mention of the poet laureate program and my advocacy for poetry through this venue. 37 states have poets laureate. I doubt that most folks could name 2 poets from their own states, living or dead! I to change this, and your site is a great forum. Best of luck!
    Denise Low


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