The 2017 Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards Winners

Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate the winning poems from the 2017 WD Poetry Awards. For full coverage of the 2017 WD Poetry Awards, check out the July/August 2018 issue of Writer’s Digest. To read the top ten poems, click here.

  1. “A Weeping Siberian Spruce” by Thomas Dukes
  2. “In a While” by Kate Dickson
  3. Gidget Gets Old” by Gail Israel
  4. “September 15, 2017” by Young Sang Lee
  5. “Hanging on the Barbed Wire” by Pat Anthony
  6. “The Vagabond Quothe Shakespeare” by Mark Novak
  7. “The Funeral of a Friend’s Son” by Anne Pabst
  8. “Crude Crude English” by Arvid Svenske
  9. “Cotton Picker’s Lament” by Alex J. Stokas
  10. “Advice From Beyond” by Gail Israel
  11. “Campus Town Morning Rain” by Shelley Jones
  12. “The Piano Tuner’s Son” by Tammy Takaishi
  13. “Almost Blue” by Johne Richardson
  14. “The Other Annette” by George Amabile
  15. “Dashi” by Robert Okaji
  16. “A Poem I Wrote for the Beatles” by Young Sang Lee
  17. “Garden Memories” by Alice Louise Wagoner
  18. “After days of rain, the sun decides to shine” by Trudy Wells-Meyer
  19. “This Poem Is a Dance Shoe” by Sara McNulty
  20. “Cu (29)” by Caitlin Johnson
  21. “dissonance” by Stuart Forrest
  22. “Secret Lives” by Barbara Kerr
  23. “Second Home” by Mary C. Johansen
  24. “Compassion” by Randall Smith
  25. “En Plein Air” by Toni S. Gilbert

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