2008 Poet's Market — closed markets

As I’ve been combing through the updates for the 2009 Poet’s Market, I’ve gathered the following group of KILLS for listings that appear in the 2008 edition (OB means out of business or cancelled; NP means no longer publishing poetry; RR means the editor requested removal of the listing from Poet’s Market):


Art With Words Poetry Quarterly (OB)
Between Kisses Newsletter (OB)
Child Life (OB)
eye (OB)
Gambara Magazine (OB)
Heartlands: A Magazine of Midwest Life & Art (OB)
Mindprints, A Literary Journal (OB)
Outposts Poetry Quarterly (OB)
Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine (OB)
SleepingFish (NP)
Small Brushes (RR for 2009 edition only)
Touchstone Literary Journal [TX] (OB)


Calamari Press (RR)
Panther Creek Press (RR)


Helen Vaughn Johnson Memorial Haiku Award (OB)
Newburyport Art Assoc. Annual Spring Poetry Contest (OB)
Seasonal Poetry Competition (OB)



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