Nifty Tool!

Thank you to Anders Bylund who created a nifty tool to search for poems in the challenge. His little gadget allows people to search by day, by name, or full-text search. He recommends searching by name (and that seems to make the most sense to me as well).

If you want to check it out, go to

It takes a little while to churn through everything, but (at least on the few names I searched for) it works! Very, very cool!

Again, thank you so much, Anders!

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94 thoughts on “Nifty Tool!

  1. Richard-Merlin Atwater

    A Tribute to Anders the Whiz (C) Richard-Merlin Atwater 2009

    Anders Bylund, we thank you all,
    for saving our poems from cyber space.
    Your tool of renown, an exceptional call
    Will help us each keep track and apace.

    For thirty days we wrote and we toiled
    And now at the very end,
    YOU have saved us much agony to not be foiled
    And thus we thank you my friend

  2. Del Cain

    It worked great yesterday but clicking on the link today gets you the code instead of the product. At least, on my machine it does.

  3. Darla Rehorst

    Ditto on the thanks. I would love to write something poetic and witty here, but unfortunately, I seem to be all poeted-out after 30 days. Go figure. But yes, what a fantastic tool.

  4. Renee Ammendolia

    Hi Anders,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this program with all of us. I’d been keeping track of my poems on paper but this was the quickest and easiest way to confirm at the end that everything posted and I totally appreciate the time-saver. Thanks again! 🙂

  5. Anders Bylund

    Regarding the squiggles in IE: try this.

    Right-click anywhere on the page. From the menu that appears, go into "Encoding," then click on "Unicode (UTF-8)". That should do the trick (and doesn’t break anything else, to my knowledge).

  6. Carol A. Stephen

    the first link only showed me the # of poems, but tried the second link today and was able to see the poems and print them off! Great stuff, Anders!


  7. Anders Bylund

    Also, the wacky "smart quotes" squiggles only appear in IE for me — try in Google Chrome or Firefox, and all hsould look good.

    As for cookies and adult beverages, thanks 🙂 but let me just quote a favorite song of mine in response:

    And the rattlesnake said
    "I wish I had hands
    So I could hug you like a man"
    And then the cactus said
    "but don’t you understand?
    My skin is covered with sharp spikes
    That’ll stab you like a thousand knives
    A hug would be nice
    but hug my flower with your eyes"

  8. Eaton Bennett

    I went to check the search tool again after posting my Day 30 poem. Call me nervous, but I wanted to make sure all 30 of them are still there. The search tool is not working guys, just a screen full of code. I think it’s broken, possibly overuse. :))

  9. Leslie Uehara

    All I’m getting is (what looks like) the codes for the program. I noted down the times i posted in my records – but i’d feel much better if i could cross-reference them through this program. Help!(hehe)

  10. Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

    Thank you, Anders!

    I finally got it to work and all is well. I searched by only my last name…Viola! There all the poems were. Very cool!

  11. Juanita Snyder

    Program works fine for Firefox 3.0.6

    Hey Anders, thanks for sharing the program with the rest of us. Works great & is much appreciated by this poet on the west coast.

    Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  12. Kathleen De Witt

    When I click on the link, I get what appears to be the actual code for Anders’ program – and no way to do a search. I have Mozilla Firefox – would this be causing a problem?

    The sad truth is I am the poster child for computer illiteracy so I have no clue, but I would love to be able to do the search.

  13. Linda H.

    This is a great tool but not fool-proof. When I searched my name it said that I had nothing posted for Days 3, 16, 24 and another which I had just written and needed to post. After checking the blog, I found that days 3, 16, and 24 ARE listed there. Why don’t they come up with the search?

  14. Nikki Griffith

    Good Morning Anders!(and Poetics Partners) I saved this to my desktop in various forms so I could read other submissions off-line the way I related them (keywords, last names, etc.) ILO prompt by prompt. Thanks again and have a Happy May Day!

  15. Anders Bylund

    Oh, and for those who don’t see the actual poems, there might be browser issues. Google, this ain’t, and I haven’t been able to test every browser and platform under the sun. It works in IE7, Firefox 3, and Google Chrome for me — try a couple of different programs and it should work somewhere.

    Finally, the "full text" search is an easy way to see if anyone commented on your poems — search for your name there (or just last name) and see who loves ya 🙂

  16. Anders Bylund

    To all who are finding fewer poems than expected, try searching for just your last name, or add ".*" instead of a space between first and last name. Like so:


    Most of the time, I find that you’ve posted with and without your middle name, that kind of thing. That "wildcard" sequence should help.

    As for the Dintur link, it went bonkers overnight and now shows you the code rather than running it and showing the results. Now you can see how it works, if you’re of the programming ilk 😉

    But the Fooltools link still works properly. Use that instead:

    Oh, and those wacky squigggles rather than apostrophes and such, I’ll get that fixed. You guys are probably using "smart quotes" which get hacked up in translation.

  17. Padgett Posey

    The "" link Anders provided (see above) still works–and I’m finding this is a GREAT way to look up the poets you’ve especially loved and read their work as a whole. You start to themes emerging.

    Let me know where to send the adult beverage of your choice, Anders. Thanks! 😀

  18. Jean Tschohl Quinn

    Thank you Anders! Your tool helped me discover something about my postings —

    Robert — Because I was traveling this month, I posted from different computers, so I am under two slightly different names ("jean quinn" and "Jean Tschohl Quinn"). I don’t know whether it matters to you, but I thought it best to mention it. (It might explain why I didn’t make Prof Atwater’s mighty work 8-( ) Thanks for your hard work this month and every month.


  19. Virginia Shank

    Anders, you’re my hero! Like many here, I posted one for every day, but your handy tool showed me I was missing eight. A couple of my favorites had disappeared into the internet ether. I blame the robot prophylactics. Probably I mistyped those silly codes.

    So, all you poets, I say three cheers for Anders:
    hip hip hooray!
    hip hip hooray!
    hip hip hooray!

    And thanks too, of course, to our gracious host!

  20. Trudi Jarvis

    The end of the day…

    Bless you, Robert, for hosting the Poetry Challenge, but what do I do tomorrow morning at 7:00?

    Anders, thank you so very much for the amazing search tool. It has made me aware that others actually took the time to read my poems. Thank you all.

    Prof Atwater, Penny Henderson, Marie Elena, mjdills: thank you for the positive comments. They meant a lot to an aspiring writer. Now, about that novel I wrote…

    Good bye, all.


  21. Gretchen Gersh Whitman

    Hi Anders!

    Thank you so much for this brilliant tool!
    Although I posted daily, for some reason two poems didn’t show. (28 poems noted at first.)I was able to identify which days were missing and repost. It took awhile to check, and I had to review a bit later, but now am content that all 30 poems of my work is submitted.

    My son is a programmer, so I know how hard you guys work.
    Your technical assistance was such a marvelous contribution!
    Bravo! Thank you again! Have a terrific spring!

    Best of luck,
    Gretchen Gersh Whitman

    P.S. Thank you Robert for sharing Ander’s magic with us too.

  22. Liz

    Thank you so much. As I discovered quirks in the posting system over the last 30 days, I worried that some of my earlier poems might not have made it. I did not relish the idea of scouring thousands of postings. Your tool made it easy. I found three days missing and reposted.


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