Acrostic Poems & Poetry

Continuing on with the poetic forms available to poets, I have to discuss acrostic poetry. Acrostic poetry is very easy and fun. The most basic form spells words out on the left-hand side of the page using the first letter of each line.

I like to write
Acrostic poems
Mostly because
Reading them
Out loud is
Bound to be fun.

If you notice, the first letter of every line makes the simple sentence, “I am Rob.” It’s very simple, and you can make it as difficult as you want–where the fun part begins.

The brave at heart can even try double acrostics–that is, spelling things out using the first and last letter of each line.

Yell and slaP
Lions tO
Offend micE
Visiting the eleganT
Elephant to heaR
It hide and crY.

In this silly example, I’ve spelled out “My love is poetry.”

The acrostic is easy to do in its simplest form, but ambitious poets could write a whole paragraph or stories using acrostics if they had enough spare time. Or even write a double acrostic sonnet or sestina.

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3 thoughts on “Acrostic Poems & Poetry

  1. Cheryl

    I wrote what I call an acrostic verse, where the first letter of each stanza spells out a word. Does that exist? Here is a copy:

    Time Is Only Borrowed

    Healing seems a distant notion;
    some fabricated concept of
    Satan’s laughing
    attempt to make us
    cry with deeper sorrows.

    Eerily, as time trudges by,
    the hands of these strangers
    take mine into theirs-so warm and gentle-
    and for a time, my face is not wet with tears.

    Alone no longer, I am among
    friends, whose tear-stained
    faces are also focusing on
    the sun-filled sky, and not
    the darkness we find behind our hands.

    Learning to let go of childhood
    anguish has become our target.
    We shall cherish the bonds
    between us, each knowing the
    deepest and darkest secrets of the others.

    Insight will reveal itself to us in time,
    for we will understand that time itself is
    only borrowed from God and His intent
    is for us to share it with one another.

    Never giving up the battle, we
    shall conquer our fears and
    live out our dreams.

    Grown-up emotionally, our relationships
    will flourish. Then, we will
    fully realize that healing
    has taken place.

  2. Robert Brewer

    Yes! An alphabet poem. I love to do those too!

    In fact, I’m sure I’ll get around to doing an official post on that form. These are the fun things poets can try, especially if you’re trying to break out of a slump or block.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tom

    I usually find myself writing free verse, but there are also many times when I still find great satisfaction in following some rules. That’s why I like this idea. Rhyming doesn’t necessarily do it for me, but acrostics can. Check out this poem I wrote a few months ago:

    Quiet worlds ending, rending
    Tending your unknowns
    Inside other places.

    All sense distended
    Forever grown hardened
    Joining kindred lovers

    Zealous, xenophobic, cryptic
    Virgin births never mending.

    Do you see it?


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