Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 136

Tomorrow is D-Day. That is, Due Day for Tammy and I and our first daughter, Hannah Marie. We’re super excited (and, yes, a little stressed). If everything goes as it should, I’ll be posting images on Facebook and my blog. So keep an eye out.


For this week’s prompt, write a welcoming poem. You could be welcoming a stranger, a friend, an enemy, a season, a new way of life, etc. Of course, I’m going to use this prompt to write my first poem (of many) for Hannah Marie.

Here’s my attempt:

“for hannah”

these mornings
meteorologists give air quality alerts
and radio commentators
mention the beauty
of a full moon
with smog
filtering the light

i wish i could tell you the world
will be perfect
when you arrive like the moon
on time
but there is a beauty
in our imperfections
and the way
we try to look at things

light shines and reflects
bodies spin
and then
we have faith


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136 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 136

  1. taylor graham


    A manuscript in old Icelandic – puzzle out
    its code, sail with Norse heroes to this New World.

    A Crystal Palace summons from around the globe –
    no more trade secrets – believe a brand new world.

    1860. One farmer learns to plow, thresh, grind,
    and pump by steam-power. It’s a whole new world.

    Telegraph, time-zone travel, internet – who can
    keep his bearings in such a changeable new world?

    Every morning this wanderer walks out to check
    the sky. Every morning is a bright new world.

  2. Walt Wojtanik


    A grand invitation
    welcomes you to the nation
    north of the border.
    The order of the day
    is friendship and camaraderie,
    a rare commodity these days.
    A festival approaches that
    encroaches upon the two shores.
    From Buffalo, a short hop over a Peace Bridge
    into historic Fort Erie where
    you’re greeted with a smile
    and a hearty "Bienvenue" and Good Day!
    O Canada, glorious and free.

  3. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Hi Amy..Not sure, but think you were looking for "The Big Ten" that RLB created for WD…..Here is a quite from RLB’s post explaining…..

    "Okay, I was challenged by Writer’s Digest managing editor Zachary Petit to find a poetic form with 10 lines for their "Big 10" issue in September. That issue will feature all manner of features related to the number 10 (kind of like an episode of Sesame Street). Anyway, I couldn’t find that form (though there may be 10-line forms out there).

    So, for this WD Poetic Form Challenge, I created a form called "The Big 10," and it has amazingly simple rules:
    The poem has to have 10 lines (no more and no fewer).

    Each line has to contain 10 syllables (again, exactly 10)."

  4. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Also at my blog:

    Please come visit all of us who blog (our names are in red), because there is a wealth of non-PA poetry there, and you may find a prompt you want to answer as well as Poetic Asides! Brenda Warren just started A Wordling Whirl of Sundays, for example, and Madeleine Kane has limerick challenges (I’m thinking about you, Walt and Sara Gwen!). Just a chance to open up a bit. Peace to all, Amy

  5. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Hannah Marie, welcome to the world. Blessings to your whole family!
    I decided to do that one-to-ten-to-one syllable form but cannot remember what it’s called. HELP! Amy

    The Mallards

    moments in life:
    A sudden coffee jones,
    his surprise kiss on my neck
    leading to unscheduled bliss.
    Moonlit nights, quiet patio talks…
    And every day, two ducks who waddle by.
    Mallards come and go as they please,
    making their way to the pond,
    diving for daily meals.
    Ducks are good neighbors,
    Perfect mates,
    souls at

    © 20101Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

  6. Marian Veverka

    To our (extended) family’s latest member

    A newborn – all the possibilities
    all the encumbrances of the genes –
    Which ones will he carry?
    What blessings? What problems?

    Will he be like him or like her?

    Neither, for he is unique
    A newly-minted personupon whom all the curses and blessings
    of this world will be visited.
    Be strong, new baby!

    You carry a little piece of all of us
    within your tiny cells
    Precious child entering
    an indifferent world
    Blessings on your soul.

  7. Taylor Graham


    A sapling girl casts
    such a spindly shadow. Hair unkempt
    though combed, a nest of twigs
    and grasses pewter-gold in June sun.

    But today, she stands taller
    than herself. She grows by syllables,
    reciting a poem
    about impossible tasks, and hope.

    Her fingers are ten feathers
    trying to form wings out of sky’s
    blank blue. She’d make me believe
    a fairytale comes true.

  8. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Ah Benjamin ( firstly please post your contact information again …..I lost you) …..the November Challenge is a poem a day writing challenge….. A chapbook is a small, most typically self- published book of poetry. In November poets write each day at month’s end select and submit their best snd "winners" announced. For a more comprehensive understanding go to home-page here at Poetic Asides click on the November Challenge guidelines and there you go…. In a former lifetime I was an English teacher and until I starting submitting online had never heard of a chapbook…they have been around for a looong time. Google chapbook and you will be surprised. Hope all is well with you and yours ….

  9. Mike Patrick


    By my side, you are welcome.
    I can comfort you,
    catch you when you stumble
    and hold your hand.

    Before me, you are welcome.
    I will follow your lead,
    protect your back
    and push you up the hills.

    Behind me, you are welcome.
    I will face you enemies,
    break the strength of the wind
    and turn harm aside.

    Walk with me.
    My love surrounds you,
    my strength protects you,
    my soul cherishes you.

  10. AC Leming

    I just found out on Friday that one of my poems from the 2009 Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge won third place in the Inglis House Poetry Contest.

    It’s in the June edition of Wordgathering, an online journal of disability related poems, essays and book reviews. It’s well worth a look. They have an annual poetry contest for poems related to disabilities.

    You can find it at

    They have a link on the left hand side of the page to the contest winners of both categories (those with and those without disabilities).

  11. AC Leming

    Bruce, my nephew’s baseball coach was ejected from the championship game Friday night over a ball call. But the team won, despite the ump. At least he called crap for both teams! It’s not a job I would want.

    Great poem, BTW. Made me laugh.

  12. AC Leming


    I welcome the softening of flesh
    with the repeated stroke of your hands.
    Deeper your loose fists push, milking blood
    and lymph into and out of muscle fibers,
    cascading the deprived cells with nutrients
    enough to make ATP, the energy required
    to relax the tight muscles of hip flexors,
    hamstrings, to loosen the taut plantar fascia
    of my feet. I welcome your hands upon my body.
    I welcome the softening of my flesh.

    *I had a massage for the first time since January last week. Can you tell?*

  13. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Goodbye Daddy – Welcome Home

    Thought he was home
    until he rose from the
    crisp scented bedsheets
    in that summer sun
    sparkled morning
    and with lifted arms
    smiled, exhaled apricot breath
    and fell into the ever embrace
    of a tomorrow
    so clearly, so completely,
    not of this world

  14. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Fathers’ Day – Sunlight and Shadow

    Welcome to the clench of heart
    as a tiny breath catches
    Life where there was none
    Fantastical, incomprehensible, magical

    Welcome to the emptied fullness of heart
    as a father’s breath stops, and a room sudden silent
    Death, where there was ever-life
    Fantastical, incomprehensible, magical

    Incredible that one’s heart continues to beat
    fluttering crimson wings against and through caged ribs
    as effortlessly as gossamer -the cardinals of spirit soaring free
    into the horizon melting yesterday and today, then and now, all
    One welcoming
    Fantastical, incomprehensible, magical

  15. Heiberg

    Congratulations Robert. This reaches you all the way from DK and I hope that you and your wife and your little daughter are already playing in the sun. Best wishes for you and your family.

  16. Heiberg


    I count your fingers
    and hold your feet
    in one hand.
    I touch your skin,
    so smooth,
    so delicate,
    to understand
    that you are here.

    I see your eyes
    and see
    generations of dads and moms lined up for this celebration of you who came today two hours, twenty one minutes and twelve seconds ago.
    I see that we created generations.

    I kiss you
    and so does your dad
    while he
    and makes me feel my tears
    that were there
    all along
    though I’m happy.

    We’re so happy,
    never knew happiness before,
    and we want to give you the world,
    a better world,
    we want to give you everything,
    we want us to live forever.

  17. Michael Grove

    Hook, Line and Sinker

    He lurked there in the shallows
    for such a long, long time.
    Then he dove to great depths in the lake.
    Swimming all around
    still nothing real was found.
    The bait was cast right there for him to take.

    He always takes the bait when it’s in front of him.
    You could say he is not much if a thinker.
    Throw it out there when he’s out there swimming.
    It’s still the same, hook, line and sinker.

    Take it in with a deep breath and a promise.
    The hook will pierce him sharply when she starts.
    He thought it would be smarter
    to keep more lines in the water.
    But that’s not the way he fishes with his heart.

    He always takes the bait when it’s in front of him.
    You could say he is not much if a thinker.
    Throw it out there when he’s out there swimming.
    It’s still the same, hook, line and sinker.

    By Michael Grove

  18. Michael Grove

    Ice Breaker

    To bust a hole in a frozen pond
    takes a lot of work.
    Sometimes you feel like ice fishing.
    It’s just a funny quirk.

    On thin ice break with caution.
    And don’t overstay the trip.
    It’s sink or swim when the ice breaks.
    Be ready. Get a grip.

    You need a power auger
    when the ice freezes thick.
    And, if you’re fishing for a trophy,
    a chisel and a pick.

    Sometimes you open up the water
    and go fishing for a bit
    but it’s so cold and freezes up again.
    No way to plan for it.

    So chip away at ice again
    you happy fisherman.
    And, drop a line down to the depths
    so you can love again.

    By Michael Grove

  19. De Jackson

    Hey gang.Heard Marie sent out a Facebook APB on me. Just wanted to say hi. I’m on vacation, no internet (just archaic Blackberry.) All is well, home Sunday night. Hope all is well with all of you.Can’t wait to catch up with this week’s prompt, and read all the Facebook fun about Robert’s precious new Hannah. Happy writing! De

  20. Benjamin Thomas

    To Hannah Marie Brewer

    Welcome Wonder girl

    Welcome little wonder girl
    as you take your very first breath
    and it fills your little lungs
    imbibing air
    to a rising, inhaling chest

    A wondrous wonder
    yes, indeed
    and a miracle all in one
    O’ blessed seed
    Grow indeed
    For your life has just begun

    Now flip the coin
    to see you’ve joined
    this wacky wonder world
    it wont make sense, not with hints
    even though at you its hurled

    So don’t be stressed
    but be impressed simply
    with the newness of life
    they’ll keep you dressed
    with hugs and kisses
    the Mr. and Mrs.
    mommy, daddy, husband and wife

  21. Paula Wanken

    WAAAAAY behind on reading AND writing this week…so this is actually my entry for SIX different prompts! (Click here if you want to read the process notes: Catching Up.)

    Plans and dreams unmet, our future slipping through my fingers.
    A brick wall, when viewed differently, could really be the next step.
    I welcome God’s words: “For I know the plans I have for you…”

    …now to catch up on some reading!



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