Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 122

First off, I just wanted to share the good news that Tammy and I learned earlier this week (via ultrasound) that we’re expecting a girl this time around. You can read more about this over at my personal blog. As some of you may know, I have four boys already, so it’s exciting to learn this next one, who appears quite healthy and active, will be a girl.


For the prompt this week, write a “one of these days” poems. In my mind, this kind of poem is one that is written with the attitude of either “one of these days, I’m going to do (blank),” or, “one of these days, I’m going to quit (blanking).” Of course, I’m always open to any other interpretations of the prompt as well.

Also, including the phrase “one of these days” in the poem or the title is optional; I’m more interested in conveying that sense of wanting change but still implying that the time’s not quite right yet.

Here’s my attempt:


You better believe that one of these days
I’m going to get me a girl and hold
her close against the world. She’ll press her face
against windows and want to explore cold
evenings in the forest. And I’ll let
her bend light with her voice and shoot moonbeams
from her eyes. Everyone knows she’ll get
anything she wants, and she’ll make the dreams
of the world sweeter even as she jumps
from one puddle to the next like a boy.
And she’ll, of course, make the world cry for more,
more, more. Though she’ll dance along the tree stumps
and she will sing her songs that bring pure joy,
the always spinning world will ask for more.


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Unsure what kind of poem I wrote today?
Find the answer in The Poetry Dictionary, by John Drury. It is loaded with poetic forms, poetic terms, and other interesting information, including the history of some poetic schools. It’s part poetry dictionary/part poetry encyclopedia, but it’s always on my desk.

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75 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 122

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    one of these days
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    one of these days
    i will do what i set out to yesterday,
    before outside forces laid waste to
    these blueprints years in the making.

    one of these days
    i will pick up where i left off
    before conspiracy stole forth
    fresh with camouflaged shackles.

    one of these days
    i will rise a phoenix from these ashes
    and dole out tempered vengeance to those
    who took great pleasure in my derailment.

    one of these days
    i will follow through with shield and sword
    pen and paper, and power through this
    writer’s naval blockade, but just not today.

    © 2011 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. Jolanta Laurinaitis

    One of these days, I’ll be quieter

    One of these days
    I won’t be here for long
    I’ll live a life much quieter
    The rush will be gone

    One of these days
    I’ll sit smiling
    Staring up at the sun
    Memories compiling

    One of these days
    Stress will be in the past
    But for now to get there
    I’ll have to work hard

  3. J. Martin

    Something about this week has made me look forward to the next Wednesday Poetry Prompt a little extra than usual. C’mon, Robert, give us an incredible, inspiring prompt!

  4. Daniel Paicopulos

    A Valentine’s Day trifle for my sweetie…

    Where Is the Love?

    Love is everywhere,
    in the coffee in the morning,
    in the movies that we share,
    in the songs that others sing.

    Love is in the air,
    in odd spaces so it seems,
    in the cats for whom we care,
    in wishes, hopes and dreams.

    Love is not so rare,
    not very far away,
    seen by those who dare,
    beside the place I stay.

    Love is always there,
    when it seems even not to be,
    for you the Mrs. fair,
    standing next to me.

  5. Walt Wojtanik

    Thanks Pearl.


    I can see it coming.
    On that day, I will no longer
    put my heart out there.

    Because, everyone will have
    gotten a little piece of me,
    and the need to do so will cease.

    But until that day comes,
    I will continue to share my heart.
    Every poem springs eternally; a font of love.


  6. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    On a one of these days that will be bright shiny and happy
    Everyone will be bushy-tailed alert and full out snappy
    Not a one will be languishing in wash-needing robes & foot slippered feet
    Eyes will be shining and smiles for all that one comes to meet
    On a one of these days that will be bright shiny and new
    All will do just what it is they thought they wanted to do
    On one of those days that has finally evolved from abstract to true
    The concept "one of these days" will as clear smoke vanish into the blue

  7. Sam Nielson

    Spent a chunk of yesterday setting a couple of poems in lead type (not my own) for an open press day on Monday. The public can come in to print Valentines in red ink. (Everyone in unison. . . Awwwhhhh! or ack, ack, depends on your tolerance level.) With that in mind here is my posting. I think I pegged the needle in the sap-o-meter. Most days rhyme just isn’t my thing. By the time anyone reads this, I’ve probably revised it several more times. (What ho, shouted he. . .)

    What Will Happen When

    When earths nearest stars
    Discovered how to burn, far
    Water covered the solid lands,
    And neoborn cousins spiky islands
    Rose from the cool seafold,

    Some things were already old.
    Love in its vast nebulous
    Nursery held court with us,
    The latest victims of Cupid’s
    Long, long arrow wounds.

    Inevitable, Cupid’s aim
    May hit core, or miss and maim
    In its appointed bloody round.
    Some love, one might have found
    Or not. There exists some

    Elemental chance, some
    Foundational block from which
    To build in the heart’s rich
    Sand a home, tall, passionate
    Not heeding it’s red fatness,

    Some a ligature of nuptial band
    And some, alone, become stranded.
    One cannot say for sure
    Which part, which door
    Opens in which whom’s part

    A light, a spice, in a doomed heart
    That door creaks either closed
    Or wide open, either dazed
    In a welcoming bright glare
    To blossom in some reverent air,

    Or smolder, clinging to life
    Still deciding which to become,
    The ashes that blow away in wind,
    Or embers’ sleepy drowsy chin
    That waits the fateful tardy fan

    Of love to blow back fire again.

  8. Daniel Ari

    An inversion

    The first ephemeral silks. Dawn’s mind sparks.
    How we form like concentrations of smoke.
    Trace our presence back to the wisps of worlds:
    we split into egg and sperm, and those cells
    divide into proteins that reach backward
    through time-states, coalesce as baby chicks,

    carrot seeds, soil and immaterial
    elements. Our trailing tails, too, split off
    into rain and thought and motorcycles.
    One of these days, I’ll drink my last coffee;

    therefore, in the morning, my self is smoke.
    The dog wakes and licks away the humor
    of my dreams. The world puts on its thickness.
    But I never lose this sense that I wear.


    PS: You can watch a "prezi" of this poem at the link.

  9. Meg

    If Only Then

    One of these days I’ll write it
    all and paint it into the masterpiece
    it already is in my mind. I’ll write how
    he saw me; he knew me like no one
    ever has; “we connect on an unfairly
    awesome level,” – what does that even mean?
    Our story needs to be told, but how
    is what’s holding me back, from telling
    our story and writing it all down.

  10. Timmothy Holt

    Congratulations on your daughter. My daughter is 34 now and it seems as if yesterday I was holding her in my arms with her lovely red hair.

    one of these days I’ll grow old
    the tree swing will be too small
    the titter totter will neither titter nor totter
    the cowboy will catch the Indian
    no one will seek to find me hidden
    my jump rope will break
    rain will wash away the hop scotch
    the merry-go-round will lose its merriment
    one of these days I will die

  11. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    RJ Thanks for the laugh! Are you putting together an anthology? I’m not an editor but, been around enough of them to know, your voice is bright, unique, fresh and funny. You have a rare talent to tickle. No chapbooks for you, NOT THAT THERE’S anything wrong with them! I see you as a major talent, some clean lined fresh art accompanying, a catchy title and I see you as the 21st century light- hearted chicken soup for these times….Erma Bombeck left a void…which I see your writing filling! For now tickled to have known you " when" because there surely will be a " then" in this venue! ( if you want it that is!)

  12. RJ Clarken

    A Spectre of Success

    One of these days,
    (in a future life, I guess?)
    my book might get published
    and be a success.
    For now, I’ve accepted
    that people seem smitten
    with books by celebs
    that are often ghost written.

  13. Tracy Davidson

    Oops, forgot to say congratulations Robert & Tammy. Loved your poem. Though do bear in mind that daughters are not all sweetness and light. Just ask my dad!!

    Next Time

    Maybe next time I’ll open my mouth
    and talk to you.
    Instead of blushing and stammering
    as my tongue trips over itself
    at the sheer gorgeousness of you.

    Maybe next time I won’t bump your arm
    and spill your drink.
    And I won’t stand, practically drooling,
    as the wet liquid seeps through
    your shirt and highlights your nipples.

    Maybe next time I won’t need a cold shower
    when I go home alone.

  14. Bruce Niedt

    I said it on Facebook and I’ll say it again: Congratulation Robert and Tammy!

    One of These Days

    you will wake and your shoes will be shined
    and placed in rows at the foot of your bed.
    A hot healthy breakfast will be waiting for you
    downstairs, with the best cup of coffee
    you’ve ever tasted, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.
    When you start your car, it will purr like a kitten
    and your kitten will purr like a car. The radio
    will play nothing but all your favorite songs.
    Traffic will be light, you’ll get to work early
    and your boss will meet you at the door
    to shake your hand and say "Well done."
    One of these days you’ll all wear
    rocket packs to work.

    One of these days your kids will grow up,
    graduate summa cum laude, get rewarding jobs,
    marry the man or woman of their dreams,
    have awesome kids, grandchildren you can spoil.
    One of these days you’ll retire
    with a comfortable pension, and then
    there will be plenty of time to travel the world,
    write poetry, skydive, save the whales.

    This isn’t one of these days.
    Make it as close as you can.

  15. S.E.Ingraham

    Robert – How could I have been so remiss? As the mother of two daughters I know what sunshine and thunder a girl can bring to your life and would not wish it any other way … and this lucky little lady is going to have all those big brothers to spoil and protect her … congrats to all of you – there’s nothing quite like a new baby to make the world a wonderful place to be!


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