Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 112

Today will be the last Wednesday Poetry Prompt until December, because we’ll be starting the third annual November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge on Monday (click here for details). I hope to see everyone on Monday morning–possibly loaded up on sugar from Halloween.

For this week’s prompt, take the phrase “What I love about (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make this new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem. (For those not feeling the love this morning, you can use the variation “What I hate about (blank).”) All right; let’s get warmed up for November.

Here’s my attempt:

“What I love about math”

First, there are the rules. One plus one always
equals two, and I believe in solid
foundations. Second, numbers are as good
as letters in my book. They represent
themselves with more meaning in most cases.
What is an uppercase B? Tell me what
a lowercase c means. I know that 10
equals the digits on my hands, what is
needed to type a poem, even one
that’s dedicated to mathematics.


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129 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 112

  1. Monica Martin

    What I love about you
    is the way you make me laugh,
    the way you cuddle up to me
    in the dark, and whisper of love.

    What I love about you
    is how smart you are,
    the way you talk,
    the way you see.

    What I love about you
    is how you made me love me.
    I can do anything, be anyone,
    look any way in your eyes.

    What I love about you
    is the way you love me.
    Your kindness and support-
    how you love me no matter what.

    What I love about you
    is the way that we love.
    With equality and respect,
    friendship, our whole selves.

  2. Michelle Hed

    What I love about Sleep

    Dreaming of flying,
    of romance,
    or one last dance.

    Dreams of those
    who have passed on,
    exotic places,
    an ardent don juan.

    I love to dream
    every night
    so kiss me good night
    and shut off the light.

  3. Barbara Ehrentreu

    Bruce, how exciting and congratulations on having both of them there. I remember loving them both when you posted them here and they look great posted on this magazine’s website:)

    I loved your poem about how you love writer’s block – so clever and funny. These lines were great:

    "they will call me back like sirens,
    as ideas fill up my sails and push me
    toward creativity’s rocks."

    Pearl, another harrowing and crisp poem about Kaitlin. I feel almost like I know her now. The lines that bring her to life:

    "Kaitlin hair tousled catching last rays of the sun" "her sweet curved cheek flushed as she ran" "Coyly catching my eye, peeking between fingers" and these lines summing it all up:

    "To run back to me, smiling, barefoot tumbled, touseled fresh washed hair," "plump legs tight around my waist, arms wrap her alive forever there. "Entwined in purest shimmered light sparkling twirling mystic, magical
    pair" Excellent and creepy, yet sweet and good natured.

  4. Sam Nielson

    Thanks for the poem, Amy. It sounds as if your infection with the book is coming along nicely. Mine is just shy of systemic. Just wait until you get the itch to make your own, with or without text in it! (Though on this blog, with text is more appropriate.)

  5. A.C. Leming

    what I love about scifi

    the many faces of Dr who
    flights of fancy
    hard science & astronauts 
    escaping aliens &living ships
    the bad-assed Han Solo  
    (he shot first!) 
    Joss Whedan
    Buffy & the Scooby Gang
    Firefly, the Captain & her crew
    Sigourney Weaver in Alien
    making Riley’s character, 
    not gender, important
    Philip K Dick
    Dr Spock & Bones,
    his foil, his friend
    Starship Troopers 
    (novel not the film)
    & it’s answer in
    John starkey’s Armor    
    Scully & Mulder 
    FBI, UFO, X-Files
    Battlestar Galactica
    campy original 
    & political remake
    skin-jobs, Metal
    & cigar smoking Starbucks
    Number Two
    Number Six    
    worm holes
    black space
    Heavy Metal
    cons & fans
    stories &  
    I love it all

  6. Bruce Niedt

    Late to the party again, and so this one is somewhat appropriate:

    What I Love about Writers Block

    It saves paper.
    It gives me a chance
    to catch up on my TV-watching.
    No more late-night fever-writes,
    and no more 2 a.m. wake-ups
    to jot down some senseless idea.
    No annoying muse to keep me
    from all those trivial chores
    like grocery shopping, showering,
    balancing my checkbook.
    No more pressure to crank out
    some inspired metaphor,
    some well-turned sonnet.
    With time and life as my allies,
    I smile at the pen and blank page,
    knowing that sooner or later
    they will call me back like sirens,
    as ideas fill up my sails and push me
    toward creativity’s rocks.

    P.S.: Two of my poems have just appeared in this month’s issue of the online zine Tilt-a-whirl (devoted to repeating-form poetry): "Poe Boy Blues" and "All I Want", both of which I believe I wrote for this blog, Here’s the link:

  7. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Oh dear Marie… I am so delighted that I stopped in before sleep …. Just seeing you here and knowing that you feel how much you are loved and appreciated is sure to bring sweet dreams. I wish a lifetime’s worth of sweet dreams and peace of mind to you and yours….

  8. Jennifer Gabriel

    What I Love About Fall

    I love the slugs in all sizes,
    The plants that gift a second flush of blossom
    Just because they can.
    I love the soil that gives up the weed
    Roots and all without digging,
    And the massive worms that follow them.
    I love the strawberries so sweet and crisp and juicy,
    As big as commercial ones, I can boast.
    I love the yellow, the gold, the orange,
    The flaming red of fall, but then
    The quiet brown of stalks nearly dead
    Where the eyes can rest.
    I love being just the right temperature
    Under my sweatshirt and t-shirt
    Paused to watch the Juncos newly returned
    Hop the ground below the feeder.
    Most of all, I love the air of fall,
    The still of it, the clear of it, the quiet of it,
    And the smell of wet.
    Everything smells so wet.

    Jennifer Gabriel

  9. Marie Elena

    What I Love About Them

    They discovered this vast, accessible space,
    Where we connected.

    To my PA Friends:

    Thank you so much for your loving hearts that reach across cyberspace to touch me deeply. What a wonderful, supportive community. Mom Good’s visitation was Thursday. From 3-9:00 p.m., there were approximately 1,000 people who came to pay their respects. What a testimony to this precious soul.

    Amy: Thank you again for the call. So sweet!

    Connie, and Debra: Thank you for your prayers. Prayer is such a powerful thing, and we felt the strength of many, many prayers on our behalf.

    Willy, Laurie, Pearl, RJ, Chev, Barbara, and Colette: I left a message for you “Across the Lake.” In case you did not get back there to see it, here is what I said: My beautiful and caring "writerly" friends — I’m blessed and thankful to have you in my life. RJ and Pearl, the poems are beautiful and meaningful. Thank you soooo much!

    Sheila: I can so relate to your beautiful poem. What a lovely, lovely, touching sentiment you’ve expressed. All I can say is, “Amen.” I feel your love, and your loss. Thank you for sharing your heart and prayers with me.

    Sara: Your kind and generous comments humble me and touch my heart. Thank you so much.

    Jacqueline: Hugs in return, sweetie!

    De: Your prayers and friendship are so very dear to me.

    Walt: Nothing I can say adequately expresses how your “What I Love About” poem, and your birthday wish to me have touched me. I could say that you’ve left me speechless, but you’d just come back with, “Not for long.” 😉 Seriously, I hope you know how deeply my heart is touched by your words … and I think you do. Keith also very, very much appreciated your comment Across the Lake. Truth was expressed mightily through your words. Thank you, my friend.

    I’m missing you all terribly. I’d love to do the November Chapbook Challenge, but I don’t know how I’ll possibly find the time. Perhaps I can find a way, and I’m truly hoping to do so. Cyber hugs to you all, and a serious “thank you!” to “them,” whoever “they” are who made our connection possible.

    Best wishes with the November challenge. Write on!

  10. Barbara Ehrentreu

    What I Love about Publishing my book

    After all of the writing and the rewriting
    when I thought it was right and it
    didn’t make the grade
    After all of the nights spent finger nail biting
    Wondering if this time someone will wrap it
    in their arms and love it as I do
    After all of the times when good was not
    good enough
    The dream so close withering like roses
    left too long after a lover has tossed you away
    And yet you long for the fragrance

    After all of those times
    when you watched as others grabbed the brass ring
    and you were on the sidelines once again
    There is this moment that you have only imagined
    The longed for elusive happiness that has escaped you
    for so long and the warmth of the embracing arms of
    acceptance as you look your work in the eye and say
    I wrote that – you are the child of my thoughts and you
    will be dressed in your finest for your upcoming debut.

  11. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    What I Love About Murdered 4-year-old-Kaitlin Jones

    What I love about murdered four-year-old- Kaitlin Jones
    is her rising back to flesh from bones
    her sweet curved cheek flushed as she ran
    eyes sparkling toward dark forest she began

    Kaitlin hair tousled catching last rays of the sun
    Coyly catching my eye, peeking between fingers, did she run
    Followed I her glee filled barefooted flight
    Into a nightmared darkened silenced night

    What I love about murdered four-year-old Kaitlin Jones
    is her rising again back to flesh from her bones.
    Rising from the earth where she was found
    Rising from her grave in the ground
    To run back to me, smiling, barefoot tumbled, touseled fresh washed hair,
    plump legs tight around my waist, arms wrap her alive forever there.
    Entwined in purest shimmered light sparkling twirling mystic, magical pair

  12. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    blood on the moon
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    what I love most about
    blood on the moon
    is how earth mother can
    one day just up and lose
    her temper for a few hours,
    shove sunlight into shadow,
    pit sunrise against sunset,
    then turn around and slap
    moon hard on the face.

    in asian culture
    such atmospheric conditions
    is dangerous, said to
    invite evil and misfortune;
    an omen shared by latinos
    communally breaking eggs,
    waiting for blood to
    finally leave yolk.

    the navajo believe
    life forces halt
    during an lunar eclipse —
    you don’t eat, drink, sleep
    until the fight is over
    and earth mother is
    feeling herself again.

    i however
    feel certain that
    the moon had it coming.

    © 2010 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  13. Colette ;D

    ~ What I Love About The Mail ~

    I carefully packed my head trip
    into a nice, sturdy head case
    and shipped it off to the head doc.

    But the headshrinker’s last known address
    was the head shop’s new place of business,
    so my head trip’s stuck in a headlock!

  14. Colette ;D

    ~ The Number One Thing I Love About Being a Human ~

    I’m glad I’m not a flower
    and glad I’m not a fly,
    because they both eat number two
    but then they do not die!

  15. Colette ;D

    ~ What I Love About Fabric Glue ~

    Darn if I do,
    darn if I don’t,
    fabric glue attaches
    ‘most anything I won’t.

    Darn if I don’t,
    darn if I do,
    I could get attached
    to sewing with fabric glue!

  16. sara gwen

    Another Wall, Another Hole
            — or "What I Love About Cinema Is That
              the Heroes Can Be So Villan(ell)esque"
        It’s over for one if the other of us dies.
        But what but a sudden end’d be apropos
        just a two-bit outlaw? Who are those guys?

        All of them’re coming after us, you realize.
        We could split ’em by splitting us up, although
        it’s over for one if the other of us dies.

        When it comes to work it ain’t easy to compromise —
        what straight job would a crook like I’ve been know,
        just a two-bit outlaw? Who are those guys?

        Maybe we could catch them by surprise
        and get ’em to give up, but that’s unlikely, so
        it’s over for one if the other of us dies.

        A lead raindrop’s hit me right between my eyes,
        like nothing’s fit the life my gods might owe
        just a two-bit outlaw. Who are those guys?

        We need more ammo, we’re done for otherwise.
        I’ll cover you. You’re the one who’ll have to go.
        It’s over for one if the other of us dies
        just a two-bit outlaw. Who are those guys?


  17. Iain D. Kemp

    What I love about the blank

    What I love about the blank
    is how it’s left to me
    fill it in
    give it words
    give it life
    express myself
    let loose the mind
    let loose the dreams
    cover the page in ideas

    What I love about the blank
    is very tongue in cheek
    it might as well not be there
    it might just as well be Sunday
    when the free prompt rules
    the blank is blank
    the blank is pointless
    it might as well not be there
    better no prompt than half a prompt


  18. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Cate, just read your poem. YOU ROCK, woman! Claim it. We love and hate all sorts of things about ourselves, and like you wrote, it’s usually the same qualities, such as loving AND hating that we are strong. That’s society saying the latter, by the way, but I think we need all the strong women we can get!

  19. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Sam, this one’s for you, because you reminded me how much I love reading real, non-electronic BOOKS. Thank you, buddy!


    Old books on shelves
    smell of mold
    hum with mystery
    whispering quietly in my room

    Murmuring of Wessex
    ‘neath dust covers
    Of fervid sex, comic context
    of lovers and others

    Faint laughter in tune
    Loos’ lips, Parker’s acid wit
    Horse latitudes, sleeping ‘til noon
    and please, something of Eloise

    Bookcases spilling over
    with orphaned classics
    adopted from everywhere
    some chosen with abandon, some with great care

    Anyone can collect first editions
    Mine are second- and third-hand
    Pearls of lesser price
    I take pride in this prejudice

  20. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    COMMENTS. I promised myself to pic a few, but I have honestly loved all this week, including Robert, who always gets us started.
    Walt: "November," your words about Marie, and the cruel reality of Buffalo winter made easier by your poem.
    Beth and Elizabeth: Channeling, each offering a unique take on dreams. Beth’s, peaceful; Elizabeth’s, more like mind!
    Chev: While I despise mothballs, I loved your appreciation of them!
    Laurie: This Pavlovian drools right around 9 am every day. Java rules.
    RJ. The supercalifragilisticexpialidocious title. "You so funny!" I love your work.
    Mariya: Lovely. Keep ’em coming.
    Sara Gwen, our little Cipher: Complicated, deep as the poet. Loved "About"
    Andrew: The Gym. Truth and memories, the personal made understandable even to one who isn’t a gym person.
    AC and Sara McN: CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH! And all from PA works, how cool is that?
    Sharon (S.E.): I’m a roamer too. Love that freedom of the road.
    Margaret: What I Love. All things, including the environment, nicely rhymed, too.
    Nancy, nice take on love/hate with Autumn. Hey, there’s room for both!
    PKP: Lathering dreams? WOW. On another roll this week!
    Karen Legg: My nominee for SuperWoman.
    Salvatore: My daughter was 8 when she named our cat Gable. Well versed in the classics. His stunts in "The Misfits" probably shaved time off his life, but he was one who lived life fully. Thanks for that tribute. I’ll show my hubby when he gets back from SoCal.
    De: "About you leaving" was potent to the max!

    Thanks to Sara V for her comment on sisters and to Arash for his kind words. Check out his blog – you can even vote for All-Time Greatest Poet (no write-ins, unlike next Tuesday, hee hee). His writing is for the ages, honestly.

  21. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Lex and I took a trip to the Midwest. Inspiration everywhere. Will comment on other poets later; sorry I have not been active this week!


    Friendly people. Even out-of-towners know the directions because they visit so often. Cheerful during all weather (like Buffalonians), helpful, smiling.

    The Capitol Rotunda. At its heart, you can lie on the floor and look up at a Michelangelo-inspired fresco. Then, a bunch of kids will see that it’s OK to lie on the floor, and soon, the fresco looks down upon all of us – spokes on a bicycle wheel.

    The Farmers’ Market is outside on the square most Saturdays. The produce gods have decreed thus: “All shall perambulate counter-clockwise; the Mennonite cinnamon buns shall be as ambrosia, and the coffee kiosk shall serve highly addictive, chocolate-infused hot nectar.”

    Miss Forward, the glistening golden statue atop the Rotunda; her stature solid, her attitude as stolid as the Midwest. She thrusts a torch forward (hence the name). On her head is a badger. Well, a helmet WITH a badger on it. She’s got my vote.

    A bajillion houses of worship, including a FABulous Hindu temple downtown.

    Lakes. Botanical gardens. Natural beauty. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Monona Terrace.

    Piano bars exist there! With actual piano players!

    Local beers range from molasses-brown stouts to amber pilsners. Spotted Cow is my bet for a “walk on the light side.” (And the Wisconsin girls sing, “Doot, doo doot…”)

    Cholesterol to spare: Heart patients, beware. Restaurants lay out bratwurst before the meal. Sauerkraut rules; mustard not far behind. More meat than Sarah Palin can point a high-powered rifle at!

    CHEESE. On toothpicks, on sandwiches, in slabs, on counters, at the Market. Bessie’s Blend, Vintage Van Gogh, Alpha’s Morning Sun, Quesa Para Fundir (fondue). Also giant Swiss, traditionally worn at Packers games.

    City planners had the wisdom to buck the 60s trend of moving universities to the suburbs. This keeps downtown diverse, economically thriving, and awash with arts – theater, film, clubs.

    LGBT and Allies together. A gay-friendly city. Frees up closet space.

    A big city with small neighborhoods of various flavors. Safer than most. And if you like making snow angels… it’s heaven on earth!


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