Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 108

Just in case you missed it, I recently posted the 2010 November PAD Chapbook Challenge rules and guidelines. This will be the third year of this poem-a-day challenge in November that will hopefully lead to a chapbook worth of poems.

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For today’s prompt, write an emergency poem. The first thought that springs to my mind is flashing lights and paramedics. If I think on it a little longer, I realize there are several other possible emergency situations out there–not all of them involving people. I look forward to seeing what everyone creates.

Here is my attempt:

“At the grocery store”

Pushing my cart past the pretzel sticks and
school supplies, I notice his face turn red
from grunting into the seat of his pants
placed on the little blue plastic flap that
acts as a seat for those 48 months
or younger, and simultaneously,
the thought occurs to me that I do not
have the stinky little man’s diaper bag.


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Want to learn how to write metrical poetry? Check out William Baer’s Writing Metrical Poetry. This book includes non-intimidating guidance, step-by-step instruction and examples from masters of the form.

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