Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 093

For today’s prompt, write a poem in which someone (or something) is stuck somewhere. Perhaps, someone is stuck in line or in a situation (job, relationship, conversation, etc.). Maybe something (like a firefly) is stuck somewhere (like a Mason jar). Hope you’re not stuck on a writer’s block.

Here’s my attempt:

“Elevator pitch”

On average, people waste an hour a day waiting
in lines, at red lights, for elevators, and other things.

I know; I’ve been there–waiting, waiting, waiting; I have drummed
my fingers along the dashboard–so bored–chewing my gum

to stay awake. Experts recommend sleeping seven to
eight hours a night. Of course, making that is hard to do.

Sleep debt causes mental, emotional and physical
fatigue. Dreams are random neurons shot in the cerebral

cortex. The forebrain creates a narrative to connect
the dots. That’s one theory anyway. Some people suspect

dreams are symbolic representations of frustrated 
desires. Stuck in an elevator last night, I waited

four levels below the ground floor. I feared getting stuck there
with no way out or that, if saved, everyone would stare.


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262 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 093

  1. Sara Gwen

    Stuck with This

       Trouble with maneuvering
       to have the last word
       is that after the door’s
       closed behind you hearing
       me say it, I’m stuck with
       this, this silence you left
       lasting longer than what
       I didn’t want our end
       to keep sounding like.

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  4. Juanita Snyder

    Thank you Maria and Dr PKP. I am honored to post among such esteemed company. There are some serious talent here. Know that I learn something new every day.


  5. Sam Nielson

    Sara Gwen
    I think the PA meet-up would be fun. Though why shouldn’t it be/include some sort of reading? Hmm. Most readings are poet’s choice, maybe something like this should be audience’s choice?

    I went to your blog and read the comments you made on your poem. A few things were more clear, but a few other shades are still there, perhaps necessarily so. I had missed the photograph reference. Asleep at the switch I was. I still think that poem is one to read and re-read.

    I am slow coming to realize the romance, but then romance has to slap me in the face to get my attention. I’m backward that way, I suppose. I’m still mulling over a few things, "girl and man" "make it mine/Really. . ." and others.

    That is the joy, should be anyway, in reading/writing poetry. It is an art to put conversation in words, compressed as you have, or one-sided. Reminds me of the ‘carpe diem’ lines from John Donne, Andrew Marvell, Shakespeare, Herrick, etc. but in a more subtle, natural way.

    Thanks for allowing/forcing me to think more about it. If you don’t mind, I’d like to hang on to the poem awhile, show it around to a few people.

    Thanks again.

  6. DrPKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Hi all was just checking in to see who was hanging around PA street waiting for the light to change… I mean the new prompt….. and here are all these wonderful new poems that I almost missed.

    Kimiko you have been missed and how delightful to have the delicate finely woven voice back… what can one say but… ‘sheer poetry’

    Walt divine in purgatory and delightful in Oz…

    Sara M. tears of recognition and empathy

    Sara Gwen … different tunes… in a voiced that’s all your own .. 🙂

    Colette …delightful

    Jeeves… not sure if this a welcome to you.. but your poem is succinct and put a smile on my face this morning.

    Sam… agree with all your comments… although I imagine I hear Sara Gwen’s voice… don’t know what that says about the poetry or me!

    Juanita… my father painted.. your poem enlivened so many images..

    Bruce I think that of all the poems this week your vivid images of stuck on vinyl really did it for me.

    Yoly, I need to say that if you are not a professional writer… well you are a professional writer!

    Happy Wednesday to all… Will be back on the street later.
    (thanks Kim for pelican comment)…

  7. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    Kimiko: "Stuck" and "Sticky Situations" = awesome! I’m a fan. <3

    Writer’s block

    In the Heights
    everyone is down
    unemployment is that tenant
    who recently moved in your building
    the one you want to get rid of
    but who just won’t budge
    sirens go off like alarm clocks
    pairings are warned against
    (lest you become a newspaper headline
    should you change your mind)
    census walks the streets like a 5 o’clock whore
    counting misery by the numbers

    (c) jh 6/23/10

  8. Marie Elena

    Juanita: A powerful read, as always expected from you.

    Beth: No apologies needed. Ever. =)

    Walter and Rialto: I knew it. Didn’t I know it? Yessir, I knew it. You know I knew it. Who else knew it? I wanna know.

    (Good stuff, btw.)

  9. Beth Rodgers

    Thanks to all those who commented on my poem. I really, truly appreciated all your comments, but just didn’t have the time to respond back this week. I’ll do my very best to stay on top of it this week. It’s wonderful to work with such a kind and gifted group of poets!


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