Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 090

Somehow it’s already been a week since the last prompt. Is it just me or is this year picking up steam?

For this week’s prompt, I want you to take the phrase “Ways to (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new word or phrase the title of your poem, and then write the poem. Examples: “Ways to write a poem,” “Ways to not write a poem,” “Ways to avoid homework,” “Ways to fall in love,” etc. There are so many ways to come at this one!

Here’s my attempt:

“Ways to kill a flower”

She loves me; she loves me not;
she loves me; she loves me not;
she loves me; she loves me not;
she loves me; she loves me not;
she loves me; she loves me not;
she loves me; she loves me not;
she loves me! O, marigold!


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282 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 090

  1. Sara Gwen

    Ways to Get Saved

            There’s one way only
            (and that’s already taken)
            to get saved, that is:
            that’s first get forsaken.

            Then there’s maybe one more
            (if you’re not pre-selected)
            way a girl can get saved:
            first get flatly rejected.

            Finally one way’s left
            (when you’re all out the rest)
            to get seriously saved:
            first, my love, get undressed.

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  4. Julieann S Powell

    Ways to Curl One’s Chest-Hair

    Some may think chest-hair too short to curl
    The thought of it may even make one hurl

    But on the bright side
    With no kidding aside

    There really is an art to curling chest-hair
    And yes, it is very, very rare

    Start with a squeaky-clean chest
    One always wants to look his best

    Part a section and comb the chest-hair
    Pull it taut and straight, with flair

    Wrap it quickly ‘round your finger
    Do not tarry, do not linger

    Stick it down with some tape
    When it’s loosened, it’ll hold its shape

    Comb it gently, style with gel
    If it tangles, yell like h—–

    If that’s not for you, don’t despair
    Use a hot curling iron on your hair

    The hair’ll be fine, don’t be concerned
    But if you touch your skin, it is burned

    Use your favorite style, perm, or crimp
    What ever you do, don’t be a wimp

  5. Geoff Munsterman

    Way to Piss Me Off

    Flirt with someone you don’t like
    and not for the same reasons hooters girls
    or strippers flirt with men they don’t like.
    Don’t cop to your mistakes.
    Don’t tell the truth
    when telling the truth matters.
    Sure, a lie or three
    might make for fun when dates
    or business meetings go awry, but lies
    when lying hurts someone
    is tantamount to crime.
    Make me feel sorry for you
    because you want something.
    Make me think you’re a good person
    when you’re not.

    I live by the scorched earth credo
    people who don’t make plans live by.
    I’m honest when it matters,
    I flirt when I care, and I tip
    like the champion of the middle class
    my parents raised me to be.
    I smoke when I’m nervous or stressed
    if a sink to wash my wrist isn’t handy.

    Listen to bad music at your peril.
    Quote Rush Limbaugh to me
    and I’m no longer held responsible
    for what happens to you.
    And if you say you love me,
    mean it.

  6. Linda

    For Michele

    Please keep an open heart while dealing with your tragic situation. I’m sure you have many friends and family members who can help you through this ordeal. Look to them and let them in. Your loss is felt by many, and we all wish you well.

    Always,a fellow poet, and one who survived a fire!
    Linda Robertson

  7. Linda


    #1: Take a deep breath
    #2: Examine the room
    #3: Try to be sensible and figure out what you can do without
    #4: Upon realizing that you need everything in the room…

    Gently close the door!

  8. Barbara Ehrentreu

    This is for Michele too:


    Sift through the debris to find the gems
    Don’t look as you throw out your heart
    Smile at keepsakes remaining intact

    Work only two hours and spend the
    rest of the day in activities for you
    Go to a movie, visit the park
    Clear your head of the acrid smoke

    Air out your things to get rid of the smoke
    Open wide your windows and let in the sunshine
    Ignore any negative comments you receive
    Turn a cold shoulder to despair

    Toss those things that are damaged
    If it’s singed put it in the bin
    Say goodbye to your old life
    Clear a space for the new

    Believe your life will change
    Empty your house of damaged goods
    Replace with the new and fresh
    Sweep the ashes from your life.

  9. Hannah Gosselin

    Well a lot has happened since I last visited! I missed a ton of inspired writing I see! I must thank my fellow poets for their comments.

    Thank you Marie and Walt! I’m so glad that I can share smiles with you both, acrossed miles and miles! 🙂

    Marie, I understand the need to choose at times…there’s so much time I wish I could spend here and it doesn’t always happen. It’s so good to hear your beautiful voice when you’re here! 🙂

    Yoly and Theresa! Thank you for your kind comments!

    Linda, thank you so much! I was thinking about the devastation of the Gulf when I was writing this piece. The issue made me appreciate my clean, blessed, lil’ hometown beach all that much more deeply. I’m glad you also enjoyed the title as well! 🙂

    I look forward to seeing ya’ll tomorrow, on the flip-side with a new prompt!!

    BIG smiles to all my poetic pals,

  10. Sara Gwen

    4 — Ways to Waste You

      While everything familiar’s faded dim
      with shadow scars on light’s pale fantasy,
      absorb your dark, reveal your dreams’ debris,
      escape again through moonlight’s fleeting whim,

      compose your silhouette at least as slim
      as throats gone rogue plead their insanity
      to be, the tongue divided into three
      divergent voices balanced on the rim.

      It’s one of many ways to waste you, that.
      Successfully. As though you’d disappeared
      into your own creation, tit for tat
      each kiss denying all its word revered
      as known, a drop of blood left where you sat,
      discarded images thoughtlessly smeared.


  11. Theresa Cavicchio

    Janet – Thanks for putting together the awesome chain. It looks great, doesn’t it, seeing the diverse voices joined together. Nice work, all.

  12. Colette ;D

    ~ Ways to Make Oil ~

    Drill up fossil crude
    Burn up sky with fossil fuel
    Rain down fossil fumes

    Species killed by oil
    Fossilizing into oil
    Round trip for spilled oil?

  13. Colette ;D

    ~ Ways to Kill a Planet ~

    Big oil fills pockets
    Trickle-down ecology
    Pockets full of oil

    Sewer systems fail
    Infrastructure crumbling
    Stewards of the land??!?!!?

    “Top kill” plan has failed
    Marshy bottoms fill with oil
    Top fill, bottom kill

    Offshore oil drilling
    Now is onshore oil spilling
    Stewards of the shore??!?!!?

  14. Colette ;D

    ~ Ways to Lose the Game ~

    Afternoon tennis.
    Focus on that yellow ball.
    Oh no now I’m blind!

    Glance at the scoreboard
    Just for a glancing moment;
    Glance at passing ball.

    Try to catch fly ball.
    Shiny sun catches the eye.
    Eye catches shiner.

    How long can you last
    In an everlasting match?
    Last in tournament.

  15. Colette ;D

    ~ Ways to Survive Any Trauma ~

    Bereave your former self — grieve.

    Try to forgive.

    Be thankful for what you have.

    Wonder what you can give.

    Make your own love.

    Control how you will live.

    Believe the best revenge is to achieve!

    ( wrote this for ‘Banana,’ but it’s good for us all, no? )

  16. Walt Wojtanik


    It isn’t through the gastric passages
    though many misconstrue,
    for an apple pie may catch my eye,
    but not find my heart anew.

    A rack of ribs and lobster bibs,
    make for a tasty treat,
    but to find this heart, you better start
    not thinking what I’d eat.

    A real man is a human with
    foibles like the rest,
    and through my stomach is not the route,
    to what lies here in my chest.

    I am quite the romantic guy,
    in giving and receiving,
    I live for tender moments
    of this I’m quite believing.

    A gentle hand in moonlight,
    a walk along the shore,
    a table scape all candlelit,
    I couldn’t ask for more.

    Your face when flowers grace our place
    for no reason at all,
    the smile that it does illicit
    goes beyond duty’s call.

    The softest kisses in the world
    reserved for only me,
    our lives could surely be better,
    but right now I can hardly see.

    The last good night at bedtime,
    the first good morning words,
    the closeness on a sunny day,
    all hand-in-hand with birds

    chirping a single love song
    in notes our hearts refrain,
    an arm around your shoulder
    to shelter from the rain.

    The beat you hear beneath your ear
    as you rest against my chest,
    is loud and strong, where you belong
    forgetting all the rest.

    To find my heart, speak to my heart,
    forget the tasty meals,
    you’ll reach me faster with your love
    and know how this guy feels.

    So leave the kitchen to itself,
    for I can always feed me.
    Just whisper nothings in my ear,
    they’ll tell me that you need me.

    And love me until the cows come home,
    but never try to cook them,
    and I’ll give to you the same thing too,
    and try not to overlook them.

    Give a smile, a wink and nod,
    and I’ll know what you’re needing,
    and you will find you’ve blown my mind
    and my heart will be conceding.

  17. Juanita Snyder

    Ways to Avoid the Prompt
    by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    I prefer to bathe in white candlelight
    on Wednesday nights, and I think
    strawberry Margaritas on the beach
    much better than those served poolside.
    No Fashionista but I find white shoes
    after Labor day a decadent luxury,
    and I’ll even take Tootsie Roll® lip balm
    over lipstick on any summery day.
    Googling Celebs can help wile away
    the hours on days you’re supposed
    to be otherwise tackling assignments,
    and cruising the annals of eBay®, I’ve
    discovered, leads to nothing but trouble.
    Law & Order marathons are technically
    not a total waste of time because if
    you stare long enough at the characters
    you can see poems frothing in the
    corner of their little epileptic mouths.

    © 2010 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  18. Robert Lee Brewer

    Wow! I came on here to thank everyone for the awesome haiku chain. Then, I read a few posts from Michele Brenton about the fire aftermath she is currently living through and struggling with. Please go give her a word of support if you can. And yes, thank you for the awesome haiku chain. As many of you know, one of the most rewarding elements of this blog is watching everyone create.

  19. Walt Wojtanik

    Michelle, I’m sure in your ordeal as victim of your misfortunes, the obvious may be less so. Besides the violation by fire(and the subsequent battles with the insurance companies) your "victimization" began simply as this: you are a victim of love. From your heroic husband and your stoic son (believe me, he understands) and all of your poetic friends her at PA and around the world (who you have touched greatly over the course of time) you are a loved and needed friend who will survive this all the stronger. We’ll be reading about your victory over this eventually, I’m sure. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope our encouragement in that and our well chosen words will sustain your heart as best they can until that brighter day. Stay strong "Banana the Poet".
    With love…

  20. Janet Rice Carnahan

    Thank you, Marie Elena, for sharing about Banana the poet’s ordeal. I pray she receives plenty of encouragement and hope. It is a positive sign that she is reaching out for help. Thank you for putting out this call for her and her family. Much Love to you!

  21. Janet Rice Carnahan

    PS Sorry Sara . . . was busy editing before I posted.

    The bee to transfer
    pollen to lips of flowers
    honey spreads sweetness

    Sara McNulty

    Honey spreads sweetness,
    Through all caring hearts,
    Poetic offerings,now!

  22. Janet Rice Carnahan

    TO ROBERT . . .



    You write quality,
    As you weave,
    Your poetic gifts!
    Janet Rice Carnahan

    Your poetic gifts
    Run right by
    A gazelle stretching.
    Sam Nielson

    Haiku Continue

    A gazelle stretching,
    Wide, strong stride,
    All things possible!
    Janet Rice Carnahan

    All things possible
    in the grand scheme of living.
    A way to find peace.
    Walt Wojtanik

    A way to find peace
    in the grand scheme of living
    All things possible

    DrPKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    All things possible
    In the walking river course
    And flowers that bloom
    Sam Nielson

    And flowers that bloom
    turn faces to the heavens
    the source of all things
    Marie Elena

    the source of all things
    that connects each to other
    In harmonic song
    DrPKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    In harmonic song
    melodies of old, renew.
    Easy to dance to.
    Walt Wojtanik

    Easy to dance to,
    A fun rhyme.
    Beats rhythm every time.
    Janet Rice Carnahan

    Beats. Rhythm every time
    a heart pulses. In its time
    the world shows its way.
    Walt Wojtanik

    The world shows its way
    In color, in moonlit pools
    In breezes, softly
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    In breezes softly,
    the breath of God giving life,
    the gift that keeps on.
    Walt Wojtanik

    The gift that keeps on.
    Sits within,
    Our heart that knows truth.

    Janet Rice Carnahan

    Here’s my contribution to the haiku chain:

    The gift that keeps on
    giving as long as we live
    priceless gift of faith
    Theresa Cavicchio

    Priceless gift of faith
    Without which we can’t please God,
    The Giver of faith.
    Marie Elena

    The Giver of faith
    requires of us only that
    which He will provide
    Marie Elena

    “Haiku” . . . Bless you! 😉

    Which He will provide.
    Nifty prompts,
    Always the write way!

    Janet Rice Carnahan

    Always the write way
    here I sit
    cherry blossom lit
    DrPKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Cherry blossom lit
    So drunk I can hardly see
    I blush at the thought!
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    I blush at the thought
    racy and bluesy at once
    step inside the room

    RJ Clarken

    Step inside the room
    home to my psyche, my muse
    Stay and watch what comes
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Stay and watch what comes
    out of the great mandala
    — All things possible

    Sara Gwen

    Haiku Chain Remains . . .

    All things possible,
    Wait for us.
    As spring for blossoms.

    As spring for blossoms,
    The muse waits,
    For the written word!

    Janet Rice Carnahan

    For the written word
    We sacrifice some pursuits
    While chasing our dreams
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Haiku Continue:

    While chasing our dreams
    we still must clean the toilet
    flushing fall to spring
    Colette ;D

    Flushing fall to spring
    Winter covers earth with snow
    To thaw is the key
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    to thaw is the key
    because it is difficult
    to bite frozen food
    RJ Clarken

    To bite frozen food,
    Hurts the teeth,
    Wise to wait for heat!
    Janet Rice Carnahan

    Wise to wait, for heat
    will render food edible.
    It’s incredible.
    Walt Wojtanik

    It’s incredible
    the intensity of these
    poetic voices
    Theresa Cavicchio

    poetic voices
    a chorus of lyric words
    sung to magic winds
    RJ Clarken

    sung to magic winds
    the ocean sounds in his head
    sweep him to sea dreams

    Sara McNulty

    Sweep him to sea dreams,
    Adrift on a gentle tide,
    Love to guide his way.
    Janet Rice Carnahan

    The Haiku Chain is amazing, isn’t it?
    Love, to guide his way
    Faith, to keep him on love’s path
    Hope, which drives him on

    Marie Elena

    I think our Haiku chain is a bit off prompt. Oh well … it’s soo worth it, innit?

    Hope which drives him on
    shows him the way to be strong.
    Way to be alive!

    Walt Wojtanik

    There, back on prompt! 8)

    Way to be alive!
    Breathing the essence of love
    Exhaling poems
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Way to be alive:
    keep away from frozen food
    and from winter mood
    Colette D

    Exhaling poems
    before breathing others in
    is way dangerous
    Colette D

    A dangerous way
    is the path of the poet
    yet satisfying
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    And on it goes and flows . . .

    Yet satisfying,
    Attempting new creations!
    Nothing there before.

    Janet Rice Carnahan

    Nothing there before
    you walk along poem strewn paths
    Searching for the way
    Barbara Ehrentreu

    Searching. For the way
    to inner tranquility,
    is to live your lives.

    Walt Wojtanik

    If to live your lives
    should mean you express your heart,
    you write quality.

    ** There, it has come full circle. The last line was Janet’s first line in "Ways to Thank Robert".
    Walt Wojtanik

    you write quality
    in the grand scheme of living —
    cold fresh spring water

    Sara Gwen

    Cold fresh spring water,
    Bathes us in awakened joy,
    Refreshing our life.
    Janet Rice Carnahan

    Refreshing our life,
    We make the effort to write
    And it gives pleasure
    Sam Nielson

    And it gives pleasure
    To savor poems of Robert’s
    Pure Inspiration
    Sara McNulty

    Pure inspiration
    Uncovers the way to the truth
    We bare naked souls
    Barbara Ehrentreu

    We bare naked souls
    pretense thrown to the four winds
    Dancing in the dream
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    The Haiku (God bless you!) Chain has been delightful. Reminds me of those paper chains we pasted together in grade school… lots of cooperation, no hard tugging lest the chain lose its strength.

    I’m so proud to be a member of this community. Peace out, Amy
    Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Yes, Amy, the marvel of it all . . . and it is good! 🙂

    Dancing in the dream,
    Words swirling in the breezes,
    Found ’til one sneezes!

    Janet Rice Carnahan

    Found, ’til one sneezes
    Poems in ripe pollen waiting
    The bee to transfer
    Sam Nielson

    The bee to transfer,
    It’s solemn pollen pollen promise,
    To bring quality.

    Every ending is a beginning . . . ! 🙂

    Thank you all for the collective, connected effort of poetic purpose and writing wonder! Great fun and beautiful words! What a delight to write with all of you!

    Much Love!


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