Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 021

On Monday, I’m going to be making the “big move” down to Atlanta to live with my wife and stepson. Luckily, F+W has been really supportive of allowing me to telecommute from my new home office. Still, it is a big move and will create a huge change in my typical routine.

For today’s prompt, I want you to write a poem about a big change in your routine. Everyone experiences them. For instance, big changes could be getting a job, having a child, surviving a traumatic event, first day of school, making a friend, etc. If you want, you could even write about a series of big changes that are kicked off by a small change.

Here’s my attempt for the day:


I’ve always thought about you, the way you
greet people with an “O” and “o,” as if
you’re at first impressed and then deflated.

I know the feeling. We all do with our
buckeye necklaces and assembly line
hangovers, our empty factories where
our mothers and fathers used to march, signs
clenched in their hands, firm lines across their mouths.

If it seems that I am leaving you, please
don’t think I’ll use an “o” to explain you
to others. For me, you’re always an “O.”


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61 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 021

  1. Taylor Graham


    Their camp is dwarfed by scrub-woods and heaps
    of oversprung sofas, shopping carts, rusted-out
    appliances. Just a small clearing, where they make
    do, this season. Plastic sheeting hung on tent poles,
    a can of chicken soup on the fire. No Christmas
    wreath. Some old bald Goodyears. She begins a
    carol, Silent Night, and he joins in as an uncaged
    moon elongates upward over the silhouette of city
    in its cold illusion of good cheer.

  2. Monica Martin

    The big change in my routine
    was the re-working of my
    whole routine. I work everyday
    and must schedule my creativity
    around my job. Sometimes
    I must make slight
    alterations, but so far
    my brand new routine
    is working.

  3. Jolanta Laurinaitis

    Travelling Life

    Running late is how
    I start my day
    From too many cuddles
    And wanting to stay
    Fly out the door
    Traffic to beat
    Music to soothe
    And try the next street

    Mobile at close hand
    Silent warning ringing
    Dreading what it is
    What this call is bringing
    Is she still alive?
    Is she having a fit?
    Or is she resting?
    Finally full of it?

    Counting the points
    13 to go
    Exercise to move
    Energy low
    Passing up delights
    Pop another pill
    Cross my fingers
    I won’t crack my will

    Back again
    To devour my delight
    And snuggle up close
    And say goodnight
    I hear a proverb
    A change they say
    With a gleam in their eyes
    Is as good as a Holiday

    Well then I’m travelling
    The world times ten
    Only to wake up this morning
    And do it all again.

  4. Rodney C. Walmer

    Janey, I worked with someone with Lupus. Some days she was great, others she was really sick. She never knew from day to day what her day would be like. My heart goes out to you. Hang in there, man. There has to be salvation somewhere.


  5. janey

    Last week I was planning my retirement.
    Tired of fighting the pain of Lupus
    every morning.
    Looking forward to freedom.
    This morning I struggled to work
    knowing that retirement
    is probably years away
    if ever.

  6. Rodney C. Walmer

    Tyger I respect your POV, but, I wholeheartedly feel that there are things going on behind the scenes we the public are not privy to. Those very things are what guides not only our global economy, but our very lives. There are a select few wealthy who are shall I say the elite who are in control. They have been for many many many years. These few have decided and determined if and when wars will be started and ended, not to mention who will and will not be elected in most elections. I can’t say much more, but I am always in #coverups on the efnet server in irc, along with many who can answer any questions you may or may not have regarding the aforementioned matters.

    Susan, there are many websites with the information you are interested in regarding the Clinton administrations good and bad choices both for the long and the short term. While it is true that this country had prospered much more then it had in a long time under the Clinton administration, it is also true that many choices made under that very same administration are now still being felt throughout, not just the economy.

    As Tyger stated this is a poetry forum so, I will stop.


  7. Tyger

    Well, some of us stand on the opposite side. I call a spade a spade. If ‘Frank’ makes a mess and still stands in the middle of it, I’m not likely to go blame ‘Eddie,’ especially if Eddie is long gone…
    However! This is a poetry forum and so I should perhaps write poetry:


    After Millions of phone calls
    They feared not being re-elected
    So they voted against
    A reasonable compromise
    Luckily, they found someone to blame
    She hurt their feelings, they say
    So now they sulk
    And the whole world can go to hell
    Starve out the little guy, they say,
    before we start to feel the squeeze
    We’ll sulk until they buckle under the yoke
    And when they come crawling
    We’ll give them bread crumbs
    while we fill our own pockets with gold
    And if we starve them enough
    And blame loudly and repeatedly
    Maybe they will rage
    against the very ones
    who tried to feed them.

  8. S.E.Ingraham

    Just bopped back in here to see what was happening and read the last stuff about the financial woes plaguing you guys in the States and worrying us up here in Canada as well, since we always seem to suffer somewhat from the trickle-down effect of everything that goes on stateside. Earl – something in your last paragraph I just don’t get – how, when Bill Clinton left the country in the best financial shape it had been in in literally decades, did he make things worse exactly? America was in great amounts of debt when he took office and free and clear when he left office. As you well know, that’s certainly not the case now…I get my information mainly from The Economist and it’s well-researched and has never been sued for slander or libel, so…there you go. Riddle me that. S.Ingraham

  9. Rodney C. Walmer

    Well said Earl, well said. By the way, I loved the poem. Very very well stated. Guys, don’t be afraid to speak out against this government, after they are using you to do their bidding. Robert this change prompt, was just perfectly timed.


  10. Earl Parsons

    Power Failure

    They were warned many, many times
    By Bush, McCain, the regulators and more
    Fannie and Freddie were in big trouble
    Was the message on the Congress’ floor
    But Waters, Frank, and Meeks rebuked
    Those who would dare ring the bell
    And try to tell
    Of the corruption abounding
    At Fannie and Freddie

    The Dems have the dirtiest hands
    In Fannie, Freddie and the rest
    They forced lending institutions
    To lend to those who could never
    Pay them back
    And now they cry “Foul!”
    And point their guilty fingers
    At Bush, McCain and the regulators
    Who all dared to ring the bell
    And try to tell
    Of the corruption abounding
    On the liberal left

    The powerful pandered for votes
    By allowing the unable
    To purchase the American dream
    Knowing the payments could not be made
    By many of the unwilling
    So nurtured by the welfare state
    Pampered into a false notion
    That all would be bailed out
    By the vast middle class
    And the evil rich
    The real losers of this abounding corruption
    From the liberal left

    Now the fingers point
    And the lies fly from their lips
    All to cover their tracks
    Lest they be found guilty
    Their power in question
    America abused
    Our money misused
    The common man will suffer
    The common man will pay the tab
    For their fatal play for votes
    Who now will ring the bell
    And try to tell
    The truth

    All done for votes
    All done to retain power
    All done without thinking
    About the consequences
    Because the powerful do not
    Suffer the consequences
    We do

    The dirty handed leftists set this up
    The dirty handed leftists let it ride
    The dirty handed leftists need to go
    Meeks, Waters, Frank, Dodd & Schumer
    Just to name a few
    Our leaders failed to heed the warnings
    They caused the power failure
    Now the common man
    Will have to live in the dark

    Everyone, Rodney is right. This issue is too important to ignore. I challenge all of you, left, right or center, to get to the bottom of this entire financial crisis. You might be surprised that those screaming the loudest for change are the ones with the dirtiest hands. You might also be surprised that this issue can be traced back to the Carter administration. Reagan tried to regulate it, but the Democrat controlled Congress wouldn’t let him. Bush 41 tried, with the same results. Clinton made the situation worse. And President Bush and Sen. McCain have both warned Congress several times with the same reaction from those in charge of both Fannie and Freddie. So, don’t fall for the reports that the Bush administration is to blame, because they’re not. And don’t fall for the lies that point the finger at the Republicans, because they’re wrong also. Of course, if you want more or if you want things to get worse, just vote for Mr. Change and Hope. You won’t like what you get.

  11. Rodney C. Walmer

    I am surprised that I am the only poet out there who is writing about the market for this change prompt, as this is the ultimate change, a change in history, a change in economic status, and many many more changes. I know this affects us all. For me, I have lost about 50% of my retirement fund as the UFT uses the market for our retirement fund investments.



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