Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 018

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the diet I’ve recently put myself on. Maybe it’s the approach of autumn festivals and the thought of funnel cakes and soft pretzels. Or maybe it’s just the poets I’ve been reading. Regardless, it feels as if I’ve been reading a lot of poems recently dealing with food-food-food (yummy, yummy food!).

So with that kind of introduction, it should come as little surprise that this week’s prompt is to write a poem that involves food in some way. You can make food the main protagonist or give food a cameo. Perhaps, you could even make food the antagonist. Hmm…

Anyway, here’s my attempt for the day:

“Food Sestina”

Though I like apples, I love pears
and have always fancied peaches,
especially with cottage cheese.
In the summer, I crave bell peppers
mixed with some light pasta–
maybe a glass of apple juice,

though I’d also drink the juice
left in my bowl of sliced pears,
because what better with pasta?
Mmm… and for dessert, some hot peach
cobbler, though not like the hot peppers
at the spice shop; those require cheese

to cool the mouth. But maybe cheese
would go well with grape juice,
yes, and some jalapeno peppers–
juicy in their own way. After, a pair
of freshly picked peaches
would hit the spot. Not pasta,

or maybe yes to pasta
after all. Some ricotta cheese
on the sauce. On the side, peaches
halved and a bit of cranberry juice.
Of course, my favored pears
and some sweet, sweet peppers.

But then I start thinking, pepperoni
pizza? Hmm… the thought of pasta
sauce slapped on dough, then pare
back an abundance of melty cheese
along with some of that blue juice
drink I had as a kid–or even peach-

flavored pop. That would be peachy.
But if I want to salt and pepper
my food, I should not think such juicy
thoughts. Instead, I should forget pasta,
and focus on some breaded cheese
sticks. Then, and only then, can I spare

myself the pears and peaches.
I will be all cheesed and peppered,
ready to juice my pasta.


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68 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 018

  1. Monica Martin

    Although a picky eater,
    I do love food. Some days
    it feels like I am always
    hungry. I’m not so damn
    skinny because I neglect eating –
    it’s just hand-me-down
    genes. I could stand
    to eat healthier, and
    stop ravaging my body,
    but I’m an American
    and I love my fried foods.
    I drink water, and try to
    eat more fruits and veggies,
    but I can’t resist that
    milk chocolate.

  2. Rodney C. Walmer

    Well, I am back from Sam’s funeral. The trip both ways was a disaster. However, the funeral went well. I read "Sam was only 43" I was asked to read another, but I was shall we say, getting too emotional, so I did not. I asked that all three poems be buried with Sam.


  3. Iain D. Kemp

    Oh Amy Oh Amy Oh Amy… I loves you and your poetry and respect, c’mon… A.E.Houseman was a conshi-poof and Dylan Thomas was Welsh! Welsh, I ask you…? Byron, Shelley & Keats all drivelled shite… Dwivelgrunts the whole lot of them & Gay? Camper than a row of pink tents!
    STOP ALL THIS PRETENTIOUS CRAP! Writing sestinas & sonnetts doesn’t make you a poet if you have nothing to say…. Jap GRaff
    is cool & fine if its saying something but a poem is just words by an arse if its "in form" and soul-less…
    Forgive me please but we write what we feel… just because these days poetry has no respect doesn’t mean we should stop…. each to their own…

    Free Verse or is that FREE FREE VERSE and shut up all the Harvard/Yale/OXbridge aresholes who don’t quite get the point…..

    …. ARRRRGGGHH…. Do you know a publisher that would touch Shakespeare today?

    There should be a law…

    Iain ( well actually Ringo but who gives a F***..)

  4. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Lorraine – another piece of trivia about "Moonlight in Vermont": It’s about the only standard jazz tune that does not rhyme! Now that I know about the haiku as well, I will enjoy it all the more when I sing it.

    Iain, I am enjoying the haiku pot you have stirred. We all have such diverse opinions – isn’t it wonderful that we have found a space to share our eccentricities in respect and love?

    My jaded young lady (AKA daughter) would call that "corny" but I truly mean it. Robert, you have started a wonderful outlet for folks all over the world. Blessings to all, Amy

  5. Jane penland hoover

    Memory At Work

    We’ve moved three times this year
    and I no longer know
    which box holds the cookbooks
    yet I am continuing
    to fill pots and sharpen knifes

    I know how to make some things
    —-full instructions
    —– partial measures
    —— preheaded degrees
    though I haven’t cooked for years

    Culinary choices requiring guides
    no longer tempt me
    but our daughters invited us to come
    requested potato salad
    I’ll make
    from the memory of picnics past
    —- the help of Betty
    ——Bay Leaves or
    ——– the Oak Island Thymes

    I’ll finalize by tasting
    be satisfied at their surprise
    that I remembered
    to come

  6. Rodney C. Walmer

    Above the Rain

    He’s up above the rain
    in a place without pain
    Where different is OK
    where he’s happy everyday

    He’ll never hear the names
    that certain cruelty brings
    no more games
    from those who fear
    the views someone different brings
    or the songs someone different sings

    He is up above it all
    answering the lords call
    up where he’ll never fall
    in a place beneficial to us all

    Sam can worry no more
    he’s passed through the lords doors
    if you listen carefully
    you can hear beautiful things
    one is the sound of Sam’s wings

    Though he may no longer be here
    Sam’s not truly gone
    you can still talk to him through prayer
    as one’s life force lives on

    Through this sad day
    I believe Sam would say
    I’ll be listening
    to all who pray
    I’m all better now
    I’ve found my way
    You will all be so proud
    when you join me someday. . .

    ©Rodney C. Walmer 9/8/08 For Sam Rubenstien. Different parts written at different times,
    hence the difference in the rhymes.

  7. Rodney C. Walmer

    Thank you Connie. It’s been hard on all of us. I have a 3rd poem about him, I am working on, when it is complete, I will post it. I intend to read one of them at the funeral, that is until someone boo’s me off the podium or whatever, they have.


  8. lynn rose

    They come in different sizes

    The outer layer is sleek,smooth and feels nice rubbing your hand back and forth on it. They also vary in different sizes, some are small, some are nice and long. They also vary in different shapes and color too.
    But they all have this yummy textured center. Mmmmm, I gently pull down the outer layer, Taking great care not to hurt it or bruise it in anyway.
    I take one side at a time. Just waiting to see when I will see that yummy center. Ohhh, here it comes and it taste soooo good, the color and texture is amazing. I enjoyed it so much, I hope you enjoyed peeling this banana with me. Maybe one day you can enjoy a banana too.

  9. Rodney C. Walmer

    One more for Sam.

     Thoughts of Wonder

    I wonder if he knew
    all the lies just weren’t true
    We said he’d be OK
    but, those were words
    we just had to say

    I wonder if he realized
    it never really showed
    but there in his eyes
    was a reflection of
    what he did
    and didn’t know

    I know he was in pain
    now he’s at peace
    he’ll never suffer again
    he’s found his release

    I’m sure god takes the innocent
    no judgement necessary
    he had nothing to repent
    just wasn’t in his vocabulary

    We all knew what to expect
    taken by the cancer
    something that
    once they detect
    they know there is no answer

    I can only sit and pray
    hoping Sam has found
    a happier life, and a better way
    with nothing but love around . . .

    ©Rodney C. Walmer 9/7/08 In memory of Sam Rubenstein died 9/6/08 bone marrow cancer.

  10. Rodney C. Walmer

    Thank you lain, thank you Michelle. Sam truly was an child in an adult’s body. As such, he was a very simple person, and always saw life in the same way. I wrote what I felt represented Sam the best. The funeral is on Wednesday. Looks like i will be absent from work then. Shame it’s only the 2nd week of the school year. Not the right time to be out, but there never is a right time for a funeral.


  11. Michelle H.


    A is for apple and
    Pies baked fresh in the oven and
    Pieces of apples tarts and
    Layers of apple crisp
    Eaten day after day in
    September…burp, no more please.

  12. Iain D. Kemp

    Sooooo… before I go to bed… My Face book status today was taht I think Dwell, Dwindle & Dwarf aren’t enough… we need another (or more) Dw word(s)…. I’m thinking…:
    Dwork… person who doesn’t " get poetry"
    Dwivelgrunt " person who writes classical form poetry
    & Dwoble… poetry Poets don’t "get"…

    Comments & questions to Patti, Heather & Lox… I don’t care I just like making up words…


  13. Iain D. Kemp

    Go4it Rod! Tequila is a good teaching medium altough I prefer 7 yr old Cuban Rum (as you all know) As you said: Cheers! Here’s to Sam, may his God keep him safe.



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