Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 006

There are many reasons people write. For instance, some just wish to communicate; others write for money; still, more than a few write to be remembered–or even be the inspiration for another to take up the pen (or keyboard, since pen is soooooo last century).

For this week’s prompt, I want you to write a poem with the following title: You’re the reason I (blank).

You get to decide what the blank is AND who the “you” in your poem is. For instance, you could write a poem called “You’re the reason I ride a bike to work” that is directed at whoever’s to blame for the rising price of gasoline, or you could pen (again with the penning!) a piece titled “You’re the reason I don’t attend weddings anymore” directed at someone who ruined a wedding (or perhaps, an ex-spouse). Anyway, I think this one should be a fun poem to write. So get at it.

Here’s my attempt.

“You’re the reason I’m afraid of heights”

Or, at least, the reason I used to worry
during games of kickball that the ball
would roll into the street just as a car
drove by and that as the car swerved
it would hit the curb in such a way as
to flip upside down and crash across
the fire hydrant sending a tower of water
into the air and street gutter that always
seemed to back up. The flipped car
would then, of course, catch fire–maybe
even explode. Maybe even smack one
of us children. Possibly kill us all, because
we wouldn’t be ready for it. Except I
was ready, always ready for the worst.
Always ready for a kickball catastrophe,
a recreational apocalypse. And then,
there would be nothing left to do
as the water sprayed into the air,
the car burned, and the bodies writhed
upon the ground, but to wander over
to the kickball and pick it up. Maybe
splash around in the water collecting
in the gutter, waiting for an ambulance
and fire truck. Waiting for backup.


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66 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 006

  1. Tara Knoblauch

    You’re the reason I don’t drink

    To lie and start fight just to get that six back .
    Bipolar and Poison makes a manic cocktail. I’ll have none of that.
    I don’t want to be the parent and have my children watch me as I become vitrescent
    My soul will not become black as it seems I have split personality.
    The love of my life wouldn’t lie then get the beat of the fist.
    I will not become its victim as it vacuums your life.
    Therefore, I’ll never become you!!!

  2. Iris Deurmyer

    You are the reason I put my clothes in the hamper,
    Look both ways before crossing the street
    Brush my teeth before going to bed
    Tell people thank you, please, I’m sorry

    Because of you I like to watch the stars at night
    And sunsets still excite me
    You taught me to name the trees and flowers
    And I got my love of nature from you

    You still are the reason I obey signs
    Such as stay off the grass
    And do not litter
    Thank you Mother for your patience in teaching

  3. Rodney C. Walmer

    Anahbird, as a man, I have to say, I feel guilty about what I am about to say. But, you have very clearly outlined the way many men, especially in the business world treat women. Usually as disposable, and or easily replaceable. I truly wish many men could read this poem, and honestly hope many do. But, you know what, there are also women out there who treat men this way as well, not as many as the men. And, there are also men out there who know how to treat a woman. I can only hope I am one of the later. As a Tse Tse Tsa (Cheyenne) we are raised to believe that the woman is first in everything, then the child. After that all else is secondary, or tertiary.

    My mom is Jewish, my dad Cherokee and Cheyenne.


  4. Anahbird

    You’re the reason I want to become somebody

    You sit
    and plan,
    …for a while.
    The you
    change your
    mind and
    pick a new
    a new goal,
    a new career;
    leaving the
    like dead leaves
    from an
    autumn tree
    as it prematurely
    sprouts new,
    bright green
    spring leaves
    just before the
    first frost.
    You have
    a new direction
    you tell me.
    Five years,
    maybe six.
    Then you’ll
    be set for
    How many
    have I
    heard that?
    It’s just your
    newest scheme to
    get wealthy.
    Move here.
    Move in with
    me you say.
    Give up
    your friends
    your career
    your life
    to be with
    me, is what
    you mean.
    You act as
    if my life is
    As if
    I am a nobody.
    But I have
    a life.
    I have my
    own dreams
    and I
    am important
    to people
    other than you.
    While you
    sat and
    pondered careers
    searching for the
    perfect one, I-
    I slowly worked
    from the bottom
    up, until I
    found a place
    where I was
    needed; where
    my job is
    where I am
    And someday
    I will be
    even to your
    blinded eyes.
    And I wonder,
    where will you be?

  5. Rodney C. Walmer

    Debra I am soo sorry to hear about your loss. I know that not everyone is close to their in-laws. I am close with my Mother in law as well. And, I would certainly feel a loss were she to pass on.


  6. Debra Elliott

    Hey everyone,
    Sorry I have been MIA..
    I was in the hospital, them my mother-in-law passed away June 4th and right after that my first collection of poetry was published. "Life Through the Rearview Mirror" came out June 9th.
    You can go to my website to read more.
    I will try to post a poem later on today.
    Debra Ann Elliott

  7. Rodney C. Walmer

    Thank you Sharon for understanding and supporting not only myself, but all educators everywhere. It feels great to have even one success. This morning my wife will mail out a recommendation/ letter of reference for a wonderful student. Of course, I had nothing but praise for this child who has spent the last 10 months doing all she could to increase her knowledge. But, children like her are few and far between. The truth is that for the most part, the job would not be so bad if it were just thankless. However, it’s worse, the people blame us (teachers) for all of the ills of the world. To be honest if the parents are not doing their part, there is nothing at all we as educators can do to help their child succeed. We are powerless (literally) under the new child protection laws. If I even move a child’s seat, it’s considered a form of corporal punishment. I love working with the children, but I hate the rest of it. What more can I say.


  8. S.E. Ingraham

    Rodney – yours sounds like a hard and often thankless job – my mind is racing with possibilities…however, if you do succeed, do you find yourself feeling wonderful? I love that you do what you do, whatever it is. I hate that sometimes it hurts you so much. Sharon I.

  9. SaraV

    You’re the reason I smile every morning

    I look out my window
    And there you are
    honking good morning
    And Where-is-my-breakfast?
    With your sable eyes
    You scan the windows
    And when I fill up
    The food bowl
    You run flapping
    To the gate
    And greedily gobble
    Your grain
    Then my smile
    Turns to laughter
    I love you my silly goose

  10. Rodney C. Walmer

    You’re the reason I get up every day

    You’re the reason I get up every day
    go into that dismal place
    it’s my responsibility to show you a better way
    help you in society find a better place

    You’re the leaders of tomorrow
    If I succeed you’ll be my success
    if I fail, you’ll find naught but sorrow
    You my children
    can be so much, if only
    if not, you’ll be what might have been

    You’re totally unaware
    of what I’m trying to do
    you think I just don’t care
    when I’m fighting for you

    You see me as unfair
    instead of accepting responsibility
    Your actions create your despair
    while you place the blame on me

    Perhaps it’s too much I ask
    that you sit and do your math
    I try to create fun with every task
    You’d rather incur my wrath

    You’re the reason I get up every day
    why I write the words I say
    You’re the reason I stress
    and ask the creator for a little less
    I can only hope that one day
    you will look back
    then realize, I cared, and that was O.K. . . .

    ©Rodney C. Walmer 6/19/08 Inspired by the prompt #6, it’s of course about my dedication to my
    job, and what the kids mean to me on the whole. I work with some seriously disturbed children.

    I can probably write many poems from this prompt, and may add them as time goes on. Thank you Robert. This certainly takes my mind off of the rest of my life.


  11. Rodney C. Walmer

    You’re the reason I Breath

    You gave me life
    called yourself a mother
    you were his wife
    he called himself a father
    Neither was true
    given a choice,
    I would have preferred another

    I had no voice
    Though I tried
    as early as five
    attempting suicide
    because I no longer
    could stand to be alive

    Not a day went by,
    that I had not
    wished to be someone else
    often I would just sit and cry
    always coming back to myself
    while you inflicted pain
    both on the emotional
    and physical plain

    It’s true
    you’re the reason I breath
    but, you never knew
    the damage you were doing to me
    If I had known
    of your insanity alone
    or that room,
    that horrible room
    I think I would have crawled
    back into the womb. . .

    © Rodney C. Walmer 6/19/08 Written to prompt #6. I know it is late, sorry. Yes, it’s true, I tried
    to commit suicide at the tender age of 5. Long story there. Like I said previously, my mother is
    insane. However, now at the age of 50, I look for solutions, not an easy escape. I have to confess this originally started out to be more positive. Not sure what happened.


  12. Maureen

    You’re the Reason

    You’re the reason
    I get up in the morning.
    If it wasn’t for you
    tapping at my face to wake me
    because you want to go outside
    I probably wouldn’t get up at all.
    And I’d go back to bed
    but I know
    your litter tray needs cleaning
    your food bowl needs washing,
    and I know you’ll come back inside soon
    and you’ll brush against my legs
    and want me to give you a cuddle
    scratch under your chin
    brush you
    because you need company
    someone to play games with
    someone to love,
    you need me
    don’t you?

    Maureen Sexton

  13. Sarah

    Your The Reason I Smile
    as I sit here in quiet
    reminiscing about all the
    good times we’ve had
    since the first time we met
    how handsome you are
    and how much I love you
    how you make everything
    else disappear
    in your strong, loving embrace
    your gentle touch
    when we make love
    the way that you kiss me
    and tell me you love me,
    My Knight, My Love,
    My Prince Charming.

  14. Lori

    You’re the reason that healthcare costs so much

    Everyone blames it on doctors or
    drug companies who are greedy
    or the price of equipment or research or
    the nursing shortage

    You’ve been able to duck the blame
    because everyone has been you
    at one time or another they have taken advantage
    but they don’t realize that there are people like you
    who do it as a hobby

    You know when the best times are
    You know the magic words that will get you seen faster
    You know that it doesn’t really hurt where you say but
    You know it will be paid for by
    Everyone but you

    You are the reason that the people who really need help
    cant get it
    You are the reason for soaring malpractice insurance prices
    because we cant fix problems that don’t exist
    and of coarse you’re going to sue us for it
    You are the reason that healthcare cost so much
    Get a life.

  15. Lorraine Hart


    I liked dolls,
    but I liked to fly helicopters too,
    and old trucks that wouldn’t go
    from second to third unless
    you swore at ’em.

    I liked pretty dresses and sex,
    but I liked to be the one leading,
    with toes pointed to the door
    for fast easy leaving and
    wild freedom off the leash.

    You thought the most
    loving endearment was
    to call me, "my pet."

    Because of you I go toe-to-toe
    with every man mistaken
    that I’m tame.


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