Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 004

I’m prompting from sunny Los Angeles this week. The weather is perfect outside and the palm trees are already swaying. But enough about me, let’s get to the prompt.

For today’s prompt, let’s write a poem about commerce. You can write about haggling over Christmas tree prices, bleeding money at the gas pump, getting double-charged for shampoo in the checkout aisle, or whatever. Just make sure it has something to do with buying and selling.

Here’s my poem for the day:

“That’s It”

I don’t need any cigarettes
or beer this morning, though
I’ll be back tonight, you can
bet. Probably should get one
or two tickets. Yeah, better
go ahead and do that before
I forget. Give me a fifteen
and a seven. Throw in a two
while you’re at it. Do you
happen to know who won
the race last night?
I wish Tony Stewart’d won
because I had money on him.
Gordon, eh? Geez, I wish Tony
had won. He broke my lovely
heart. I had money on him.
Could’ve made something had
he won. Geez, you better go
ahead and get me a twelve
and a pack of unfiltered.


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77 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 004

  1. Rodney C. Walmer

     I’ve heard it said

    Wasn’t it Mick who said
    It’s a gas gas gas
    Certainly now, he’s shaking his head
    just thinking about the price of gas

    It would seem the fuel cost
    has infected the price of well
    everything and so much more
    So much lost,
    It’s hard to tell
    what it will take to even the score

    Every week, we see prices increase
    one cannot even go to the local store
    you might ask,
    when will the insanity cease?
    What’s it all for?

    Can it truly be
    that there is so much greed
    or is it that we just don’t see
    that the dollar
    is worth so much less
    While those who are in need
    try their best,
    just to get by
    with so much less then the rest

    It’s been said
    the trucking industry move’s America
    well, the trucks are soon to be dead
    so it would seem
    right along side the American dream. . .

    ©Rodney C. Walmer 6/21/08 inspired by prompt number #4 a poem about commerce.

  2. Maureen

    I’m way behind, but determined to catch up. Here we go:

    Land for Sale

    How can I pay money
    that is made from materials
    from the Earth,
    to buy a piece of Earth
    that doesn’t really belong
    to the person selling it anyway?
    What right does anyone have to say
    this piece of Earth belongs to me?
    When did Earth
    become a commodity?

    When we begin to see Earth
    as an organism
    as a living thing
    then we will realise
    that we can’t own or
    buy and sell Her
    as though She is a slave.
    We must respect
    and live in harmony with Her
    or She might just
    get rid of us!

    Maureen Sexton

  3. Tyger Valverde

    The Dance

    I didn’t really want to
    dance for him
    but he waved a twenty
    before my eyes
    and the night had been meager
    So I led him to the booth
    and steeled myself
    for the fight
    to keep him off my body parts
    and still dance sexy
    I must have succeeded
    because I walked out
    with a C note
    thirty minutes later

  4. Jolanta Laurinaitis

    2 minute noodles
    At $4 for 12
    The maths runs
    In concentric circles
    Around in my head
    A line must be met
    To save for this trip
    No going out
    No running amuck
    2 tins of soup
    For $3 a bargain!
    Scrimping and saving
    Sitting at home
    Both of us laughing
    At DVDS and Jokes
    "We don’t need to go out
    And buy pretty things.
    We don’t need to go out
    And drink and dance."
    The smiles fade
    And we long for the days
    When we didn’t
    Have to count our cents
    When we had more fun
    And less sense

  5. Earl Parsons

    Lorraine – I forgot to say that I really did like your poem and have been impressed with quite a few of yours throughout this PAD challenge. Keep up the great work. You are a very talented poet.

  6. Emily Blakely

    Wednesday Eve

    A week of picking cards
    for graduation,
    or other celebrations,
    it was at Asides
    I read and chewed
    for word-digestion.

    With tomorrow’s dawn
    the light will show
    the mind salivation
    for words that will flow
    on a topic
    one can guess,
    but only Robert knows.

    Happy Wednesday everyone!
    And, Earl, thank you for serving.

  7. Earl Parsons

    Lorraine – I understand and feel your frustration, even though mine is from the other side of the issues. There is no perfect country, president, world, or life. In spite of this truth, I am happy with America and my life, disappointed in the President and his lack of courage, and wished the rest of the world weren’t such a bad influence on our country. I am a proud American and will defend this country with my life. I spent over 20 years of my life in uniform and would have given the ultimate sacrifice if necessary.

    What bothers me is the way this entire country is being flushed down the toilet. High taxes, not drilling for our own oil, abortion on demand, sexual immorality at every level, lack of respect for our military, lack of respect for the institution of marriage, the war against Christmas and Christianity, and the demand for me to tolerate the intolerable are just a few of the anti-American sentiments being forced down our throats. Liberalism is killing America, just as it has killed many other societies. When will we learn that selfishness decays the best from the inside and blinds us from reality. We need to open our eyes to the truth.

    George Bush is not the problem. Dick Cheney and the cabinet are not the problems. We, the American people, are the problems because we no longer see ourselves as Americans. No longer do we hold our hands out to help others because we’re too busy holding our hands out waiting for the government to fill them. No longer do we consider the needs of the many because all we really care about are our own selfish desires. We spit on our military and those who are true Americans, but we’re the first to complain if we lose any the freedoms they fought and died to give us. To a true American, this truth hurts greatly.

    I’m completely frustrated with the three running for the White House. It’s amazing that in a country of 300 million, that we can’t have better choices to vote for. Senators Clinton and Obama are not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief and neither of them have a clue about foreign policy. They are both going to bankrupt America with socialized medicine and tax hikes. And neither one can be trusted.

    Senator McCain is so far left of Republican center and so wanting of the office that he’s willing to compromise away the true Conservative base. He has served his country well, and would do a better job than either of the other two, but could divide the right and cause a third party to rise in 2012. Maybe that would be the best, but I don’t think so.

    Where is the real American Patriot that should be running for the highest office in the country? Maybe we should all vote for Rick and Bubba.

    I truly love this country and thank God for being an American. I’ve seen how many live in other countries and wouldn’t trade this nation for any of them. We are blessed beyond measure. Unfortunately, we are also spoiled beyond measure and have been blinded by the ease of our lives. If only we all had to live in the shoes of a Cuban or Iraqi or Chinese or Burmese person for a few months, our whole attitude would change.

    Enough said. I just had to vent. No harm, no foul. Believe me, I understand your frustration.

  8. Monica

    Over forty one dollars
    to fill my gas tank
    and with the new hire
    my hours will likely
    get cut.

    Where do you think my money will come from?

  9. Jay Sizemore

    Nostalgic Cancer

    The puppet strings are turning into nooses,
    strangling the life out of the mystery
    that once lit up my childhood eyes,

    replacing the magic with a dollar sign,
    but dressing everything in the same old clothes,
    dusty leather jackets and fedoras,

    the promise of a breathing apparatus,
    seeing the heroes become the villains
    wrapped in coffins of papier-mâché emotion.

    This titular pathology could be without end,
    super high definition cardboard cut outs
    placed in CGI skies and reciting their lines

    to the soundtrack of melancholy sighs and fanfare,
    while the faces washed in the light of dreams
    age ten more years in the span of two hours.

  10. Lorraine Hart

    Ebay huh…yeesh…glad I don’t know the first thing about it Liza!

    Whoo-hoo Joe!! God…or justice?

    Yeah Renee…what Iain said!

    Love the revolving thrift store door Michelle…oh yeah…I relate!

    Connie…oh how I love proud mamas! Chillingly cool Lori!

    Dear Earl…much personal respect to you…but just HAD to bam-slam a poetic rebuttal. For those of you outside of America…this is the blue and red divide…and I hope the people can still give each other respect within lively debate. We don’t have to tiptoe around our differences…but the vibe we shout into the canyon echoes distortedly back from the other side. Just thought I’d give an illustration. Namaste…Lox on her buns.

  11. Liza

    Ebaying it

    Collectibles abound
    from Barbie to the Micro Machines,
    and also antiques
    from middle ages to 20th century.

    If you’re looking for something,
    your grandparents used to have,
    to what you cherished long ago,
    you’ll find it by ebaying it.

    What a great way to collect
    the things you use to cherish
    along with finding bargains
    on things you can’t really afford.

    Lots of people on ebaying now
    for things they wouldn’t before.
    It’s that I-Want-It-Now mentality.
    What’s in that mystery package?

    Enquiring minds want to know
    that don’t mind spending money
    on a mystery object they know
    next to nothing about.

    What’s the world coming to
    when you are mostly buying a story?
    I’ve ebayed my share in the past,
    so maybe I’m being a black kettle.

    I see the laughs and giggles
    over a Virgin Mary sandwich
    and the longest Cheeto snack.
    Everyone’s ebaying it.

  12. Joe

    I’d like to try just one more on commerce for this week…

    The Last Will and Testament of Enron

    A court-approved document
    read by a judge
    “In law, there must be no grudge”

    The silence…broken
    The deals…fixed
    The truth now finally spoken

    To the Board, goes the table
    that’s been unturned
    Your influence, since disabled

    To Christie’s, precious art
    that hung on the walls
    Now tossed in the auction cart

    To the employees, you’ve learned
    although no one yelled “fire!”,
    you’ve all been badly burned

    To the executives, gloves
    to catch your own fate
    to be handed down from above

    You see, blame’s been assigned to Lay
    in one eternal piece
    Looks like God had the final say

  13. Terri

    Susan I lived in a "dry county" for 18 years! Ug! It is so nice now to be able to go half a mile down the road for a bottle of wine instead of driving 20 miles.

    Bruce, loved the "Blue tooth Lady". I was a barista for a number of years and it always infuriated me when they would come to the counter to order and be chatting away to the open air! How utterly rude!

  14. Michelle H.

    Cleaning out the Closets

    Spring has sprung
    Closets bursting
    What to keep?
    What to sell?
    What to give away?

    Call the VETS
    The second hand stores
    I have goods to go
    A little cash to get
    What can I buy?

    Welcome back Emily!! I’m so glad your husband is on the mend!!

  15. Lorraine Hart

    Ready To Sell

    We’ve got a king…erm…president over here
    that I’d gladly sell you for just one
    wooden nickel,
    I’d throw in his cabinet of cronies for just one
    metal slug
    that sometimes worked in parking meters.

    Special deal today folks…
    those that sold our future up the Big Muddy,
    from N’early gone N’Orleans
    waaaaaay up
    to the Forty-Nine Medicine Line,
    yeah, the party of preachers I give you free,
    gratis…gracias…gone…grand ol’ party.

    They who have fattened their pockets from
    the lean of the working poor, while making
    good-hearted folks believe they’ve been
    saved…’stead of sold to the highest bidder
    up every polluted river to the clear-cut
    bottom-line and ticking, finite time that
    they have cost us…(breathe!)
    I’ll gladly sell ’em all to you,
    waaaaaay cheaper
    than the bridge and bible they offer.

    There’s a reason Jesus never wrote
    anything down…surrounded as he was by
    superstitious and scheming men of commerce.

  16. Jane Penland Hoover

    Staples Spots

    Those were the days
    I the bright gleaming star
    All my progeny plastered
    Across your TV screens
    Me the delivering character
    In less than thirty seconds
    I got more action than
    Most staplers ever punch
    The unmentionable competitors
    Cringing with my every hit
    Alas, my commercial days
    Seem past, though I would
    Say yes, if they asked, give
    Up holding documents or
    Annoying with my emptiness
    For one more fully loaded slap
    What joy that higher calling was
    Making you think of more than
    Tucked and stapled in your mind
    When from time to time
    You think of me, you’ll
    Know precisely where to go

  17. Karen


    it was my "privilege"
    to pay the professional privilege tax,
    that on top of my husband’s annual license,
    he has to pay
    in order to remain a legal pharmacist.
    "Quick & easy to pay online…"
    and then they charge you a processing fee.
    As I perused the list of professionals
    who have to fork over this toll
    if they want to support families and keep afloat,
    I see some who might struggle to afford the tax.
    (Looks like an arbitrary list to me)
    Do audiologists really make that much?
    Are all landscape architects and optometrists
    And even if they are,
    does the state government really need $400
    from people who work hard for the money?
    It sure doesn’t seem to be bolstering
    state education programs
    to ensure the rise of future professionals.

    Emily, thankful to hear about your hubby’s continuing progress.

  18. Joe

    "people bumps"…I like that, Lorraine:)

    The Mantra of Wall Street

    Buy low, sell high
    Call your broker
    Hear him cry

    Your retirement fund
    Is safe with us,
    You’ll make good coin,
    In God We Trust

    Try mutual funds
    Hedge your bets
    Our investments are
    as good as it gets

    Add some gold
    Then watch it bounce
    I say it hits
    $2K an ounce

    The hot tip today
    could be gone tomorrow
    So buy in now
    with all you can borrow

    Investments rise, investments fall
    To Wall Street, it doesn’t matter
    While your portfolio gets sliced razor thin,
    the rich man’s keeps getting fatter

  19. Bruce Niedt

    To the Bluetooth Lady

    I am so sorry
    I interrupted your conversation.
    I didn’t see the device in your ear.
    And I apologize for telling you
    that your coffee and roll came to five fifty-seven.
    I can understand why you slapped
    the money on the counter.
    I’m sure you thought I deserved a dirty look
    when I handed you your change.
    How insensitive of me to wish you a nice day
    and expect a courteous reply.
    I will completely understand
    if next time you take your business
    and your money
    and your rude-ass self

    …and here’s a previously-written haiku (actually a senryu), just for fun:

    smells of fried chicken –
    forgot my list

  20. Lori

    Arbitrary prices
    on items you like because
    I told you to.
    Paying for a name
    that I said would make you seem cooler.
    Buying the answer to a problem
    that I contrived for you.

    I have you right where I want you.
    Why do you listen to me?
    Because I have told you something
    you have believed all your life.
    You’re not good enough
    as you are.
    You need me.

  21. Shirley T.

    "Free Lunch"

    Free enterprise.
    Free trade.
    Free love.
    One day,
    in one way
    or another,
    We pay.

    Another Fuel Crisis

    Full Service Island, fast fading
    away, but not today.
    Finally! My acne-studded hero
    ambles over, tip of the cap,
    Dare to fill it, watch the numbers
    run up faster than he can count.
    Uh, hey guy, it’s a tad better
    to use the sponge side first,
    then the blade. Takes off the water.
    (Geez. Better off with spit and a rag
    from the homeless guy on Elm.)
    Oil check?
    Raise the hood. He pokes around
    long enough for a complete change.
    "Uh, Ma’am?"
    He’s back. Gotta be bad news.
    "Would you know which of them things
    is the oil dipstick?" Bite your tongue.
    Oh yeah, my money’s worth
    with every gallon.

    Paean to Plentitude

    Wanting what we have
    is never quite enough.
    Don’t have the latest gadget?
    Yes, times are getting tough.
    Doing was enough and more,
    once upon a time, when
    Being all that you could be
    wasn’t just a slogan on a sign.
    Then being more meant earning more,
    Earning more meant having more,
    Until getting more had no end,
    And we finally stopped with

    Pity the Purchaser

    Blame the purveyors!
    They’re the ones
    responsible for all this junk,
    the recalls, mistakes and mishaps,
    the poor consumer’s woes,
    the problems with everything
    from prostitutes to pickles.
    Blame the purveyors!
    They foist their shoddy goods
    and tainted wares upon an
    eager and unassuming public,
    chuckling all the way to the Caymans,
    while beleaguered consumers stay
    and fight for their right to "must haves".
    Blame the purveyors!
    And pity the purchasers, who
    in their naivete and childlike wonder,
    have come to believe in their absolute need
    for more and more and newer and shinier,
    and faster and smaller and bigger and easier,
    only to meet disappointment and regret because
    They simply forgot
    One big caveat:
    Don’t buy a lot.
    Blame the purveyors.

    Shirley T.

    Emily, glad to hear your husband’s mending well; good to have you back!


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