WD Poetic Form Challenge: The Big 10 Winner

I’m a little late and may have pushed myself just a little too much today, but Tammy helped me near the end, and I’ve got the results to The Big 10 Challenge!

After reading through pages and pages of great poems (and more than a little spam), I finally landed on a winner for this 10-line, 10-syllable poetic challenge: Brett Elizabeth Jenkins. Her poem, “Oak Harbor, Ohio,” will be featured in “The Big 10” September issue of Writer’s

Here is her winning poem:

Oak Harbor, Ohio, by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Ohio summer lived me out: waiting
binoculared on the porch for birds to

swoop near apple trees. Shimmying on bent
trees over the river, small hands skipping

small stones, collecting pine cones and stumbling
home over my knees, stinking of ever-

green. Would that I could have back that blonde hair,
those sky blue eyes, clouds rolling back my head,

tumbling down the grass slip, unraveling
like a falling angel in a blue dress.


Please congratulate, Brett! But also congratulate these other poets who made the Top 10 list:

  1. “Oak Harbor, Ohio,” by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins
  2. “Emily Dickinson in Autumn,” by Marissa Coon Rose
  3. “Loss,” by Gil Gallagher
  4. “the tender season,” by Kathy in the Wallowes Bowman
  5. “Spring Thaw 2011,” by Ruth E. Walker
  6. “Old Lover,” by Pris Campbell
  7. “Patience,” by Jane Shlensky
  8. “Variegated, Motley Triangle,” by Anders Bylund
  9. “Squelch!,” by Colin Graham
  10. “Oysters,” by Kim King

also like to thank everyone who participated. As many of you know, I
find it difficult to pick a winner and to even get the list down to a
Top 10, because there are so many great poems offered at every

I can’t wait to see you at the next one!

Also, if you’d like to check out the other poems that didn’t win (and yes, a lot of links from spambots), then you can do so easily by clicking here and reading through the Comments.


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35 thoughts on “WD Poetic Form Challenge: The Big 10 Winner

  1. Julieann S Powell

    Amazing job, Brett. You captured the essence of summer beautifully. This was the third April PAD I participated in and the first challenge. It has been a fun time, but more than anything it has shown me how very much I need to learn.

    Thank you to everyone who participates. Y’all are magnificent people who poem with your whole heart. And thank you Robert for providing such a creative outlet for everyone — especially through the traveling and sickness. You do a marvelous job.

  2. Elizabeth Claman

    What an exquisite poem, Brett. I love it! And huge thanks to you, Robert, for hosting a very entertaining month of poeming. I didn’t post anything this year, but I wrote a poem to every day’s prompt and now have 30 new pieces to revise and play with. I also thank the folks who did faithfully post. I enjoyed a lot of what I read. I’m already looking forward to next year’s PAD challenge.

    Best regards to all!

  3. PSC in CT

    Congrats to all! These "top ten" are all amazing — some funny, some serious, but all wonderful in their own unique way! Excellent job folks! Nice picks, Robert. 🙂

  4. Anders Bylund

    Wow! Thank you Robert for the shortlist honor, and thanks to everyone for the kudos. I’m humbled to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with such a deep and intense talent pool, and congrats to Brett Elizabeth for outwitting us all.

  5. Kim King

    Thank you Robert and thanks for all the kind words from the other magnificent poets. Brett, I loved your poem and will look for it in Writer’s Digest.

    As for writing, I’m fried for now and will take a break to read the last few days of the PAD challenge.

    Again, thanks to Robert for the opportunity to write and share with so many talented poets who are also amazing people!

    Peace to all. Happy May Day!

  6. Gerardine Baugh

    All the poems are just beautiful!

    Applauds to Brett Elizabeth Jenkins!!

    Congratulations on the winners!

    My favorite is Marissa Coon Rose- “Emily Dickinson in Autumn,"

    I have a question on the on line syllable counters, some counted ‘the’ others don’t.
    Robert, how did you add up the 10 syllables per line?

    I sounded mine out, then double checked on – http://www.wordcalc.com

    This has been fun!

  7. Marie Elena

    Robert, you kept your deadeline in the face of illness! Hope you are feeling better. WAY better.

    Congratulations, Ms. Jenkins and the remaining Top 10! Being a NW Ohio resident, I’m excited to see your stunning Oak Harbor poem in the top spot.

    Excellent work, all!

  8. Daniel Paicopulos

    Yikes! I am stunned to the point of shame that I ever thought I knew anything about writing poetry. The top 10 of the big 10 are so magnificent that I may never write again in public (but I will read every one of these fine poets’ blogs). I am of mixed thoughts about competitions, but if they serve to highlight such fine work, I’m down with it.

  9. stephanie barbe hammer

    congratulations to the winners and participants. and thank you for the experience of sharing poetic space. Stephanie H.

  10. PKP aka Pearl Ketover Prilik

    Excellent form … CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL…. Agree with De that it is delightful (sorry inadvertent pun De) to see so many familiar names…..
    Congratulations to you Robert for the Big Ten Form I do believe that it is going to become very popular…. It has and continues to be a joy to watch you and your career develop as you provide a growing forum, haven and community for so many. May your throat be unstrepped and your joy profound in the multitude of good wishes and postive thoughts that are directed your way each and every day.

    And to think I stumbled on this first PAD April challenge as a way to do something a bit productive until I got to my birthday at months’ end!
    Has been the best birthday gift the Universe ever sent to me 🙂


  11. Brian Slusher

    What a lovely poem! It makes me wish I’d had the childhood described. Great choice, Robert, and congratulations to Ms. Jenkins!


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