WD Poetic Form Challenge: Lune Winner

I swear these challenges just keep getting harder and harder to judge. Of course, that’s only because the poems continue to be more and more enjoyable to the point where it’s hard to pick a winner. I loved reading everyone’s lunes (click here to go to the original post and read all of them in the Comments).

That said, the winner of this challenge is–oddly enough–the first person who posted a lune: Don Share. Congratulations!

Usually, I just post the winner’s poem. However, since the lune is only a 3-line poem (click here to read more about the form), here’s the entire top 10 beginning with Don Share’s lune:

I hope to be dead

and gone, but

not in that order


Don Share




i hid the house keys


my red flowerpot


Marissa Coon




The shiner minnows

zip past me.

Thousands move as one.


Nancy Posey




The wind-stirred limbs seem

to tickle

the wide-bellied moon


Brian Slusher




a bug on my screen

wants to read

my blank Word file


Gregory Gilewski




Fireflies weave lightning

threads through corn, bean fields.

Sparkling tapestry rises.






Ballet dancer holds:

her toes crushed.

The audience smiles.


Carol Grannick




no lifeguard on staff

hotel pool

swim at your own risk


RJ Clarken




A squirt of dish-soap –

bubbled light,

perfect rainbow globes.


Taylor Graham




a lune by any

other name

haiku just the same


Cara Holman




Congratulations to everyone in the Top 10! And thank you to everyone who participated! I really enjoyed reading all of the poems so much and look forward to whatever our next challenge might be.




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The winner of this WD Poetic Form Challenge will be published in the November/December issue of Writer’s Digest. Click here to learn more about this awesome magazine for writers.


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0 thoughts on “WD Poetic Form Challenge: Lune Winner

  1. Cara Holman

    Wow, love the lune thread, and honored to have made the list! Congrats to everyone who entered lunes, as well as everyone who made the Top 10! And thanks for the challenge, Robert, and for introducing me to a new haiku form.

  2. Willy

    Congratulations to all! What esteemed company I find myself in. And Don – I’m STILL grinning over your winner. Way to go! Robert – I can’t thank you enough for the opportunties you continue to provide for growth and for the obvious amount of time and devotion you give us all.

  3. RJ Clarken

    Congrats to everyone who entered this challenge because there was beauty and fun in all of the Lunes. Special thanks to Robert – you really give great prompts and challenges, and perform yeoman duty in reading all the entries. You totally rock!

    Last – kudos to the top ten. And yeah, I’m mega honored to be in such fantastic company!

    What an awesome day so far…it’s not even 11 AM and I already got a mega-cool beans poetry honor – and I got to witness the dawn ascension of the hot air balloons at the festival at Solberg Airport.


  4. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    CONGRATS to all in the Top Ten! Robert, it could not have been easy to sort through the hundreds we all threw at you.

    These ten have a balance – everything from Kelly to Collom, from everyday matters (like soap bubbles) to the agony of the ballet dancer (I’ve seen their ruined feet up close) to a comment on the form itself. Brian, hate to play favorites, but your lune, one of the early ones, touched a nerve!!

    Thanks for your hard work, poets. And Robert, you rock.


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