Vacation, Poetry Readings, Rejection, Stamps?!?

After a week in the Appalachians, I’ve got Internet access again. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Tomorrow, back to work! (We’ll slot that into the good column, though the week did go by a bit too fast.)


While in Georgia, I did happen to wander into a Sunday night poetry reading/open mic at a cool little coffee shop in Decatur. I was thoroughly impressed with the performances and with how so many of the poets knew their lines well enough to recite their work, as opposed to reading their work. Of course, many of the poets were slammers, and that’s the name of their game.

If I can remember, I’ll be sure to add the name of the place in my blog comments. 🙂


Returned home to find two envelopes: one from Margie; one from myself to Black Warrior Review.

The Margie submission was rejected personally by editor Robert Nazarene. I thought that was rather nice (and a quick turnaround). I’ll be sure to send him some more work in the future.

The Black Warrior Review submission was returned to sender, because I tried sending through an envelope stuffed with poems with only one stamp (as opposed to two). At the time, I thought I’d try sliding it through, because I only had one stamp for the submission after putting a stamp on my SASE–AND I didn’t want to “procrastinate” until the next time I made it to the Post Office to buy some more stamps.

Anyway, lesson learned. And tomorrow morning, I’ll re-send with two stamps instead of one.


Hope everyone missed me while I was gone. Soon, you’ll all want to send me off on another vacation, I’m sure. 😉


(p.s. I still need to read the final Harry Potter book!!!!!)

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2 thoughts on “Vacation, Poetry Readings, Rejection, Stamps?!?

  1. Robert Brewer

    Yeah, I guess I could say I was still on vacation yesterday, but really, I love emoticons.

    As far as more details on the event I attended in Decatur, Georgia (Atlanta area): The weekly Sunday event is called Java Monkey Speaks and is hosted by local beat poet Kodac Harrison, starting at 8 p.m. (with open mic sign up starting at 7:30). There is also a featured poet each time around (Khadijah Queen was the feature when I attended). For more information, you can check out Kodac’s site at The site includes contact info for the host as well as event details, including who the upcoming featured poets will be.

    Until later,



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