Two Early Morning Submissions

So I got up bright and early this morning to prepare a couple submissions (to The Journal and Black Warrior Review), which I sent out on my way in to work. My submission routine broke apart around the end of February this year, but I’ve been getting back into a rhythm here in July.

The difficult part about submitting poetry this time of year is that you have to pay extra close attention to the reading periods of some publications and journals. Many college journals, for instance, don’t read submissions between May and September, because students are out for summer break. It’s important you keep that in mind as you submit during the summer months.

Of course, college journals aren’t the only publications to have reading periods. You are served well to always go to a publication’s Web site (if one exists) to double-check current guidelines and make sure there is no specific reading period or hold put on submissions. Doing so will help you avoid getting rejected on a technicality.

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