The Craft & Business of Writing

I found a nice surprise at my desk this morning: a brand new book. In fact, it’s a book that I helped propose and compile. I even got to write the Foreword. Fun, fun, fun.

The Craft & Business of Writing: Essential Tools for Writing Success should be hitting bookshelves in your area around the end of April or beginning of May. Soooooo, after you finish writing your poem a day through National Poetry Month, you’ll be free to hunt down a copy of this book, which includes tabbed sections for Getting Started/General Business, Fiction, Nonfiction, Children’s Writing, and Poetry (in this case, editor Lauren Mosko truly did save the best for last). Or if you’re the impatient type, then you can go ahead and pre-order a copy from most bookstores–online and off.

As you probably guessed from the book’s title, The Craft & Business of Writing offers advice on how to write better and sell that better writing, whether you write fiction, nonfiction, children’s writing, poetry–or some crazy combination of those four disciplines.

Anyway, I’m very proud to have been involved on this project in my own small way and wanted to share the good vibes any writer/editor feels when seeing and holding an advance copy. (Cue Blur’s “Song 2” theme music: “Wooooo-hoooo!”)

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