Special Thanksgiving Day Post

Today, Tammy and I enjoyed Thanksgiving with her son (my stepson), Reese, and her family here in Georgia. It was a great time, and I was able to meet a few relatives I’d still not met yet. In the afternoon, we dropped Reese off at his daddy’s and didn’t really have a plan for what to do afterward. So, we bought a newspaper and saw that Macy’s was having a tree lighting ceremony in Atlanta.

We decided to go and made it over there a little more than an hour before the festivities were to begin, which also happened to be just in time, because that place was soon mobbed by thousands upon thousands of tree lighting fanatics. In fact, the event was filmed and will be (or was) aired in several cities and to all the U.S. military men and women (on Monday apparently).

Tony award-winning actress Heather Headley and singer-songwriter-poet Jewel performed, in addition to others. Tammy and I, of course, were mostly interested in seeing a tree lighting and getting some hot chocolate, but the performances and spectacle was pretty nice, too–especially with it being a free event (didn’t even have to pay or fight for parking).

That white mass above the red bar up there is Jewel. I thought I’d include her here, since she’s written a collection of poems. They’re not my cup of tea, but I do like her music.

The tree atop Macy’s was lit up during a dramatic part of “O Holy Night” sung by Headley. I love that song. And, as the song ended, an impressive firework display started up. If you’re ever in Atlanta on Thanksgiving, I’d recommend checking this out.

This pic is a little grainy, but it shows Tammy and I at the event having a great time. Hope everyone had as awesome a Thanksgiving as we did.


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6 thoughts on “Special Thanksgiving Day Post

  1. PSC in CT

    Nice job Nancy, of describing that frustration when the muse — or the moment — is gone before it can be captured. Lucky thing for us that we have so many poets who allow us a secondhand experience through their ears and their eyes! 🙂

    Thanks Robert, for your wonderful "secondhand" Thanksgiving!

    Happy Holidays to all!

  2. Nancy Posey

    In honor of Robert’s attachment trouble


    The story that appeared intact
    and woke me from a dreamless sleep,
    eloped this morning with the faithless moon.

    He snapped the picture of us all
    lined up against the landscape there
    but all was blurred by his unsteady hand.

    The snatch of song looped through my head.
    I knew you had to hear it, but
    before I saw you , silence filled that space.

    We have to hear with others’ ears
    and see with someone else’s eyes
    The world as it comes to us secondhand.

    Nancy Posey

  3. Judy Roney

    Thanks for sharing yours and Tammy’s Thanksgiving with us, Robert. I hope you can resend the photos so we can view them. Your day sounds wonderful. What an incredible piece of luck to stumble on the event at Macy’s in the paper and be able to attend. Happy day to you, Tammy and Reese.

  4. Mary K

    Hi Robert (and Tammy),

    I enjoyed reading about your nice Thanksgiving Day and seeing a bit of Atlanta through your eyes. I tried a few times to get the two photos visible, but all I saw were two red x’s. I will keep checking back. Happy Thanksgiving (belatedly at this point) to you and all poets!


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