Poets Have Mothers, Too!

And if you’re looking for a brilliant, cost effective, creative and last minute gift for Mother’s Day, do what I plan on doing for my mother: Write her a poem.

Actually, I’m going to go a few steps beyond that. First, I’ve written the poem. Second, I will get one of those two-picture frames tomorrow. Third, I will insert the poem into one half of the frame. Fourth, I’ll insert a picture of my two brothers and I in the other half.

Wow! Super easy. Super cheap. Super creative. And super last minute. But I guarantee you my mom will be knocked off her feet and overcome with emotion.

(Note: While this kind of gift usually works with moms, it’s sometimes frowned upon by the dads. Better to stick to your usual gameplan of a tie and a Father’s Day card that farts or burps.)


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9 thoughts on “Poets Have Mothers, Too!

  1. Geraldine Ryan-Lush

    Hi Robert:

    What a great blogsite! Mothers’ Day is long past, but loved your ideas and all the postings. My son,now grown and a published writer and poet, used to make homemade cards and write poems for me all the time. I utilized some in my children’s books when I started becoming a sucessful author. There are many groups on here, but yours has a lovely sincere touch that I like. I have met and been interviewed by, great people I’ve met with wonderful blogsites, mostly re my childrens’ books. My debut collection of poetry, "Once When I Wasn’t Looking," has been published by a national publisher and doing well. When I get around to navigating this site further, I’ll probably publish a poem here. All best, and once again, a very enjoyable place for poets!


    Geraldine Ryan-Lush

  2. Judy Brassard

    I visited with my mom on Mother’s Day – then I went home and wrote this poem.
    I think I will use your idea and buy a frame for it and give it to her.

    Mother’s Day
    Quietly we sat together enjoying the slight movement of the glider. The day was moving on much like any other Sunday only it wasn’t just any other day, this was our day – Mother’s Day.
    There was much activity in the yard as many different birds hopped about pecking the grass for bugs or worms. Robins, swallows, wrens, red winged blackbirds and blue jays came and went continuously. A slight wind moved the treetops causing them to wave back and forth. The sun seeped through the windows and warmed us in the shelter of the back porch. Mom and I watched in contented harmony.
    “The lilacs have come out.” Mom said breaking the silence.
    Looking at the far left end of the lawn I could see the dark purple blossoms filling the bush.
    “Ah, yes they are, finally.”
    As I look at the lilacs I can’t help but think how pretty and fragrant they are for such a short time each year. They bloom into full splendor and are gone until another year, waking from yet another winter into a new spring. And yet I feel so happy to have them, appreciating their beauty and fragrance, looking for them to always return.
    I am so lucky, I think to myself, to still have my mom.
    Many springs have come and gone since I first became her daughter. I’ve grown to be a mom and a grandma too. She has grown to be more than my mom.
    As friends we share our time, remembering our past and caring about the future, doing for each other. Now we sit, enjoying each other’s company on a day made for us.
    Today she is the mother and I am the child once more.
    A blue bird lights on top of his house and stands guard over his mate in the nest. As we watch he gracefully swoops to the ground to catch their dinner, then back to his post. The wind rustles about and the lilacs wave once more.

    Judy Brassard

  3. Cheryl Wray

    Wonderful idea, Robert. I have given poetry over the years and received it from my husband, and you’re right…it IS one of the best gifts ever!

    Hope you all had fantastic Mother’s Days!!

  4. Linda - Nickers and Ink

    Great idea!

    I posted several links to my original poetry and articles at PRACTICALLY AT HOME . . . especially for Mother’s Day.

    I have also posted Mother’s Day items at NICKERS AND INK.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms. 😉


  5. Patti Williams

    As I observed my children this morning, trying so hard to be nice for Mother’s Day, I became inspired, thus a poem. Happy Mother’s Day to all my poet friends. Now I’m going poolside with Mimosa and book in hand, just as it should be.

    Linda – my husband will be so happy when I follow your lead on Father’s Day. Liquor and a poem – it doesn’t get any better.

    My Babies

    My two children,
    They both look like us.
    Little versions of the best parts.
    Two incredible souls
    That chose my husband and I
    To be their Mom and Dad.
    We try not to fail them,
    Although we do from time to time,
    And thankfully they love us anyway,
    Despite our faults.
    My boy and girl
    Are beauty, inspiration, family.
    Yes, the halos floating
    Above their heads
    Become a bit crooked at times
    Especially when shoved or kicked
    By the other one.
    But as their Mom,
    I love them anyway
    And I can always see their little lights
    Shining despite the chaos
    A brother and sister can create.

    Cheers everyone!

  6. Elizabeth Keggi

    The first poem I ever gave my mother was an "Autumn Haiku" I wrote for class in the 5th grade when we learned about haiku. I gave it to her for her birthday in late September. She still has that card on display, and that was from 32 years ago. So we both know how much we mean to each other.

  7. Salvatore Buttaci

    Robert, here is my Mother’s Day poem. The poetic form is called the aragman, something I put together back in 2005. I hope you like it. See my article for an explanation of the aragman at

    Salvatore Buttaci

    (An Aragman Poem)

    Head stormy
    With trying to buy
    my mother a gift,
    Not good at shopping, a
    Shamed tyro
    In the art of retail,

    I take along my
    Day thermos
    Filled with strong coffee
    And head for
    Ad metro,
    The city newspaper

    Filled with possible gifts,
    Dream sky to
    Those with discretionary
    Income, while guys like me
    Weighed light in the green––
    Who knows what I could buy!

    Hearts do, my
    Inside voice says,
    The inner me who believes in
    Oared myths
    That stay in the water too long.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I
    Adore myths,
    Keep them all in
    Hardy tomes
    I peruse occasionally,

    But I don’t subscribe to the
    Ad rose myth
    That mothers love flowers on the
    Day, her most
    Important of the year: Mother’s!

    On this important May
    Day, me short
    Of cash to buy her much of anything
    That she won’t give me her
    Had `em story,
    Make me feel financially small,

    Until in the end all I could offer is a
    Sad rhyme to
    Remind her of the old days
    When I was destined for
    Stardom. Hey!

    She’ll shed some tears,
    Be grateful for my small gift of verse.


  8. Linda Hofke

    Happy Mother’S Day! It’s already morning here and I got a jump start on all of you. Guess what my 9-yearold daughter gave me as a gift….a poem she wrote herself and decorated and a wicker heart she had woven herself in Nature Club. Best gifts ever. Hope you other mothers also have a great day.

    Robert, I have given a bottle of scotch with a little rhyme attached for Father’s Day….also works. But the rhyme has to be funny 🙂


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