Open Books: A Poem Emporium

Recently, we sent the 2009 Poet’s Market to the printer for a July release (actually, it’s due back on my birthday of July 18, funny enough). In the book, there’s an in-depth interview with the owners of Open Books–one of only two poetry-only bookstores in the country. While the following article isn’t as thorough as the one in Poet’s Market, it is a nice profile and should help hold you over until the 2009 Poet’s Market hits the shelves.

It’s really amazing, when you think of it, that so many very good independent bookstores are having to close up shop after years of great service, yet here’s a poetry-only store staying afloat. To learn all their secrets to success in owning a bookstore, marriage, and managing their own poetry careers, be sure to read the article in the 2009 Poet’s Market later this summer.


Also, here’s a link to their Web site:


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4 thoughts on “Open Books: A Poem Emporium

  1. Linda

    A, giving birth to a prized project on one’s birthday, how poetic, and sweet! I recall many wonderful lazy mornings perusing poetry books in the Grolier off Harvard Square years ago. Small, but jampacked with poetry tomes only. The store shut down for a short period, then reopened – yahoo! Long live the indy bookstore… Peace, Linda


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