More good news!

Earlier this month I learned that a poem of mine was accepted for the next issue of Barn Owl Review. I was thrilled, because I’d kind of hit a “no submitting” slump for a while. This morning I found out another of my poems has been accepted by this Australian online and print journal called Otoliths, which I’d appeared in previously a while back.

Here’s the link to the most recent one, which will be “released” online around the beginning of August: “Why I never mention the traffic report”


In case you’re interested, here’s a link to the previous one as well: “like apple cider spiked with spirits”


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4 thoughts on “More good news!

  1. LindaSW

    Congratulations – two’s always sweeter than one! I really enjoyed ‘like cider spiked with spirits’ and am looking forward to seeing your next poem in OTOLITHS. Thanks for that link – I spent two hours perusing past issues and feel my poetry craving satisfied for awhile. Great e-journal. Peace, Linda

  2. S.E. Ingraham

    Robert – you must be over the moon! I loved both pieces but especially, "like cider spiked with spirits". Not that this is a huge deal but you now rate your own folder in my "Poets" favourites file on my laptop, right up there with Anne Sexton and Ezra Pound…I figure anyone who can use "the pricks make the world go round" in such a clever, subtly innuendoed(?) way – AND – get the poem published is worthy of being amongst my faves any day. Congratultions – you do us all proud and give this poet wannabe, at least , hope. Sharon Ingraham


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