Mathematics and poetry, as well as 2 tributes

Before I launch into the news today, I should let you know that I may not be posting much between now and next Tuesday. ‘Tis the season for summer vacations, and my time has come up. I’ll be haunting the Appalachians of Tennessee and Georgia over the next week or so. I’m sure I won’t be missed too much though with Nancy holding down the fort. 🙂


“60 Second Interview,” by Alistair Baptista for Gulf Daily News, features an interview with mathematics professor and poet Dr. Khalid Amin, who draws comparisons between math and poetry.


“Tragic vision of poetry,” by Muhammed Nafih for Deccan Herald, provides a short tribute of the Iraqi poet Nazek al-Malaika, who passed away recently at the age of 85.


“IU professor emeritus was pioneer in concrete poetry movement,” by Sarah J. Deuser for the Indiana Daily Student, looks at poet and critic Mary Ellen Solt, who passed away on June 21 at age 86.


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