It's official!

I turned 30 years old today. If anyone wants a fun Friday prompt, they can write a poem about the number 30 or about birthdays. I’d write one, but I’m overly stuffed from an excellent birthday lunch at this Mexican place over here with my co-workers. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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25 thoughts on “It's official!

  1. Anahbird

    Happy (belated) Birthday Robert!

    It’s been a busy month for me and I haven’t been around much. Here’s a poem about the number 30.


    30 seconds
    Holding your breath
    Pouring a glass of water
    Running in the rain

    30 minutes
    Driving home
    Cooking dinner
    Cleaning the house

    30 hours
    Flight delayed
    Finishing the report
    In labor

    30 days
    Business trip
    Vacation at sea
    Paperwork cycle

    30 weeks
    Third trimester
    Spring til Winter
    2 ½ times round the world

    30 years
    A job, a car, a home
    Family- if you’re lucky
    30 times 2 to go.

  2. Karen


    Not one day
    but sometimes all week long
    we’ve caked and candled and carried on.

    Because birthdays are the excuse you don’t
    really need
    to celebrate the uniqueness of someone
    because the world wouldn’t be the same without
    that one special person.

    Sometimes it’s my turn.
    But it’s just as much fun when
    we make merry over my mom
    or dad
    or husband
    or children.

    I remember my mother-in-law
    even when she
    was in the poorest health
    insisted her sitter
    arrange a little party with a cake
    for my husband’s and my birthdays.

    Some of the sweetest times
    we’ve tasted accompanied bites of cake
    and the Happy Birthday song.

  3. Bruce Niedt

    A poetic blogger named Brewer,
    is 30, and not one year fewer.
    It’s a good day to frolic
    for this workaholic,
    a thinker as well as a do-er!

    Only 30! Pssh! Happy belated birthday, bud. Hope it was a good one!

  4. Amy Barlow Liberatore


    Hmmm… thirty-seven. Eleven? Heaven? Kevin (and who is he…)? Leaven (works well if you’re Jewish and keep kosher)? Previn, as in Andre, but only for the somewhat snobbish… Ahh! Revvin’!

    Now go to work and write your own last two lines, LOL. Thx for the kind words – Amy

  5. patti williams

    Just saw the big news! Welcome to the Thirties!!! I think they rock! Unfortunately I will leave them soon, upgrade as I like to see it, but I’m a better person because of it.

    Keep that cake coming!!!

  6. jane

    30! Hmmmm let me see. I remember 30!
    That was somewhere between childbirth
    and Little League.

    That was the year of "Lay Down Sally" by
    Clapton, "It’s a Heartache" by Bonnie Tyler,
    "Last Dance" by Donna Summer.

    That was the year of bell-bottoms and platform
    shoes (they’re back!) – the year of the first
    test-tube baby and the year Henry Ford fired
    Lee Iacocca.

    But most important –
    that was the year you were born.

    Happy Birthday, Robert!

  7. Nancy


    It was a joke that only
    worked well at thirty:
    Guess what my husband
    got me for my birthday?
    (Pregnant pause. Foreshadowing perhaps.)
    Pregnant! No less amusing for being true.

    Around that same time I quit
    using the pregnant prank
    as an April Fool joke.

    At forty, I giggled at
    the black balloons, Viagra, and Depends.
    After all, didn’t Sheryl Crow proclaim
    forty the new thirty?

    At fifty, I could return some
    of the gag gifts to the stores,
    telling them, honestly, I already
    had plenty, thank you, and keep
    instead the black leather thong
    and “tighten-up cream,” a gift
    of an optimistic, but naïve almost-thirty friend.

    I keep marking the decades,
    instead of the prime numbers,
    thankful that, with a little care,
    and good fortune and good genes,
    many other birthdays lie ahead.
    For now the present is its own gift.

    Nancy Posey

  8. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    To Robert on His 30th Birthday (take it from me at 51)

    Thirty is flirty
    Down and dirty
    Blurting thoughts without thinking first
    Full of ideas til you nearly burst

    Just a number, this mark of a decade
    But decadence still flows
    Thank God for those
    moments, you know when they
    grace your fingers, though grace
    through your muse, all starting
    with choosing love above all else

    Love of words, of self-expression
    and sharing this divinity with we
    who might otherwise wilt on the vine

    But here’s the kicker
    from an old broad who still has a ticker
    The ticket to a happy thirty
    is no black balloons, no "friends" who say
    you’re over the hill, ready for
    a mountain of pills as you age
    not gracefully, but gratefully

    Screw ’em all (not literally; they don’t deserve it
    Take this moment and preserve it
    And know this, from someone you met along the way
    Someday soon you will say,

    "Shift it into overdrive
    Life begins at 35!"

    Peace to you, my new friend – Amy (Momskas)

  9. Linda H.

    I see from your blog
    Yesterday was the day
    To say "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag"
    And send best wishes your way.

    But since I’m a bit ahead of you
    In both age and time zone,
    I’ve missed the curtain cue
    Of your 30th milestone.

    So I send belated wishes.
    I hope you had a great birthday
    And got lots of hugs and kisses
    From your boys yesterday.

    Happy belated!

    Linda H.

    P.S. Great one Connie!

  10. LKHarris-Kolp

    Connie- Loved your poem!
    Happy Birthday, Robert (mine was June 20, and my husband and all my kids have summer birthdays, too).

    My Thirtieth Birthday

    The year I turned thirty,
    was life changing for me;
    for I was at a quandary
    about my new destiny.

    The previous decade
    had been full of self, fun and career.
    I wanted more from life now,
    but how to find it, I didn’t know where.

    So I went out to eat
    with an exciting male friend,
    who made me laugh and have fun
    until the night’s end.

    Now he is my loving husband;
    he has made my life complete.
    The year that I turned thirty,
    was a birthday that can’t be beat!
    (…and his name is Pete)

    Laurie K.

  11. janflora

    "30 Little Words"

    Thirty is just a number
    that seems so far away
    when you are only five,
    but not as much as
    when you are thirty five.
    Happy Birthday…and many more!

  12. Connie

    Happy Birthday

    H appy Birthday, Robert
    A nd with many more to come! As you
    P ass along your wisdom, we
    P oets have had some fun. May
    Y ou

    B ubble over with
    I deas and may the critics
    R ave about your stuff. But
    T oday if you are
    H appy, that surely will be enough. May you
    D o all that’s within in your heart
    A ll you’d like to do. And may
    Y our imagery touch other lives
    So that they’ll be happy, too!


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