Interview, no power, and other fun updates!

Belinda Subraman recently interviewed me on her blog. She has quite a few interviews listed on her blog with various poetry-related people and others. The cool thing about this interview is that it’s in audio. Check it out at

In the interview, I mention S.A. Griffin, Amanda Oaks, James Tate, my wife, an ex-girlfriend, my past with F+W Media, my future with F+W Media, my writing, my submissions, etc. (Sounds like a lot of me-me-me, but hopefully there is some value for you-you-you as well.)


Also, if it seems like it’s been a little quiet over here, it’s because I was busy last week–AND most of Southwest Ohio was without power Sunday afternoon into this morning. In fact, my house in Dayton is still without power–and I believe more than 500,000 people in the Cincinnati-area alone are still in the dark. But F+W Media is back up and running today. Yay!


Finally, we mentioned the Fake Bio Contest in the interview mentioned above. I’ve got the list whittled down to 8 fake bios and will attempt to name a winner before I leave this afternoon. Thanks for being patient with me!

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3 thoughts on “Interview, no power, and other fun updates!

  1. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Robert, you and Tammy are in our prayers, as are all your neighbors who have suffered some devastating loss during the remnants of Ike (wee-named, since Ike Turner is such a mean, brutal man). All we in Attica got were some tree-felling winds, and we consider ourselves very lucky indeed.

    And getting back to MY needs ;^) yes, Connie, you are right. Besides, a lot of us (like myself) have THE ITCH to at least know if we are in the running, LOL, since the prize is bragging rights!

  2. Linda

    I second Connie’s suggestion. On the WD/The Guide to Literary Agents Blog about 2 weeks ago, Chuck had a Worst Storyline Ever contest and he decided to list several "Other Finalists" in addition to the winner. I thought that was cool not only because it let us know what he felt were the most well-written and why but because I got to read a bunch of them again. They were very funny.

    Linda H.


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