I'm going to be teaching!

Some of you have asked over the past few months if I do or will teach any online courses. Well, after speaking with Joe Stollenwerk at www.writersonlineworkshops.com, I will start teaching some poetry courses online.

My Fundamentals of Poetry Writing course will begin on 9/18 and it should kick butt.

To learn more, including a description of the course, just go to http://www.writersonlineworkshops.com/retail/courses.aspx?r=fundamentals-of-poetry-writing.

As you’ll see on the page, you can sign up for my class directly. And I think they cap the classes at 15 students–so thought I’d give y’all first crack at signing up.


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18 thoughts on “I'm going to be teaching!

  1. LindaSW

    A submissions course! Double yahoo! Will it include handholding (when sealing the envelope or pressing ‘submit’ and celebratory chocolate?). Please, keep us posted on the advanced and the submissions courses. Peace, Linda

  2. Robert Lee Brewer

    Funny you should mention the Advanced course, Linda. I will be teaching that soon as well. Plus, Joe and I have discussed the possibility of working on a "submissions course" of some sort that would use Poet’s Market as a text probably.

  3. LindaSW

    Congrats on everything, Robert! Especially the marriage gig!

    I actually took the class you’re teaching with Natalie Peteresie and loved it. I didn’t know a thing about poetry – meter, enjambment, nada. The idea of formal verse scared the bahooey out of me, which is why I took it. Fabulous opportunity for me, and NP was a super instructor. I think you’ll groove on the intimacy the class brings, the way the ‘students’ gel. At least I hope so. If you bring half your energy to ‘lecture hall’, then you – and the class – will have a stellar time.

    Let me know if you teach Advanced any time soon… Peace, Linda

  4. Rodney C. Walmer

    I have noticed that many on here, including myself cannot afford your course Robert. I unfortunately won’t have the time either, as we are starting a new textbook in the fall, and that means all new lesson plans. Which for me means hours and hours of planning. But, perhaps there will be a scaled down less expensive version of your course for those of us on a smaller income in the future. Because to be honest, I would feel honored to be a part of another poetry class. My first did not work out to well. As soon, as the professor found out I am a believer in little green men (aliens), she took and immediate dislike to me. Even went as far as to make fun of me in class. This was a college level class in the Baruch College, many years ago. Needless to say, I lost interest very quickly. But, I already know you, and I know how much respect you have for me. I also know your work, and how much I respect you. So, I believe this could be a much better experience.


  5. Margaret

    If you are the least bit dislexic
    those letters make you apoplectic.
    They all seem to wiggle
    and though some may giggle,
    it’s making my posting quite hectic!

    .. Margaret, hoping that she manages to get the !! letters right on the first try, unlikely thought it may be…

  6. Margaret

    Robert, congratulations on landing the teaching gig and on your impending marriage.

    I have the book and it’s excellent — I know it will be a great course. Alas, I can’t afford it ATM.

    Our Robert has landed a spot
    as teacher, and he’ll tie the knot.
    We all wish him well,
    and hope things go swell.
    We know he deserves it a lot.


  7. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Robert, congrats on a great gig. And online, you can work in a grubby T-shirt and flip-flops and no one will be any the wiser!

    Have to say, in days gone by, that once a "schoolmarm" got married, she had to quit her job (and they were almost ALL women). So I’d keep this Tammy thing under wraps for now, at least until you get your first paycheck, ha ha ha.

    We expect PIX from the wedding, young man!

    Fondly, Amy (Momskas)

  8. Linda H.

    We’re celebrating all the years accomplishments with you.


    He led us on our ways
    through all those April days
    with a challenge to fulfill,
    each of our own will.

    He is now on his way
    to teaching people every day,
    his own challenge to fulfill.
    One I know he will.

    The Poets’ Beginning

    There’s that little spark,
    maybe just a word or two,
    that inspires and the pen begins
    to scratch out the beginnings of
    a new poem.
    Those first lines lead
    the way to new discovery as
    you flesh it out and build the
    rest of the poem around it.
    You are constantly revising,
    concentrating on preciseness of
    words and the consistency of
    rhythm, throwing in some metaphors
    to strengthen the imagery,
    to convey a clear meaning of
    emotion that leads the reader to
    say, "You know me. You speak my
    truth." For poetry is communication
    in its highest form.
    So, the successful marriage of two
    poets is as sure as the sun and
    the moon as long as both treat the
    union like a poem.
    It begins with a little spark,
    perhaps just a word or two –
    I do –
    to inspire the creation of a
    masterpiece, the writing of which
    continues over many years,
    drawing out the connections of
    heart and soul,
    painting a clear picture that
    leaves a lasting impression of
    true love,


    What’s that you say?
    Published? So soon? Hey,
    you just sent that out?

    Wish I could say the same.
    No where to place the blame
    except here. Think I’ll pout.

    But why cry? What I should do
    If get off my ass and write one or two
    Good things – not this dribble here-
    something worthy,
    just once this year.

    Okay, that last one was really lousy, but proves the point!!! Wish I could take that class but the checkbook will not allow it. So, I’ll have to muddle thru with Wednesday prompts and my dear friends online.


  9. Linda H.

    Cool! Wish I had the cash. Perhaps the next time around. Congratulations. I’m sure you will do a great job and have lots of fun in the process.

    Linda H.

  10. Robert Lee Brewer

    No problem, Mattos. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. As someone who took and paid for over 60 credit hours of writing courses in college, I do disagree, of course. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the poem, Rodney!

    Yep, Bruce, pretty amazing year.

    Look forward to seeing you there, Carla and Carmen! (And whoever else!)

  11. Mattos da Costa

    In my opinion, people, unless you are desperate, don’t spend your college savings on this. Haha. It’s just 320 dollars for writing poetry – something that is an art not a science. Yes, you can teach how to perfect the way you express your emotions but you can’t perfect your emotion.

    Sorry to ruin business, Rob, just thought I’d give my view of things. Though of course, the course could be really good value. So do check it out.

  12. Bruce Niedt

    Looks like a good year shaping up for you, Robert! Between publication and a teaching gig, and getting MARRIED, there’s a lot to celebrate – congrats!

  13. Rodney C. Walmer

    Here is the poem I promised, I had a difficult time finding it. I have poems scattered all over the place on many hard drives. Good luck my friend.

    A Teacher’s View 09/07/95 @ 3:00 AM

    A sea of new faces
    just waiting to embrace us
    Their hopes hidden from view
    riding upon the fear
    of the first day of school.

    Some will wear a smile
    talking all the while
    to anyone nearby
    the need to socialize
    will enter the Junior High
    on into the new grade
    reliving memories of summers
    last days
    Fears of Fall begin to fade

    Starting winters long school days
    means new classes
    each a new teacher
    with new rules to break
    Just have to find a way
    No task is
    that difficult to escape
    when bathroom passes
    are so easily faked

    It’s a new year
    with new fears
    a chance to correct
    last years mistakes
    and better yet
    an opportunity to perfect
    my better days

    With all this said
    It’s time to go back to bed
    So that I can awake
    and do my very best
    to make today
    no less
    than perfect in every way…

    © Rodney C. Walmer 09/07/95

  14. Rodney C. Walmer

    Hey congratulations, as an educator, I can tell you it is a very rewarding job. You are lucky in that you will not have to deal with behavioral issues with unruly children.

    I wish you the best. I know you will love it.

    I have a poem I will post here for you later. I wrote it years ago, the day before school started. I had awoken in the middle of the night, and just wrote it, without thinking. Go, figure.



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