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Michele Brenton (aka Banana_the_Poet) is currently dealing with some very trying times due to a fire she recently survived and the aftermath of that fire. You can learn more about it at her blog. Here are two recent posts:

As you can see from the post titles, she’s trying to be positive in a very (very) demanding situation. Please take a few minutes out of your day to send her a word of encouragement. Personally, I know each and every comment leaves a positive imprint (even from strangers).

You can continue to follow Michele’s blog at:


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19 thoughts on “Help a poet

  1. banana_the_poet

    Not sure if people are still following this page or not – I have added a donate button to my blog today. I didn’t want to – but on trying to use our mobile phone today we found we couldn’t. We forgot that we would be building a large mobile phone bill – due to having lost the landline in the fire. It seems we have exceeded our credit limit on the phone and now we have no way of contacting our lawyer, the insurance company or anyone else unless we do it in person 🙁

    I feel awful – but if anyone would like to make a (small) donation I am no longer in any position to feel too proud to accept help from friends. We have no idea when the new landline will be installed – greek phone companies are not known for their speedy service 🙁

  2. banana_the_poet

    You are all a bunch of absolute sweeties.
    I am feeling so much better today. Not sure how long it will last but I’m taking each day at a time and this day is a good one.
    We found 12 water glasses at a local supermarket for only 5 euros – I bought a bunch of bananas, and I got a good night’s sleep – so looking at the world from the right way up again.

    I will reply to each and every person who has kindly taken the time out to comfort me.
    I don’t think it would be right to accept money from people, especially when there are so many much worse off than us who could benefit more. But I can’t deny that seeing a book (e or paperback) sold gives me a massive boost to the ego – and at the moment my ego needs all the bolstering it can get.

    Please keep coming to my blog, or my FaceBook – I am Michele Poet there. I started a page on FaceBook to chart my progress on getting the 7 books of my Alternative Poetry series out in 12 months. Frankly given the latest ‘glitch’ it is looking dubious I will succeed – but I haven’t given up hope totally yet. It isn’t over til it’s over. The link to that is here:

    But most of all thank you for being such wonderful kind supportive people – you have helped me understand the nature of ‘goodness’ and that is worth far more than any amount of money and more valuable than any ‘things’ – bless you all.


  3. Barbara Ehrentreu

    Robert and Marie Elena I left a very long comment for Michele on her blog and also directed her to my blog so she could read my account of my own disaster.

    Michele, if you are reading this there is a way through this whole mess and you have to keep going. Eventually you will be finished sorting through the mess and you will be able to start over again. I am sending all of my own good wishes and prayers for you and your family. This poetic community has helped me through quite a few bumps in the road including the one in which we are right now, my husband’s illness that defies diagnosis. I am with you my dear in spirit and wish that I were there so we could sit somewhere and talk. Talking about the whole thing to someone like a red cross worker or a psychologist helps a great deal. You are hurting and this was a very traumatic experience. We looked it up and fire is right up there with sickness and death. In our case we also mourned our neighbors and the good thing is there was a memorial service for them so we had closure.

    Try to look beyond the now to the future and remember your family needs you to be strong. As a poet I know that you are probably hurting inside more than anyone. Have you tried writing about the experience? Poetry is very healing and putting it out there in words helps you to see what you are thinking.

    All of my heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with you and your family as you move toward the end of this journey. Also keep in touch with this warm and wonderful family we have collected here. We are there for you!!! When life gives you lemons make them into poems.:)

  4. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    YES! In the meantime, logging in and buying a book. I think some tangible sales will also help boost "Nana’s" mood.

    I am praying for our friend and will ask our church to join me with our prayer chain, but the money is HANDS-ON support of her.

    Thank you for caring, Robert. I continue to be so impressed with the support our community gives one another.


  5. Hannah Gosselin

    Thanks much for making information and links so available to reach Michele in this great time of need. My deepest condolences go out to her in this devastating time of loss. It warms my heart to see that she has such a compassionate bunch of poetic friends to be around her now.

    God blesses those who mourn for they will be comforted…

    Smiles to all,

  6. Sara McNulty

    Tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it didn’t show up. Anyway, Michele, I add my sympathies to everyone who has responded. It doesn’t help to think of people who have it worse, because right now, you and your family are first; it is too fresh. But, you will come through it. You are a yellow fruit, who creates sunshine where there is none. I am thinking of you as part of our PA friends community.

  7. ina

    Thanks Robert for letting us know.

    I’ve also asked if she’s got any way for those of us in better situations (which it sounds like most of us are in) to send her some funding to replace her glasses and blankets and other basic living things, but does anyone know of some way for us to do that already?



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