Happy Birthday!

The Poetic Asides blog is one year old today!

Click here to read the introductory post for the blog.

I still remember getting excited about doing a poetry blog when Writer’s Digest editor Maria Schneider put an internal call out for bloggers here at F+W. And who better to start it with than then-editor of Poet’s Market, Nancy Breen–the only co-worker I’d actually shared poetry with up to that point.

Reading through my introductory post, I’m gratified to see that the community I hoped for has actually started to develop–mostly as a result of our April PAD Challenge–and that there have been some great poet interviews up to this point. Hopefully, this blog will continue to grow and provide more support to poets over the next year.

Writing poetry has its own intrinsic values and rewards, but writing poetry with all of you has been beyond amazing. Thank you so, so much!

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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Lorraine Hart

    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes…blogly speaking!

    A friend sent me the link at the end of March and April was a gas, thank you.

    First anniversary is paper. Bonne Anniversaire….Allons! Lox

  2. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Robert, congrats on your achievement. I will put on my fave mix of Winehouse, Beatles, Fania label favorites, Eisley, and other danceable and thoughtful songs in celebration. As a pastor’s wife, I am fortunate that no one will witness my free-form dancing… wonderful site, and a great outlet, not just for our creativity, but for comments, feedback, rants (Iain, hang in there!), needs for prayer, and so much more. Bless you for this blog. I’m inspired to create my own now!

    Blessings and love and PEACE in our time, Amy (poetmomskas)

  3. S.E. Ingraham

    Today is your birthday! Put on the Beatles white album and play that song at top volume and dance around your office like a crazy person and…someone will come and take you away probably.
    It’s a tradition at our house; maybe not for everyone! BUT – way to go for both Poetic Asides and you Robert – this is an amazing site (I found it by subscribing to Writer’s Digest, both by snail-mail, then online)and am recommending it to Edmonton’s burgeoning poetic community every chance I get (they tend to get very busy during the Summer, so we might not see many of them until Autumn)- however,the few poets I’ve been in touch with are intrigued, to say the least. Good on you, and good for us. Thanks for everything Robert. Sharon Ingraham

  4. Emily Blakely

    Happy B’day PA and whoo hoo Robert! It is a great work you have done, in my opinion. The poet interviews have been wonderful. The support from this blog has been strong for me as a fledgling poet, finding helps, explanations and examples that were exactly what I was looking for. The PAD challenge was the most fun and has given me a lot to work on. The manager of our local arts center included an email link to WD for writing opportunities and PA caught my eye there, that’s how I found it. I have shared my excitement with my poet group and although they sensed my excitement, none that I know of have explored PA. That surprised me, but it’s their loss.
    Enjoy the candle glow!

    Emily Blakely


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