Get Your Poetry Published!

On May 29, I’ll be leading an online seminar on how to go about publishing your poetry. After all, it’s one thing to write great poetry, but getting it published? That’s an entirely different hurdle.

Topics I plan on covering include:

  • How to identify appropriate markets for your poetry.
  • How to avoid many common submission mistakes.
  • How to handle your cover letters, including the tricky bio (even if you have no previous publication credits to mention).
  • How to manage your submissions (and avoid upsetting editors).

And I’m sure I’ll cover more. The seminar will begin at 1 p.m. (EST) and will last one hour. You can learn more details and register at

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9 thoughts on “Get Your Poetry Published!

  1. Jennifer

    I’m interested in the seminar on how to go about submitting poems for publication. I’m most interested in advice on how to package poems – for example, advantages and disadvantages of keeping the poems stylistically similar or submitting poems that show a broader range of styles (assuming of course that all the poems fit the magazine’s personality in either case). Is that something that might be covered in this seminar?

  2. Natasha Gruss

    I have also been getting error messages that a script is running in the background. I’ve been getting them since April 2nd, but once I click the button, everything seems to by fine. Just thought I’d let you know Carol isn’t the only one.

  3. L. Vidal

    Comment to Carol – I’m glad I read this.

    Just a thought about the errors you’re getting, but sometimes when I click the link, it loads very slow because my work computer is actually blocking the ad-scripts that run on the top and sides of the page(s). Also, when you have the "submit comment" box open for a long time, it won’t let you post the first try. I always type on a Word document and when it’s ready, I copy and paste into the comments box. Hope this helps somewhat. Now, on to check my last 29 days…

  4. Robert Lee BrewerRobert Lee Brewer

    Vince, checked out your blog post. Very good, practical advice. Thanks for sharing!

    Laurel, thanks for letting me know about the link. I’ll have my OPM look into what might be going on.

    Carol, I’m still receiving new posts for all the days of the month (especially with the end of the month rushing toward us). So, I’m not sure what’s happening in your specific case.

  5. Carol Berger

    Robert –

    I checked all my postings and 22 were gone!! I reposted 21 of those, which has taken me most of the last several hours. I CAN’T get Day 16 to let me post. It comes up with an error message. Dr. Jeanne got this as well.

    I also found that on many of the older pages, I was getting a Microsoft error message that a script was running in the background, slowing things down, and possibly harmful to my computer – a virus among us??

    Carol Berger

  6. Laurel Kallen

    Regarding the online seminar, I tried to register, but received a message telling me that registration was premature.

    As for missing poems, I have no idea whether any of mine are missing, so I will just assume that none are. Ignorance is bliss.

  7. Carol Berger

    Robert –

    Are you aware that at least a couple of us have discovered that a lot of poems we had definitely posted have gone missing? Dr. Jeanne Hounshell made the first posting, so I checked my poems, and a bunch of them are gone. They were ALL posted. I don’t think I have time to repost them all. This is very disappointing.

    Carol Berger
    PAD participant


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