Exciting News!

We did it!

Everyone did their part (small and/or large) to get me named co-Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere with Sina Queyras, who blogs for the PoetryFoundation.org and Lemon Hound. While I agree that a tie was the best way to settle it, I was glad to see that y’all helped give me a lead of around 50 or 60 votes by the midnight deadline. And what pleased me the most is that everyone did it by being respectful. So awesome, everyone!

Click here to read the official announcement!

(Also, I recommend clicking on the “streetplane” link; great stuff!)

Now, I’m going to get a little sleep, because, well, my alarm is set to go off around 5:30-ish (and I don’t want to hit the snooze too many times). 😉

And yes, the final prompt of the challenge should be arriving around the regular time.

-your sleepy excited co-Poet Laureate

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35 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Brett

    Congratulations, Robert! Glad to see my little vote counted. And thanks for all your prompts and interviews. I’ve really enjoyed them so far.

  2. S.E. Ingraham

    Congratulations and jubilations – you deserve it, you won it – they did a politically astute thing perhaps but you are the poet laureate for sure! Thanks for everything you do Robert. We don’t, or at least I don’t, say it often enough, but it is appreciated. And you handled yourself with real class over this past month. S.E.Ingraham

  3. SusanB

    In my mind, tho’ full of fantasy it might be 🙂
    you are NUMBER ONE
    Thanks again for a wonderful month! and Congratulations, not just on (really) winning that contest, but for BEING SO INCREDIBLY CLASSY.
    RAH RAH YOU!~ oh right, and all those other guys tapping away on the keys too.
    Susan xx

  4. de jackson

    I do have to say that while we’ve had a few blips this month (graciously, patiently handled by Robert), this blog has the BEST fans. I’ve explored Sina’s a little, as well as reading some of the stuff they wrote on the Blogisphere contest site, and some of them are downright ridiculously nasty. Also, all poetic talent and great prompts and incredible community "Aside," I will take a poet who simply promotes the sharing of words (including links to the "competitions’" websites before the contest was even over) and peaceful love of poetry ANY DAY. Robert, you are beloved by us, and deserving of the title. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Amy Barlow Liberatore

    Robert, you know me. I’m not about winning or losing in the sense of competitions. I think you are ONE CLASS ACT by sharing this title with Lemonhead. Both blogs are wonderful and unique.

    We did indeed vote early and often, and we developed the proper "pack mentality" to achieve this actual win for you. And then, you show once again how gracious a poet, a person, you are by willingly sharing the title.

    Good news is, I will peruse Lemonhead’s site, which I hadn’t before this, and I’ve gone on some other sites – but since the aforesaid blog was embroiled in controversy, I’m waiting for the dust to settle.

    Congratulations, and good on you. Amy

  6. Stephanie Hammer

    congratulations and thanks very much for hosting this challenge every year. it has kept me writing, when work and family have made writing almost impossible, and i have rediscovered through this challenge — which i did for the first time last year — the strenuous joy of making poems. thanks again — stephanie hammer, los angeles

  7. Debbie Pea

    Congratulations and thank you for another very fun and rewarding Poem-A-Day Challenge—as well as all the other great things you do in the blogosphere!

  8. Brittany Alyse Willis

    One thing that has consistently impressed me through this competition is how classy you’ve been, Robert, and how you put forward an ideal of respect for the artist and creativity.

    Thank you and congratulations!

  9. Mary Kling

    Good news, Robert! And you were very gracious. A class act. Haven’t yet seen any words from the other poet on that website. I will be checking in there periodically throughout the day to see.

  10. Marie Elena

    Congratulations, Robert! I just HAVE to say something, though. Yes, it is sweet and "diplomatic" to share the title, but c’mon! The deadline was midnight … not 11:30ish. You won that title hands-down, fair-and-square. Period.


  11. Pkp

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a good night s rest….. What better way could there possibly be to finish off the April Challenge? YAY!!!!!

  12. Linda Goin

    Robert, I was SO excited when the email arrived from BloggingPoet! You definitely were ahead, but I think it was a diplomatic move to stop the competition and declare a tie. Bravo to you — what a coup!


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