Comments Are Restored!

Well, most of them anyway. It appears some are lost in the ether, but there are a lot more than 0 now. I’m not sure what happened, but I’m glad they restored most of them for us.

I’m heading into a meeting right now. When I return, I’ll post this week’s poetry prompt!

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5 thoughts on “Comments Are Restored!

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  3. S.E. Ingraham

    Hi Robert – a couple of things – you mention that most of the missing dream poems were back up…do you know where we might find them? They don’t seem attached to that particular prompt.
    Also, I’ve been trying to find examples of your new bride’s work and have only sussed out one poem – any suggestions? I did, however, unearth 3 of yours posted at "Thieves Jargon" – very interesting work Robert, not like anything of yours I’ve read before. In case I didn’t say it before, congratulations to both of you on your marriage. I like what my husband of 38 years said in his speech as Father-of-the-Bride, the same day you got married (I am paraphrasing) – "People will tell you marriage takes work – I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I do think it requires attention, that is, both of you need to pay attention to each other and your marriage – it’s not easy, but it’s not work." A fine distinction I thought and one it’s taken us many years to realize…all the best. Sharon I.


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