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…I’ve been interviewed by Didi Menendez over at the Oranges & Sardines blog. In the interview, she asks me if any of my poems have been inspired by a painting, which artist I would have represent one of my poems, what my poetic statement is, and more. So much more even.

Check it out at:


Also, Didi recently made an amazing portrait of my wife, Tammy, at her American Poet Portraits site.

Check her out at:


Also, I noticed that comments seem to have been wiped out on the blog. I’m not sure what that’s all about. Have notified the authorities. Hopefully, they can restore them.

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6 thoughts on “Check it out…

  1. Didi

    Sorry to interrupt here for a moment but poems posted on the web or the comments section may be published again. Read the guidelines of whatever publication are trying to get into. For example, Poetry and others will not accept them and they state so in their guidelines but other blogs, journals and magazines online and in print will.

    I don’t accept them either but many do. To make a long story short, read the guidelines and please follow them.

    Didi Menendez

  2. Linda

    Amy, I’m not sure but I thought anything on the web was considered published if it is open to the public. Posting work in the members only section of sites (for instance the critique section at WD) is not considered published.

    Robert wrote about this in one of his blogs. Guess we should go back and look for it.

    And now that the comments have been restored, I guess it’s a no go with submitting. But there’s always a bright side—-maybe Robert will list some highlights again.


  3. Amy Barlow LIberatore

    Linda – I thought poems submitted to blogs did not "count" as publication. Robert, did I misunderstand this part?

    Hope marriage is treating you both well. My ex-husband was remarried last week, and I ended up helping with preparations along with our daughter, Riley. Unusual to say the least! Here is my comment on Didi’s website:


    I have never met Tammy; I’m a participant on groom Robert’s blog. Your work is wonderful – looks like oils, but whatever the medium, it seems quite tactile.

    Lovely, lovely work. Thanks to Robert for providing the door to enter your world!

    Amy Barlow Liberatore

  4. Linda

    Nice painting of Tammy and your interview was great.

    What a shame that our comments have disappeared. Especially all those poems in April. Guess we could always post again.

    This brings up a question. If the comments cannot be restored, can those poems then be submitted for publication after all????


  5. Karen

    Hmmm…I wondered why there were no other poems posted! Knew that was unlike THIS group.

    Dream Evokes Memory 8-19-08

    He approached me in
    brightly printed flannel pajamas
    (seems they were predominantly hot pink)
    his same large but distinguished nose
    making clear to me
    even in the dream who he was–
    my old dear friend from high school
    articulate, brilliant, not handsome.
    Even in the dream I must have wondered
    where had he been?
    what was he doing now?
    did he still believe in Christ?

    I guess I must have asked
    why the pajamas
    because he told me
    in words I can’t recall
    that he was dying
    of some terminal illness,
    but standing there inches away
    looking down into my eyes
    (but not much–he’s not tall)
    he looked the same as always.

  6. Margaret

    Robert, I enjoyed reading the interview. Too bad about the comments — I love reading the comments on your blog — but didn’t this just happen a few weeks back ?? Hopefully, they can be restored — but any idea why this is happening?



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