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Call for Poetry Submissions for the 2013 Poet's Market!

Categories: Personal Updates, Poet's Market updates, Poetry News, Poetry Publishing.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to break this news, but it’s probably tomorrow (or close to tomorrow) in some parts of the world already. So here’s the news: I will consider poetry submissions for the 2013 Poet’s Market. 20 previously unpublished poems will be selected for publication in the book, and the poets will receive a paycheck for their poems.

The submission guidelines are below. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in your poetry not being considered for publication.

  • Submit up to 3 poems.
  • Submit only once. Double submissions (even to correct mistakes in earlier submissions) will be deleted unread.
  • Submit previously unpublished poems. For me, poems posted on a personal blog or critique forum do not count as previously published. However, if you have any questions, direct them to me.
  • Simultaneous submissions okay. However, please contact me immediately if your poem(s) is accepted elsewhere.
  • Submit between June 1, 2011, and August 15, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. (Atlanta GA time). Anything submitted after the deadline will be deleted unread.
  • Poems should be typed or copied into the body of the e-mail. I will not click on links or open attachments. However, if you’re a visual poet who can’t get the formatting to work in the body of the e-mail, contact me in those unique circumstances.
  • Include your name, contact information, and a short bio AFTER your poems.
  • Send your submissions to robert.brewer@fwmedia.com with the following subject line: My 2013 Poetry Submission

I probably won’t begin reviewing the poems until the August 15 deadline has passed. But after it has, this is what poets can expect:

  • I will make every attempt to select 20 poems for the 2013 Poet’s Market by December 15, 2011.
  • After I have received confirmation from all 20 poets, I will make an announcement on this blog. I may also send around an e-mail blast, but I don’t want to promise anything.
  • Those 20 poets will receive a publishing contract for their poem to be published in the 2013 Poet’s Market. The contract will include publication, $50 payment, and a contributor copy of the 2013 Poet’s Market.
  • The 20 poets may also be given the opportunity to record their poems and talk about their poems, though that’s still kind of in the air.
  • The 2013 Poet’s Market will be released in autumn of 2012.

If I need to make any revisions (after poets start asking questions), I’ll indicate that I’ve done so at the top of the post. I’ll also try answer questions in the Comments as well.

Happy poeming and submitting!


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About Robert Lee Brewer

Senior Content Editor, Writer's Digest Community.

49 Responses to Call for Poetry Submissions for the 2013 Poet's Market!

  1. Sari says:

    Hello Robert,

    Just wondering if the winners have been notified yet? I am putting together another batch of submissions for consideration elsewhere, and would like to know what the status is with this competition. :)


  2. KarenGM says:

    [throat-clearing noise] [interrogative rise]

  3. KarenGM says:

    Well, you wouldn’t be the first to have been optimistic. Have good holidays, Robert.

  4. I’ve been working through the poems, but the December 15 self-imposed deadline has come and gone. My new deadline is January 10, but if I finish up before then, I will make an announcement. Thank you, everyone, for being patient.

  5. Patti says:

    I’m wondering is there is any news on the selections…

    • KarenGM says:

      Meee tooo. I’m thinking that I likely did not make the cut, and that those who did are receiving their emails and still sending in confirmations. Or maybe not :–p

  6. KarenGM says:

    We’re getting very close now. How is the choosing going, Tom?

  7. pami says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, Robert.


  8. Yes, all rights will revert back to poets.

  9. New Kid says:

    Just wandered in today… This sounds like a wonderful opportunity – thank you! Will all rights revert to poets after publication?

  10. Jennifer Jackson says:


    I believe anyone can submit up to three poems (as long as they haven’t been published) to Mr. Brewer. He will then choose 20 he wants from the pool of submissions.
    So, as long as you follow the guidelines, submit away.

  11. Benjamin Thomas says:

    Hey everybody!

    Question, I think I’m misunderstanding something.

    Do we submit an unpublished poem first and then Robert will select 20?
    Or Robert will select 20 poets to submit poems?

  12. Hey, Robert, it’s really a great "prompt"! I personally don’t believe in me getting published, yet it’s a good impulse to poem on!
    Thanks for the chance :-)

  13. Sweet opportunity! Thanks, Robert, for parenting us along to new reasons to write and share.

  14. Thank you, Linda!

    What an unexpected surprise to read such a glowing endorsement of my collection! :)

    I think all my books found great homes.

    Again, thanks!

  15. Linda Voit says:

    Thanks, Robert!

    Hey, I really enjoyed Enter! We Woke Up and Fell Asleep – the first two lines are so powerful and universal in their generality and then the rest of the poem is so powerful and universal in its specifics. Lovely!

    I had a very hard time reading "8" in that it evoked an immediate, unpleasant, visceral response. It is stunning. It is not often I am dragged through a poem of an experience, completely foreign to my own, kicking and screaming, not wanting to experience what I can’t stop reading. There is a Vietnam vet in my local poetry group who has won two national awards for his book of poetry of his year there. I have experienced that same kind of reading in some of his poems. It is like I am getting sick reading it, and I walk away with a new understanding I am not sure I want to have, but I know I should have.

    I think the world is a pin cushion – great and vivid reminder in this poem.

    The world will worry for you — Nice and I remember the mention on a previous April PAD. Glad you are OK.

    Thanks for Enter. Book #63 has found a happy home.

  16. Once they go in print and are distributed, Linda, it does count as published. Still, that’s a great idea!

    And, Earl, I like your little "getting ready to submit–with the wife’s approval" poem there.

  17. Linda Voit says:

    Hi Robert –
    In addition to posting originals each day in the April Challenge on your blog, after April, I have a "chapbook" (staple bound) printed at a local printer each year. It includes the 30 days of poems(several slightly edited from postings) and I sell it to family and friends. I do place a copyright note on the back. Does this constitute "published" for the purposes of the submission to the 2013 Writers Market?

  18. jone says:

    I am looking forward to the opportunity to participate. I know what my summer work is. Thanks.

  19. Earl Parsons says:

    I’m a lookin’ through the archives
    Thinkin’ about something new
    When I get the wife’s approval
    I’ll email’em all to you

  20. I hope you enjoy reading my poems, this is the first time I hae come across this website. It’s very nice to meet you all. Good luck everyone and thank you to Robert for this wonderful opportunity.

  21. Hannah Gosselin says:

    Thank you, Robert! Excellent opportunity to work on some quality out of the quantity I’ve amassed.


  22. Katy Bennett says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  23. De, yes, all poems (form, prose, visual, experimental, etc.) will be considered. I’m just looking for the 20 that I like the best, and I think I have pretty diverse tastes. So it should be wide open.

    Caroline, I will consider the poems separate of the rest of the guide. If all 20 of my favorite poems are formal, then that’s what I’ll choose. If they’re all free verse, then I’ll go that direction. My hope is that it’ll be more diverse than that.

  24. Willy says:

    Thank you, Robert, for this great opportunity!

  25. P.S. de jackson’s comment says much the same as mine: it only appeared on my screen as I pressed the send button ~ sorry!

  26. You may not feel you want to answer this, Robert, and that’s fine; but should we assume you are after 20 poems to represent the breadth of poetry today (formal, innovative etc.), or will you be guided by instinct in your selection as to which poems will ‘work’ best – for whatever reason – in the context of the handbook? Thank you – and as others have intimated already, a terrific opportunity. Greetings from Wales, UK.

  27. de jackson says:

    (Perhaps silly) question, Robert…will form poems be more likely to be chosen, since they would be "examples" for the guide? Or are all poems being chosen (and shared in the book) solely on their creative merit, including prose? Thanks.

  28. mike Maher. says:

    I was going to comment and say thanks for the opportunity, but it appears that everyone has already beaten me to it! I will just echo Margo’s echo in an effort to keep the echo going. Thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to staying up all night for the next month re-reading and editing every unpublished poem I’ve ever written in an effort to narrow it down to three to submit.

  29. AC. Leming says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, Robert. You rock!

  30. Margo Roby says:

    To echo everyone: Thank you for the opportunity; you rock; this is cool; and I look forward to submitting.

  31. This is great news Robert. Looking forward to writing and submitting!

  32. Cara Holman says:

    Very cool, Robert. I look forward to submitting!

  33. Jeanne Rogers says:

    I, too, look forward to submitting–especially with this great group of poets. Thank you, Robert, for the wonderful opportunity.

  34. Thanks for including me in this opportunity. Glad summer is coming with more time for introspection and poeming. I did more reading than writing this last few months, and it has deepened my desire to give a more critical reread of my work. Hopefully, it will give me a better insight into how to write, edit and submit 3 worthy entries.

  35. Okay so that was up to 300 poems can be submitted? lol I’ll be there. Nice opportunity and thanks for ending the suspense – now I can stay up and look at sites for my new Porsche. :)

  36. Anne, not exactly. But it’s doubtful I’d pick anything that runs more than 5 pages–unless it just totally blows me away.

  37. Anne says:

    Nice! Is there a length limit for poems?

  38. Thank you, Robert, for the opportunity.
    I love this place! <3

  39. Marie Elena says:

    Oh, this is just way cool. Thank you, Robert! Add MY "you rock" to the rest!

  40. Marie Elena says:

    Oh, this is just way cool. Thank you, Robert! Add MY "you rock" to the rest!

  41. RJ Clarken says:

    Wow – Robert! This is brilliant! What a wonderful, happy surprise! You totally rock! (And you can count on me to submit, too! ☼

  42. That would be a correct assumption, Bruce. :)

  43. Bruce Niedt says:

    That’s awesome, Robert. You can count on a submission from me. I presume poems that have appeared in your blog but are otherwise unpublished are eligible?

  44. Janet says:

    This is an amazing opportunity! Thank you, once again, Robert :)

  45. Looking forward to submitting.

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