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“Lyrical days on isle of poetry,” by Neil Sowerby for Manchester Evening News, is more a travel than poetry piece. But it was a fun read about Deia, where poet and author of I, Claudius Robert Graves was buried.


“Slovenian poetry as a relic of the past?” from Peter Koslek says, “If you look in bookstores in Paris, London or Vienna, you’ll have difficulty finding a shelf dedicated to poetry. … Here in Slovenia things are different: we have metres of shelves full of poetry in our bookstores, located just as prominently as those for other types of literature.”


Following up on that thought, I can add that it is often very difficult to find the “Poetry Section” in U.S. bookstores as well. Usually, that “section” consists of a few shelves of anthologies and dead poets. Even at my favorite bookstores, I have trouble finding some of my favorites like Louise Gluck and Bob Hicock.


In other news, I submitted some poetry to Thieves Jargon yesterday. They apparently plan on re-upping their operations in September.


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