Bon Voyage, Robert!

As Robert notes below, he’s going on vacation. I’m sure readers will miss him, and I definitely will! The nice thing about a blog done in partnership is the advantage of presenting two separate voices–and Robert’s voice will be regrettably missing over the next several days.


I’d like to add that there’s no one who deserves some R&R right now as much as Robert Brewer. He puts forth unimaginable effort editing Writer’s Market and and deserves high praise for his dedication and the quality of his work. Then he willingly added to his responsibilities by founding this blog and taking super initiative to get it going with regular posts–not an easy thing when you’re also doing customer service on your book and website, editing material, working on a newsletter, and more things in one day than you probably want to hear about.


Have fun, Robert. And be sure to let us know all about it when you get back!



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