Board up the doors!

Cover the windows! Dim the lights! But not too much, because you need to get writing today and into the night (late, late, late at night). After all, today is an extra day that you only get once every four years. If you don’t write today, you won’t be able to write on February 29 again until 2012.


Seriously, can you really live without writing for 4 years?

Of course you can’t!

This is an extra day–24 hours that shouldn’t even exist. Make sure you take advantage of this little gift, this little extra bit of February.


Here’s a challenge. Why not try writing a leap year poem? Either write your poem into the comments below, or send to my email ( If I get one or two that knock my socks off, I’ll feature them (and the poets who wrote them) in a future post. Plus, I’ll get working on one myself.


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5 thoughts on “Board up the doors!

  1. Paula Fairbrother

    The News Commentator Speaks

    I speak therefore I am
    I know as you do not
    Believe for I say it

    Read not yourself
    Think not yourself
    Speak not yourself

    Just let me talk
    The truth as I know it
    The facts as I interpret

    I speak for you
    I interrupt others
    I state whatever

    Doubt me not
    Question me not
    I am on a TV show
    And you, are not

  2. Gayle Glass

    Okay – I’m late. Behind on my reading, but this came to me as I read your challenge. Hope you like it.


    March First was the promise –
    The day he would come home.
    Patiently waiting, marking the days,
    Planning our future.

    The letter came today.
    “We regret to inform…
    …killed in the line of duty
    On February 29, 2008.”

    Once every four years
    An extra day of killing.
    If this had been 2007
    He would be home.

  3. KMK

    Robert, our next chance to write on 2.29.2012 will be exactly ONE month before the 400th anniversary of the birth of Anne Dudley Bradstreet, America’s FIRST published poet. Anne, Simon and family moved to our town, the original Andover, MA (now NORTH Andover)in the early 1640s and lived here until her death in 1672.

    I am working on many celebrations for this grand lady who is still lost within the long, dark shadows of history. She has been hidden much too long! Her lovely words comfort, invigorate, inspire . . . they need to be read and enjoyed by more people the world over! My mission, "Celebrate Anne!"

  4. Natalie Wainwright

    Strange Day

    Leap year an extra day
    Strange odd lucky
    Like identical twins or a
    Shooting star.

    I felt I should plan something
    An event exciting
    An only once every four years

    Several ideas occurred to me
    Delightful happy plans
    But not extraordinary enough
    To suit two twenty nine.

    The day brought its own event
    Unexpected unusual unforeseen
    I checked my 15 year old daughter
    Into rehab.

  5. Robert Lee Brewer

    Leading by example, let me share the following "Leap Year" poem with you–scribbled during my lunch break today.

    "Shiny red snow shovel"

    A year for leaping
    from city to city
    & an extra day
    on the calendar
    for making plans
    & writing love
    letters. Soon, the sun
    will set an hour
    later in the evening
    & the snow will melt;
    spring will spring;
    frogs will leap
    sound into ponds
    & we will, too!


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